Kenan Thompson, Michael Che & Colin Jost on Dave Chappelle | 2019 MTP

That fearlessness to entertain the way
that you want to has definitely pierced my life to the point where I played a
werewolf choreographer last night, [Laughter] and I was very proud to do it, and I learned
all of that from you. You know, I hold your first two seasons
of the Chappelle Show up against any sketch comedy show I would say in
history, it’s just brilliant. I had no idea so many old white fans [Laughter] I feel like I died and went to Brooks
Brothers, but I think honesty gets thrown around a lot, people talk about
honesty and comedy, but a lot of great comedians don’t always tell the truth.
Rodney Dangerfield I looked it up was actually very well respected. [Laughter] He lied the whole time! [Laughter] When we talk about honesty, we talk about not being afraid to tell people the
truth about how we feel because that’s the connection that comedians can have
with people and I think nobody does it better than you ever, and that’s what we
learn from because we all know that we’re a part of the joke. Dave makes it–
he’s willing to make fun of everybody whether you know whether you’re white, or gay, end of list. He’s– [Laughter] It’s weird for me to even talk to you about comedy because you can tell everybody in this room everything there
is to know about comedy, but there’s one thing that you’ll never know about
comedy and that’s doing comedy with a Dave Chappelle to look up to, so I thank
you for that, thank you so much. [Applause] And I’m here to celebrate Mark Twain. [Applause] To me, that’s comedy. if you don’t believe me that Mark Twain
is hilarious I would just like to read a brief passage from Huckleberry Finn Huck Finn turned to his
friend Jim, or as we called him– you don’t have to read the whole passage [Applause]

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100 Responses

  1. reason18 says:

    I feel like a lot of people in these twitter comments are not familiar with Rodney Dangerfield's act.

  2. Mazinger and Minerva says:

    Michael Che<3

  3. Tommy Kreitz says:

    Or as we called him

  4. sofakingcrazy says:

    There's nothing to hate, but only everything to love about this segment

  5. JR Rodriguez says:

    I don’t have to read the whole passage

  6. RandomNest says:

    Micheal Che: Dave's willing to make fun of everybody, whether you're white or gay. End of list.

    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Rob Shurn says:

    Dammit @PBS Just put this s*** in one full video and quit thirst trapping for views #WeWantDave

  8. Mohamed Ali says:

    Ok. Che and jost. Is a draw.😂🤣👏🏽👏🏽

  9. Eloa Defly says:

    Man, they chopped this evening in so many small cuts, djVLAD couldn’t do better. 😀

  10. Matt gaming says:

    The ending. Damn. Lol

  11. John Tice says:

    That was all gold.

  12. F X V L 9 5 says:

    ….turned to his friend, Jim….

  13. Quran Ali says:

    😄That Was Funny😄

  14. Hello Bello says:

    Shoulda put Kel in…

  15. Mike Bromeo says:

    Meat riding 🍖

  16. D F says:

    “First two seasons of chappelle’s show”??? Are there more we don’t know about???

  17. Horacio Olvera says:

    Jost killed…

  18. Mvp-AngelOfGod says:

    People find these 3 funny? Just saying lol

  19. Sid Dasquid says:

    Unbelievable Rodney Dangerfield was actually well respected.😂😂😂😂

  20. Virality Factor says:

    Keenan is the only talented out of the three.Many skits in SNL would have never worked without Keenan. Colin Jost and Michael Che are untalented f*cks. That "Mark Twain" joke is from a Louis CK bit from his stand-up.

  21. DGol2015 says:

    Loved Michael Che's Rodney Dangerfield joke!

  22. Inebriatd says:

    Che's insight & timing is genius.

  23. Orenthal Simpson says:

    Three funny people and Keenan Thompson

  24. Shmaryahu ! says:

    Lol 🤣🤣 🤣

  25. Donde Merlin says:

    Now…how many of you knew where that Huck Finn reading was going? Honestly?

  26. Alan Peter Thomas says:

    Why don't you guys just upload the whole thing at once.
    Loved the whole ceremony.

  27. Legendarynfoknights says:

    Colin is a Damn Fool LMFAO

  28. theplourde says:

    It’s amazing that Che is even here because that mf doesn’t like to leave his apartment it seems like for anything but work and maybe food and that weird apple juice I saw him tout on his IG story once.

    He’s funnier than Jost that’s for sure.

  29. esmokems says:

    White dude from SNL killed it! What is his name and does he have a comedy special yet?

  30. Chrisroygbiv says:

    Why his son in the blue such a downer man

  31. P Man says:

    They trying to convince folks that's Dave chapelle! He'll no it ain't….this new guy ain't even funny!

  32. Anuar Y says:

    "end of list" fucking great!

  33. JohnnyNismo says:

    Jost and Che are the best in a long time.

  34. Justin says:

    Michael Che is a killer. They need to do more with him on SNL, dude's hilarious

  35. SumWonElz says:

    You know you're a legend when everybody brings their A game material to honor you 💪

  36. Jason Segal says:


  37. J Ribs says:

    As far as scotch comedy actors, Keenan is undoubtedly the GOAT. He killed it as a child and is still killing it to this day.

  38. Praveen Goel says:

    Che and Jost are terrible.

  39. Kenneth Namalomba says:

    Kenan is a Dave Chappelle parody

  40. Fabian Guzman says:

    Anyone notice one of Dave’s sones that finds none of this funny??…

  41. donutz50 says:

    Che who the hell is that dude??! Lol

  42. Saadia Sajjad says:

    Dave Chapelle just endorsed Andrew Yang for president!!

  43. Jason Pittmon says:


  44. Ripptyde64 says:

    And dats the troof

  45. Mustangblue08 says:

    at first I was like "man. it's gonna be hard for Colin to follow Kenan and Che"

  46. K J says:

    Michael Che, the tyron woodley of snl.

  47. Jim Lawton says:

    God that was funny!

  48. Bedardo says:

    Is there anywhere I can watch the night in its entirety?

  49. Jp T says:

    I know this was honoring Dave Chappelle, but the guy in the middle making fun of old white people in the audience. 10 years from now that will come back to bite him in the ass as racist against whites… I notice many blacks actors make so many comments about white people as if it is a knee slap joke, I can take a joke like anyone else but if we turned the tables by saying wow so many old black people in the audience, hell would break loose

  50. Messiah Black says:

    I knew that Colon was gonna have some shit with him….lol.

  51. Will Thompson says:

    Che and Jost are hilarious I don’t get all the hate

  52. Raj Stark says:

    Dave Chappelle supporting #Yanggang

  53. Anthony Sule says:

    Dave endorsing Andrew Yang brought me here. #math #americaneedsyang

  54. kj Young says:

    LMAO 😂 I needed that laugh after a long day of work. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  55. Signal Bear says:


  56. Outtellect Anomaly says:

    Josh stole the show! 😂😂😂

  57. Alex Seo says:

    this was fuckin HILARIOUS

  58. blare c says:

    Amen to Chappelle , Che is so racist tho

  59. Udoro Gatewood says:


  60. CedRock starr says:

    A werewolf choreographer! Hahaha

  61. C0nstant1n says:

    Michael Che – "Oh look, white people" very funny, never been done before, so brave , so original

  62. Jay Palmer says:

    Dave oldest in the blue sweatshirt has not smiled or laughed in ANY of these videos…. dead ass it’s buggin me wondering why lol

  63. mszsu says:

    His daughter has that same humble smile that Dave has. Beautiful fam

  64. says:

    When he said , "& I'm here to celebrate Mark Twain.." I damn near crap my pants laughing

  65. Link Joker says:

    It's depressing that Eddie Griffin wasn't here. He should have been here, he and dave were working together simultaneously for decades now.

  66. Santosh Srinivasan says:

    Thank God Che didn't write Colin's jokes for this one 😉😂

  67. Majima Goro says:

    After Michael Che finished. End of video.

  68. Gitonga Kelvin says:

    A big shout out to chappelle's son for controlling his pills, otherwise, that boy could have laughed so hard even the joker could have cringed.

  69. clearmenser says:

    Put the whole thing up.

  70. 21 is the day says:

    Why did he say rodney dangerfield was lying I always thought he was funny

  71. C. LANDIS says:

    They keep putting up there 3min clips…it's pissing me off!!

  72. alex francis says:

    ending of the speech was killer

  73. Cancun771 says:

    Hey look, the Jost has learned how to tell a joke!

  74. Jan Savage says:

    Snot him.

  75. Elliott Rivera says:


  76. The Duke says:

    I love how Colin used a Chappelle type joke to honor Chappelle.

    "I'm here to honor Mark Twain…."

  77. The Duke says:

    Colin really like "why are we here honoring you, I'm the one who is Scarlett Johansson's personal seat cover!"

  78. chanito nyc says:

    So close Colin, so close.

  79. MaddRezz says:

    anyone else read keenan micheal key and get way too excited

  80. Rd says:

    Kenan reminds me of a black Jimmy Kimmel

  81. Wayne Cross says:


  82. Jorge Torres says:

    Colin: You got down!

  83. Musashi Miyamoto says:

    bruh i was dying when Michael che started.. didnt think the whiteboy could top that but fuck he had me in stitches !!! hahahahaha

  84. Tumen Odnuud says:

    Andrew yang 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Amro Atif says:

    is that a mos def outro?

  86. FLintxor says:

    Michael Che’s jokes and standup is very unique, Dave Chapelle-esque but with his on style he’s really funny people should see more of him

  87. God Is An Atheist says:

    Dave Chappelle is George Carlin's spiritual successor

  88. rickjames21 says:

    Everything about this ceremony was flawless.

  89. Howard says:

    Nobody was ready for Colin Jost, nobody!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  90. Hashim Warren says:

    All three slayed!

  91. Jose Posada says:

    Insert quoted speech here and somehow get many likes

  92. Tevi0910 says:

    Can you post all the videos at once

  93. Elaine Donaway says:

    The award goes to Earthquake..he is the story teller.

  94. Trey Pao says:

    Did Chris Tucker get on stage?

  95. The Lonely Vagabond says:

    Has Keenan Thompson ever been funny?

  96. Hephen Stalkin says:

    Which Kennedy Do u mean? The booze smuggler?

  97. Piotr Swat says:

    Of course Che with shitty racial humor,god damn he a weak comedian

  98. Lala Ghana-Love says:

    Following Michael Che cannot be easy for any comedian. But somehow Jost managed to blow it out the water 🤣🤣🤣

  99. Bobby Petrossian says:

    I wonder, did the actual leaking ass in sex tradition come from the ass kissing politically? and who was the first person who thought "let me try sticking my tongue in a hole from where shit and fart comes out?

  100. DudeDad says:

    "Or as we called him…"
    FFS i thought he'd say it

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