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We got a report that
there’s a female that’s been kidnapped and drugged. Suspect is now
calling dispatch. The female had stated
she’d been kidnapped by a man named Louie at the
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Oh, jeez. The female stating her
mother is Hillary Clinton. She was Chelsea. So that would be a first for me. Right there, you kind
of begin to think of mental health issues. Right now we don’t
know what we have. [siren] Get out of the car! On your left. On your left. Get out of the [bleep] car! Step out of the vehicle! Now! Get out of the [bleep] car! Back up! Back up! Walk to your left. Step to your left! We got two more
in the vehicle. Step to your left! Step to your left! I know which way is left. Stop screaming! We have a passenger. Passenger! Hands up! Hands up! Listen to her. Step out of the vehicle! Step to the left! Step to the left! Let me– Can I tell you? Where did you pick her up at? At the airport. Oh, you picked her
up at the airport? Oh, the Meadows,
they got her number. Is that where you were? The Meadows. That’s where I work. This is Trooper Casey
with the highway patrol. I have a [bleep],, and she’s
claiming that he kidnapped her against her will, but
he’s claiming he’s bringing her to the Meadows. Is there a weapon
in the trunk? She told us there
might be a gun. No, there’s no gun. She’s hyperactive. I’m speaking with the nurse. She’s saying that [bleep] was
transporting her for rehab. Called the Meadows, the place. She has mental health issues,
because of long-term meth use. OK. So– I’m just taking her
to the rehab center, and she’s flighty. She’s scared to go. She don’t know who I
am, she don’t trust me, but we do this five
or six times a week. We pick people up and
take them to rehab. Yeah. Let’s check on her real quick. What’s going on? Talk to your mom. Are you going to
talk to your mom? Mom? [bleep] No. I just got arrested
for prostitution. I’m going there because
I was going to sign up. [bleep] I didn’t have an escort. I didn’t have an escort. My mother should have been
here with me, going to rehab. And now I’m going
to jail forever. They didn’t know she
was in this condition, or they would have
sent somebody. Well, yeah. But they didn’t realize this. Yeah. That happens. Oh, I’m sure. Sure. Yeah. At this point right now, they’re
trying to decide on where– how they’re going
to transport her to either that drug
rehab facility, or one here in Phoenix. She obviously can’t go
with the male she was with, because of safety issues. And you know, a fear that
she’d run out of the vehicle, or continue to call 911 and
make these kind of claims. Last time I kidnapped
this guy, and he said– called 911. And about a month later, they
called me down to the office one day for the meaning– the director called me in there. Two, three people in the office. Said, you get the employee
of the month award for kidnapping a patient. First time it ever happened. Now it’s happening twice. Yeah. Well, maybe you’ll get
employee of the year? Yeah, maybe. Really, really reckless
driver speeding, and cutting in and out of traffic. So this is a unit
that was watching this guy driving crazy on I-10. He stopped him, got
his driver’s license, and he’s going to
escort him off here. On his way home from work. Right. All right? From Chandler. Said he had one beer. Driving on the shoulder
probably about 55 mile an hour. Walked up there, eyes
bloodshot, watery. Hint of alcohol. Mhm. I got his license. He had a firearm. That’s in my car. I’ll place it in yours. OK. How are you, sir? I’m Trooper Jacobs. I’m going to be
doing just a couple tests, just to make sure
you’re all right to drive, OK? What I’m going to
do is I’m going to have you follow the tip
of my pen with your eyes, but keep your head
absolutely still, OK? I understand. I’m wearing wool and
a bulletproof vest. Well, you’re driving on
the shoulder at 55 plus. On the shoulder? So do me a favor. Face me. Right on that line
in the middle there. Yeah. So put feet together, have
your hands at your side. And what I want
you to do right now is just put your right
foot in front of your left, heel to toe. You don’t have
to do it, but this is how I’m going to
determine whether I’m going to let you drive, or not. Well, I’m doing it
with a duty belt on. So keep your hands
at your side for me. You want me to demonstrate
again here for you? You’re absolutely certain
that you’re good to drive? So do me a favor– what I want
you to do, when I tell you to, is to take a really
deep breath, and blow out until I tell you to stop. OK? Really deep breath, and blow. Blow, blow, blow, blow,
blow, blow, blow, blow, blow. OK, good. So you know what the
legal limit is in Arizona? 0.08? Yeah. You’re at 1.32. So you are DUI in
Arizona, so I’m placing you under arrest, OK? That sounds pretty off. No, not based on what I saw. Yeah. That’s your opinion, not mine. Yeah. I can. OK. Then man, you’ve
got this case beat. I’m really worried. 774. Yeah. You’re DUI. That’s dangerous. No way. Too late for that. You should’ve thought of that
before you drank and drive. That’s correct. That would be
called malfeasance. It’d be a violation of my oath. OK. Hey, I broke his pen. OK. All right. Never mind you
taking a $20,000 truck and driving under the influence. Worried about this. OK. You had a 1.32. You’re just full of excuses. I really like it. I would just let you go? Because you– DUIs don’t
kill families, and troopers, and other people, right? You’re just an
innocent victim here? You can keep shaking
your head at me, man. I don’t know what
you want me to do. No. I told you– No. No, you’re not under
an 0.08, and we’re done. OK? Sorry. OK, well, this is
the inconveniences of being arrested. All right, so there’s a trooper. I was going to finish
processing our guy here. He’s going to go
down to the station. We’ll do a duplicate breath
test, maybe a blood test, and then he’s going to be
booked into jail for a DUI. Let’s lose Mr.
Victim’s vodka here. Since we’re all in
the state of Arizona, just really abusing him, and
making a victim out of him. He’s just– boy,
how unfortunate. 86. I was running stationary radar
on one of our interstates, and I observed a vehicle
traveling at 86 miles per hour in a 65 mile per
hour speed zone. We got a problem. Yeah, what’s up with that? Car just threw it in park,
while it was still moving. Hey, roll down the windows. Roll down the windows. What’s going on? So the reason I stopped you
is you were doing 86 in a 65 on the highway. OK. And then when I came behind
you to catch up to you, you’re running 70 on a
city street, which is 45. OK. Is there a reason for that? Not really. I’m just trying to get home. OK. Anything to drink today? No, not really. No alcohol whatsoever? No. I didn’t drink today. When was the last
time you drank? I drank about a week ago. A week ago? Wait right here for me, OK? Of course. I’m concerned because
his speech is a little off. I’m also getting extremely
strong odor of a breath mint. So either he just ate
one when I pulled him over, or prior to pulling over. I want to find out
what’s going on. I want to make sure
you’re OK to drive, so I’m going to
have you step out. OK. And perform a couple
of tests for me, OK? I want you to take nine steps,
touching heel to toe each time. 1, 2– Miss. Yep. Miss. 6, 7, 8– I want you to pick it
up approximately 6 inches off the ground. I want you to count
out loud by 1,000. 1,001, 1,002, 1,003,
1,004, 1,005, 1,006. OK. I’m going to ask for
a breath sample, OK? Is it possible for me to
do a blood test, instead? Like– I’m somebody who works
in a blood test industry, so I know that that’s, like,
the best way to do things. Mhm. You don’t have to
provide a breath sample if you don’t want to. Which one’s easier for me? I can’t advise you of that. I’m going to give you an
option of a blood test, or a breath test. OK. I’m going to take
the blood test, then. OK. Go ahead and turn
around, put your hands behind your back for me.
– All right. Perfect. Perfect? Most people don’t
tell me perfect. I didn’t realize this
involved an arrest, otherwise I probably would
have taken the breath test. What did you think
was going to happen? I don’t know, mate. Did you just call me mate? Yeah. OK. If you’ll go ahead and
just step up a little bit, and spread your feet for me? Dude– so is there a reason
why you have all these breath mints in your pocket? I’ve worn these jeans
for about a week now, so– You’ve worn the
jeans for a week? Yeah. Is this the only
pair of jeans you own? No. The problem is that the water in
my household up north right now is kind of in
question right now. The water is in question? Yeah. Man, you are into
breath mints, bro. Yeah. It’s my thing. Guess there could be
worse things, right? Yeah. All right, buddy,
have a seat for me. Of course. Can I do the breathalyzer now? Not this one. Not that one. But there’ll be one
at my station you can. I didn’t realize that not
doing the breathalyzer would– So let me just– let me
just help you understand. That breathalyzer right
there has nothing to do, other than me determining what
I was going to do with your car. OK. So based on those tests, I
determined that he is impaired, So I went ahead and placed
him under arrest for driving under the influence. So he’ll get transported
down, he’ll get processed, and we’ll go from there. We’ll get the lead guy. He was at 96 [bleep]
miles per hour. I don’t know why this guy
is stopping, too, but– We’re going to log that one,
too, in case something happens. Stay in your car! Sit down! Either you obey me,
or you go to jail. Sit! I’m Trooper Jacobs with
the highway patrol. Why are you driving so fast? So that justifies you
going 96 miles per hour? OK. Do you have your
license, registration, insurance with you? All right. I’ll be right back. Ma’am, I’m Trooper Jacobs
with the highway patrol. Never get out and
approach an officer who’s making a traffic stop. That’s very dangerous. I’m completely sorry. This has nothing to do with me. OK. I just wanted to have
a conversation with the young person behind me. Why is that? Because you know what? I felt– it was just too much. You know? And I want to let that
young person know that– you know, because
I’m in a sports car, it doesn’t have to be like that. Right.
Right. You don’t have
to try to race me. Whatever you feel– you know,
it doesn’t have to be like that. OK. That’s my case. OK. I don’t think it’s
appropriate for anyone to be confronting anyone on the
side of the highway here, so– Absolutely not. He’s going to get a
criminal speeding ticket. I want you to go
ahead and leave. It’s dangerous for you to get
on the side of the road when it’s drunk hour, with people,
even– so I will deliver the news on your behalf, but– and what message do you
want me to give him? – Can I–
– No, you can’t– I don’t want you
walking back there. That’s a liability. It’s even illegal for you to
even be parked here right now, so I’m just– I get why you’re doing
what you’re doing, so I’ll meet you halfway,
and I’ll talk to him for you. OK. Have a safe night. Gosh. Holy cow. You can’t plan this stuff. We’re going to write him a
ticket for criminal speed, since we got him on radar
at 96 miles per hour, after he overtook that car. OK, this is getting out of hand. Ma’am? Leave. It’s time to go, OK? You had your moment. Either you go– are you
not listening to me? Get in that car and
leave right now. Come on.
Let’s go. You’re– You’re going to
be under arrest if you don’t leave right now.
Leave. – Guys–
– OK. You’re under arrest for failing
to obey a police officer. You’re under arrest. No, you’re under arrest. You’re not. You don’t resist me. You understand me? You’re under arrest. I ordered you to leave,
and you failed to do it. Come on. I don’t know why you think
you’re in control of this. I am. Listen to me. You are putting
all of us at risk by being on the
side of the road, and doing this
back-and-forth drama thing. You want to walk away from me?
Fine. You’re definitely going to jail. Have a seat. Have a seat.
Sit down. Sit. Sit. You’re going to jail. Sit. You’re going to jail. Sit. Either you sit
down, or I charge you with resisting arrest. What’s it going to be? Sit down. You did this to yourself. Follow directions when a
highway patrolman orders you. In the name of
trying to be nice, I tried to work with
her in the beginning, but she totally
crossed the line. Can you get her out
of the back of my car and put her in yours, please? She’s been passively
resistive, just so you know. There’s all kinds of hazards,
being on the highway. You don’t need to be getting
out because you want to go tell somebody you don’t
like the way they’re driving, after a police officer
is stopping them, anyway. This is a business
area of Phoenix. It attracts more of the
seedier element later at night. I’ve gotten a lot of
meth from that place, and this place over here. Oh, he’s ducking down, too. Do you have your license
and registration? Oh, my god. I’m just all, like– a mess right now. Why are you a mess? Do you have your ID? That– where’s my ID? That, I’m not too
sure if I have it. Are you living in your car? No. It’s a long story. OK. I’m on until 6:00
in the morning. There’s a big pile of
trash where I used to live. OK. They moved out,
and I was just– picking stuff, because I
moved into another place. And I thought, you know what? I can use this. I know it’s crazy. A lot of it’s just trash. We should throw it away. And magazines. So you picked
somebody ketchup? No. I used to– And you took his food? Well, it’s a
big pile of trash. We can grab it, right? You know? Yeah. But that just seems–
that’s strange. I got so excited because
I was like, oh my god. And you got a
little kid’s pool? I’m living with a friend– OK. –who has a pool, and I was
just excited, and all that. OK.
Well– I have a court
hearing tomorrow. What do you have
a court hearing for? It’s just sentencing. I mean– What are you
being sentenced for? Paraphernalia. What kind? Meth?
– Yeah. All right, do me a favor. I want you to step
out for a second. Whoa. There’s nothing in
your car that’s illegal? Are you sure? What’s this MicroLux stuff? What’s that? Fixtures? Stay there. Just a bunch of weird [bleep]. Imported sex toys, basically. From China. 3D printed dildos, actually. For some reason, I have this
uncanny ability to find you guys with these weird stories. Yeah. He’s all over the place. Sheesh. You can tell he’s tweaking. He might be involved
in commercial breaks. Seems like– that seems kind
of strange to me, that if I had a business, and these were
legitimately decent things, why would someone
just throw them out? I know. That’s what I was
wondering, too. And I was like, why? I don’t know if
he died, or what? These two guys– well,
see, the whole story is that they came in from– they were millionaires
in Cadillac Mountain, and they went to that warehouse. Uh-huh? And hired people to work here. I worked there. I worked there for two years. I stopped working there in– ’15. 2015. Do me a favor. Just sit down– just sit down. Put your hands behind your back.
All right. I’m going to detain you, because
you’re under the influence. Done this job a long time. You’re showing very
deceptive behavior. I understand. I was dumpster diving. Who the hell wants to do that? Yeah. I was dumpster diving. Just let me– I’m not going to
let you do anything. You’re going to
wait right there. Oh, I’m– All right. I was just– Listen, let me tell you
something right– well, OK. Well, you just keep
filing your nails. When’s the last time you used? When the sun was up. Like, that’s– You are, like– you’re– I’m– You’re tweaking,
like, unbelievable. There were, like, all
these people– these homeless people were like, OK, shut up. You know? Because I was like, oh my
god, he threw this away? You threw that away? Like, the pool? And I’m super thirsty right now. And the more I talk,
the thirstier I get. That’s how it works. All right. Can I drink some of that? Whatever that is?
– Nope. Cause i don’t know what that is. Why would you drink something,
you don’t even know what it is? Just bright light, and
I was like, holy [bleep].. What is this, now? Yeah. He is high as a kite on meth. OK. It’s DUI all the way. I’m definitely going to
go all out for this guy. And he really– this right here,
he said they’re dildos, which– with this guy, who knows?
– Yeah. You know, I’d help
you with that, but I don’t got gloves on. Yeah. You want a pair? [laughs] Meth pipe. Consistent with– The meth pipe’s still warm. It’s still warm? Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good
coating around there. Sorry about that. Got to keep my legs– You can stop. It’s just ’cause
my legs are tired. So he was placed under
arrest for DUI drugs, for the methamphetamine,
and he’s going to be sentenced
tomorrow for a second, separate possession
of methamphetamine arrest here in Phoenix. So his day just got a
lot worse than it was.

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  88. DrummerJacob says:

    At least don't pick the worst politician of the 2010s to be your parents.

  89. s_xoxo says:

    All those guns pointed at an innocent man. That’s scary

  90. Mike hunt says:

    Fkn pig showing off for the camera

  91. Kelvin Salazar says:

    V6 mustang a sports car? BAHAHAHAHAAHA

  92. BulletSpoung says:

    Drunk drivers are some of the most self centered people, they don't care who the kill it's all about them.

  93. UndeadFrankie says:

    7:04 BS that was a $200 pen… more like $20 XD

  94. RedxLilxSleepy says:

    fake af

  95. Akuhyo says:

    16:28 "I've gotten alot of meth from that place and over here"
    that cop wildin

  96. Yeeet says:

    Imagine how fun it would be to just ignore the speed limit and be going 120 down the highway

  97. Bob A says:

    117mph.. oh my. Is that even necessary?

  98. UNHOLY says:

    hes a meth

  99. Ros H says:

    No one in America takes responsibility for anything they do. “ it’s not my Car. It’s not my gun. It’s not my drugs. It’s not my money. I didn’t hit my wife.” I’m not a racist.” ??‍♀️?

  100. Pablo Juan Gucci says:

    17:45 WHOA… lmfaooooo he was cracked out

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