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I need Acadiana it is 551 thanks again for joining us here on GMA we have with us Hollie Buffy and she is the best vice president and you’re here to talk to us a little bit about some back-to-school resources you know for parents and educators because pretty much everyone is back in school now yes we’re back in school or getting settled and it’s really time to get focused on helping students succeed the department has created a set of resources for parents and then also a resources for educators they’re updated monthly but we want the public to know about the resources that are available for parents you know and I was looking at some of them that you guys do have and they really are informative and and they’re helpful you know especially for parents you know you have the school-age kids and you just kind of want to know what’s going on and how you can help them out yes a one thing that we find is the transitions can be tough so your transition may be from elementary to middle middle to high and then high school on to whether the workplace or careers and so we want to make sure that parents have the information they need for those transitions information about testing and what questions parents need to be asking teachers what they need to be paying attention to we know we feel like when everyone is on the same page then our students are really set up for success and we want we want our families to be able to support our students as our educators are working really hard to help our students meet new targets because they definitely are our future that’s right and you know for educators what are some resources that they have that you know kind of helps them out you know throughout the year because I mean we all need help waiting’s here yes so resources on like back-to-school nights we have curriculum guides or guide books that were created by educators in Louisiana so for districts that use those all of them are online and so practice assessments for our students and our educators were able to get this information out to them through the districts but for parents I don’t know how they would know we had the resources if you wouldn’t help us tell them about them right so the website that they can go to if they want to start clicking on some of these yes Louisiana beliefs comm all right perfect is there anything else that you’d like to let people know at the start of the new fresh start to the new school year so we have a big change this year in the way that we grade schools and for the first time we’re going to have growth in our accountability system and so we’re looking forward to that information being public I think in October or November and so it’s also something that parents can pay attention to as they look at the scores of the schools but they’ll have more information than they’ve ever had about their child’s school and it just helps people have really good conversations about what’s going well and where we need to focus some attention all right perfect thank you so much for being here this morning thank you for having me guys we’ll make sure to post all of this on ket c-calm just in case you missed any of that important information well the time now is 550 for

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