MA Educational Leadership | San Diego State University College of Extended Studies

The program is really for teachers who
want to be administrators, administrators who understand how to use technology,
administrators who want to be able to engage in the technology discussion, and
it’s also for individuals who just want to be technology leaders. This program
can be your launch pad. If you’re interested in becoming a district leader,
if you’re interested in becoming a site leader, if you’re interested in becoming
a leader in any shape or form, this program will allow you to have a
fundamental, and build those scaffolded understandings of what you need to do to
be able to be a leader. I looked around at what different programs were
offered and I like the practical side, because I was going to be working with
people who were not only involved in research and writing, but also in what’s
happening right now in the school districts. For me the greatest benefit
was being able to utilize what you’re learning in each class at your school
site and I know a lot of my peers were doing the exact same thing. We live in a
time where professional learning, professional growth, is all around us and
we are able to then leverage our time. Being an online learner allows you to
focus on those things. To still have your life, to still have the things that you
enjoy, but also pursue your aspirations in your career. What’s nice about SDSU’s
program, A) The online component, also the cohort model. So being able to be
with the same group of learners from day one until graduation is amazing,
because we’re able to understand each other, learn with each other, and then
we’re able to help each other out and really grow, and you don’t see that with a
lot of programs, you do here at SDSU. We need to understand that it is a global
world, and when we have students from across the world, that
really opens up our eyes and mind to looking at things in a global space. It’s
a mutual benefit for us to understand education outside of the country and for
those outside of the country to understand what’s going on here.
At this stage, having finished all the coursework, I can with confidence
move on to the next stage of my career in service of Education and be valuable
right away. One of the professor’s in our program says that, “Leadership is not
about what you’ve done, but it’s about what you do next.” And so we invite you to
join us and take the next step in your leadership.

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