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Hi my name is Brian McCann. I’m a lecturer
in Sport and Exercise Science at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and I developed the
Aberdeen Youth Games in 2013. The Aberdeen Youth Games is a citywide sport and physical
activity project which involves students from Robert Gordon University and North East of
Scotland College. Throughout the academic year students from a range of courses are
deployed on placement to a number of schools across the city, and over the last few years
the project has grown to involve every single primary school and secondary school in Aberdeen.
The project now involves over 6000 young people and the young people learn about the benefits
of physical activity health and sports through our students who are delivering the placement
activities. The students also gain a lot of impact around employability and their ability
to apply their skills in practice. You can now watch some footage about last year’s event
– which demonstrates the scale and the impact of the Aberdeen Youth Games. Okay, so the Aberdeen Youth Games is one of
the biggest sport festivals in the Northeast and probably Scotland as well. With over 1300
young people taking part in the festival, but over 5000 young people taking part in
the activities throughout the year. So we feel it’s a really important activity, a really
important project to promote sport to promote physical activity on an annual basis. And
get that message across to every young person. And the festival itself, we have the primary
4’s and 5’s from almost every school in the city come every year, so every year we have
a new generation of young people coming along, learning about sports, being inspired by sport,
by such a big event. And they’re all having a ball. They’re all
getting good exercise, it’s clearly all about good health, it’s competitive, learning new
sports. So it’s great. I mean young kids must spend – far too many young kids now stop sport
– they start it, they’re not good at it, they just give it up. We’ve got to find ways to
get kids to do continuous work and this is clearly part of that. It’s a great, great,
great content. Why did you want to be an ambassador? Because it’s a very good cause and we give
it a bit of money and we help we go. And we feel good about it. And you get a chance here
to go around and talk to the kids and hear what they’re saying. It’s the fifth year it’s been running, and
we’ve been ambassadors from the beginning I think. We have. And it’s fabulous. It grows, it grows every
year. I think for someone who loves sport, who’s been involved in sport for a very long
time, and still works in sport, the biggest thing is that other people get a chance to
experience all the great things sport brings to you. So whether it is just taking part,
or like Ian was saying, getting fit and healthy, or changing our life time or wanting to be
competitive and see where it takes them. Everything is open to every single child here
and that is a very special thing to give them.

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