Magnetism – CBSE NCERT Class VI Science lesson

Imagine if you wake up one day and find that you have the ability to attract things towards yourself! Then that would be real fun. Isn’t it? Well, there is a material in this world which attracts iron objects towards itself.It’s called a Magnet. Magnets can pull or push things made of nickle, cobalt, iron and steel.So these materials are referred to as Magnetic Substances. And those materials like plastic, paper, cloth etc. which are not affected by a magnet are called non-magnetic substances. Natural magnets are magnets made from loadstone. Artificial magnets are those magnetic materials which can be converted into magnets. Magnets can be temporary.. that is attract magnetic materials only for some time or permanent. That is they can always remain a magnet. Magnets can be of many shapes too. Here are some of them: A bar magnet, a horse-shoe magnet, a disc shaped magnet or a cylindrical magnet. Children do you know that you can convert any piece of iron into a magnet. Try this. Take an iron nail, rub a magnet on the nail for about 20 to 30 times in the same direction with the same end of the magnet. And Bingo! you will get another temporary magnet. Now rush. Pick up some Al-pins with them. This ability of magnets to attract or repel magnetic particles is called Magnetism and the area around a magnet in which the effect of the magnet can be experienced is called magnetic field. Magnets, can either pull or push objects that enter their magnetic field. Let me now tell you about the properties of a magnet. Magnets exert their influence through various materials. The effect of magnet works through air, water and even through solid things. Children, try putting some pins into a glass and bring a magnet near the glass. See what happens. Now add some water into the glass and repeat the action. What do you see? Magnets exert more magnetic force at the ends as compared to the middle. Try rolling a bar magnet on a plate containing iron filings. You will find that more filings stick on the ends. The ends of the magnets show more magnetic force and are called the poles of the magnet. A magnet always comes to rest in north south direction. Suspend a bar magnet with the help of a thread tied at its center. When it comes to rest you will find that its resting in the north-south direction. The pole pointing towards the north is called the North Pole and the pole which points towards the south is called the South Pole. Based on this property of a magnet a simple device called a Compass is designed.
A magnetic needle is allowed to rotate freely inside a small circular box made of brass or aluminum. Since the needle is a magnet, it comes to rest only in the north south direction. The end pointing north is usually painted red. Like poles repel, unlike poles attract each other. If two bar magnets are kept end to end then you will find that either the two magnets will stick to each other with a lot of force or it will be difficult to bring them together. This is because the north pole of one magnet attracts the south pole of the other magnet in the first case. And in the next case the north pole of one magnet strongly repels the north pole of the other magnet.
Magnetic poles always exist in pairs. If a magnet is broken, then each piece will behave as a complete magnet. So children, isn’t a magnet very fascinating? Enjoy magnetizing and have fun. Thank you.

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    I enjoyed the video, but as an update for science:  All objects have magnetic property, even plastic, but some fields are weaker than others.  All matter has electrical properties in the atoms, Magnetics illustrates an attribute of atoms, positive and negative forces.  And strangely enough, Electromagnetism works independently of space and gravity.  That is to say, it works in a Vacuum.  I just felt like that wasn't addressed in the video, no bad vibes, I gave you a Thumbs Up+

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    Close but no cigar.

    A magnet or rather a permanent magnet is created by aligning all the ‘magnets’ with a massive electro magnetic charge.

    Let’s simplify. The lowest form of matter is a proton. This proton is actually a large amount of energy that has undergone the process of cohesion. When the energy undergoes coherence it transforms into matter plus gives off heat. We see this everyday, it is our sun and it is a fusion reactor.

    A proton is stable and that stability is the direct result of magnetism. The proton is the universes smallest stable magnet.

    Magnetism does not exist on its own, as that is not possible, magnetism and the dielectric are a dynamic system. The dielectric simply put is charge or capacitance. The dielectric is the property of this dynamic system that attracts and stores charge.

    When we talk about magnetism we think of attraction which is not the case at all. Magnetism is radiant or better put expands and pushes everything out of its way. A magnetic discharge or field is created by the dielectric discharging because it has stored to much energy and needs to release it. By doing this a magnetic discharge is created which brings the proton closer to its resting stage.

    But that is not all.

    When a magnet is put under viewing film or if iron filings are used to see the magnetic field lines we are actually seeing the iron particles aligning themselves towards the poles. And the poles are a dielectric vortex just like a water vortex sucking in water. Now this is where things get interesting it is not the poles which discharge too much dielectric it is the inertial plane, or the Bloch wall.

    Charge, discharge, charge, discharge and at the same time the ‘vortexes’ are pulling or attracting.

    Everything in the universe is of magnets and how they interplay with each other. Energy and matter are made of the same thing the only difference is that matter is coherent and because it is coherent it has totally different characteristics. Such as mass and therefor gravity. And gravity is actually the magnets vortex and it all starts as a proton, the lowest stable form of matter.

    Food for thought.

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