Major Minute: Secondary Education

Hi, My name is Kara Bauer I am from Essex Maryland I am a senior here at Towson University and I am studying Secondary Education with a concentration in English I’ve always loved reading and writing That’s something I knew I wanted to do from the time I was young I was just trying to figure out a way to really integrate it into working with children and when I found out that I could actually be a teacher I was thinking “Wow, this is is going to be perfect!’ “because I get to merge my two passions.” “I get to work with kids” “and I also get to teach them” “all about the wonders of literature and writing” When I intern the kids are just so enthusiastic about learning because they’re surrounded by teachers who really care about them and I feel like establishing that connection with kids is so important the teachers in the english department and the secondary education department just were super helpful in the process the teachers just really care about their students You can go to office hours You can spend time having tea with them and talking about literature I just want to teach I want to be able to get into my own classroom and establish those connection with people in my field and be able to work with other teachers who are just as passionate as I am As I continue on I’m hoping to get my doctorate in English The future is looking pretty bright next because of Towson and the teachers and everything that they’ve done to help me become who I am today

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