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JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, it’s Jacob. Today we have Little
John’s newest video and a guy who
electrocutes himself. But first, let’s talk about
the biggest video in the world. With more than 14
million views in just one single day, it
shows 20 strangers meeting for the first
time and then making out. LANGLEY FOX: Do we
just do this any time? LUKE COOK: Yeah. KARIM SALEH: Are you filming? TATIA PILIEVA: We’re rolling. INGRID SCHRAM: What
was your name again? GREG SCHOENECKER: Greg. INGRID SCHRAM: Greg. GREG SCHOENECKER: Ingrid? INGRID SCHRAM: Ingrid. Yeah. SOKO: Can you turn
off the lights? Come on. JACOB SOBOROFF: This
thing was actually made to introduce the fall line
of the LA clothing label, Wren. And the kissers include some
recognizable actors, models, musicians, and even the
lead singer of OK Go. [MUSIC – SOKO, “WE MIGHT BE DEAD
That was a good one. I’m sorry. JACOB SOBOROFF:
Would you do this? Let us know in the comments. ALI: True story–
in college I used to sleep on a futon at
the top of the stairs. But I guess it’s better than
sleeping in a living room. The newest video
from Dormtainment might just be
inspired by real life. All six of these guys
really do live together in a tiny apartment. MALE SPEAKER 1: More
thigh, less eye. What’s wrong with you? I’m in love. [INAUDIBLE] [TOY GUN SHOTS] MALE SPEAKER 2: Oh. MALE SPEAKER 3: Baby. [MUSIC] ALI: This video hit a little
too close to the futon. Do yourself a favor and head
on over to their channel. JACOB SOBOROFF: There
aren’t many safe ways to travel in the Democratic
Republic of Congo. But one way is in airplanes
that are so unsafe, they’re banned everywhere
else in the entire world. [HEAVY METAL MUSIC] CAPTAIN VICK: Russian pilots
mainly came from military. The ex Soviet Union wants
to get rid of those planes. And they’re really cheap. JACOB SOBOROFF: This
new video from Vice focuses on a group
of Russian pilots who are the only guys
that are crazy enough to fly these bad boys. Because we just
passed the volcano. JACOB SOBOROFF: Fair enough. These guys might seem
a little bit insane, but any pilot that wears
a Hakuna Matata t-shirt? They can fly me anywhere. CARLY: What do Jane Lynch,
Condoleezza Rice, and Beyonce have in common? They all want you
to ban “bossy.” Sheryl Sandberg,
the COO of Facebook and founder of Lean In, just
posted this to her channel. SHERYL SANDBERG:
By middle school– BEYONCE: –girls are less
interested in leadership than boys. JANE LYNCH: And that’s because
they worry about being called– ANNA MARIA CHAVEZ: –bossy. Words matter. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG: Let’s
just ban the word “bossy.” CARLY: The video itself is
huge– over a million views in two days. But the conversation it
started is even bigger. I feel like the campaign is
a little problematic because of the hyperbolic language. But that’s exactly what’s
sparking that dialogue. Sandberg knows what she’s doing. If you aren’t familiar with
her work, watch her TED Talk. It’s excellent. JACOB SOBOROFF: Pop quiz,
hot shot– is it the voltage or current that kills you? Not so sure? Let’s ask a professional. MEHDI SADAGHDAR: You
can see it still sparks. Let’s try it out. Oh! JACOB SOBOROFF: Obviously,
do not try this yourself. Mehdi’s an electrical engineer. He’s been posting since 2007 to
try and make science more fun and engaging. And it is working. MEHDI SADAGHDAR:
Hey, look at that. It’s turning on. That will be the distance. The brightness goes up and down. Oops. Ack [BLEEP]! JACOB SOBOROFF: If
you like what you saw, send Mehdi a suggestion on
how he can shock himself next. But don’t be surprised
when he actually does. Sometimes all it takes
to be a superhero is a costume and a
mild head injury. KIT QUINN: Hey
everyone, I’m Kit Quinn, and this is Sweethearts
of the Galaxy, a web series about a girl who
hits her head while cosplaying and then thinks
the intergalactic cruiser. JACOB SOBOROFF: Thanks, Kit. Head over to their
channel to see what happens to Trinity Infinity
and don’t forget to subscribe. Have you guys been watching
any great web series? If so, post a link in the
comments and use the hashtag, YOUTUBENATION. Now play us out, Little John. What? [MUSIC – LITTLE JOHN, “TURN DOWN

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100 Responses

  1. YesFunnyYes says:

    Who are the people on YouTube Support?

  2. Overcast-ST says:

    Meh. Seems something that is a bit too intimate to be shared so casually with someone you just met.

  3. Michelle P. Dumar says:

    I done it 30 year ago it was called the 70's!

  4. RaphaelsFavorites says:

    LAME…. Immaturity, Dumbing down of the young, already dumb, fulla cum crowd lol

  5. johnyyboinc98003 says:

    im just gonna say this..  "bossy" bitches are literally my number one pet peeve. lol shit is annoying

  6. Jeremy Guthart says:

    ban the word bossy? are you fuckin with me im so fuckin sick with this entire fuckin pretentious fuckin world

  7. Cameron Alexander says:

    I am a male.  Therefore, yes, I would, and want to, make out with women I've never met. 

  8. NoParking says:

    So the electrical guy is an engineer loves what he does and distorts it on you tube through gimicks . I would much rather watch him explain things as an educational measure than to seem him act like a buffoon because he is not a comedian . he is an engineer

  9. Mazhura ST says:

    im a 23 yr old male and would not do. i only kiss partners and girls ive hung out with at least for a little bit to be "eh why not" but on the spot? "nooooope"


    Just go watch porn you idiots. 

  11. Trenton Power says:

    Seriously? I guess I'd do that

  12. N S. says:

    Would I do this??? Hell fucking NO!!!

  13. Arya Abadsafian says:

    models, singers, musicians, actors… how about blue collar workers? ie, the majority of americans? I guess they are not as "beautiful" huh? …

  14. Jennifer Nova says:

    What is it with everyone responding with comments about herpes? Random strangers make out all the time…. how do you know the people you're making out with haven't made out with one of those herpes filled random strangers? How do you know you don't already have herpes…. We have bigger things to worry about, like mouth warts…lets face it, most of you probably already have the herpes… (I don't because I'm a princess… princesses don't get STDs, STIs, or any other sexual acronyms, well known FACT.)

  15. Candelaria Montague says:

    I make out with strangers butt holes!

  16. Amy Mau5 says:


  17. Julia Elbaum says:

    I have always wanted to do something like this

  18. River Raid says:

    Strange video…

  19. BasedFox says:


  20. DespairoftheAncients says:


  21. Adeline Melin says:


  22. Ka'lika T. Fria'niquia says:

    here's the orig. FIRST KISS

  23. CM W says:

    This shit happens every day. What's the biggy?

  24. Mintyszz TFM says:

    Hell no

  25. Nineth Lion says:

    Wouldn't do this

  26. Swagy Daexic says:

    god youtube nation sucks

  27. Gregory Rocca says:

    I'd do it!!That would be exciting.

  28. Rachel Becker says:


  29. RoosterJake says:

    Not enough making out. I can't fap to this.

  30. Marvin Price says:

    Who would not kiss smoldering Elisabetta Tedla?

  31. ForumLight says:

    This is what you get when perversion activists are in charge of advertising – using immorality and perversion to sell products.

  32. 369Shahin says:

    This shit is stupid… get it off youtube. 

  33. robert frederick says:

    First Amendmen, USA USA USA USA!!!!! 

    lol, but for real feminist shut up! you a BOSSY as bitch. 

  34. JohnnyGotHisGun says:

    I never realized how many Christians there were. Its NOT perversion. yeah I'd kiss a person i just met a second ago.

  35. Scott says:

    I make out with random people all the time!

  36. Howard Wiggins says:

    Ban the word Bossy?  Seriously?  There's too much censorship in the world already.  Let's ban censorship instead. 

  37. Chronan the Barbarian says:

    Fart in strangers mouths… Best sequel ever!

  38. MAWS sishambonejive says:

    I believe in tradition now that everything goes in society their is no sacredness anymore its that much more I wan't to live for God because he is going to destroy all the wickedness of this world soon just as he destroyed sodom and gomorrah and flooded the earth in the days of Noah he will punish all the perverted lust driven and un-Godless nations who refuse to acknowledge their sin before Him and to repent and be saved. I wouldn't want to make my God angry its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of Almighty God (Hebrews 10:31).

  39. EpicfifagamesMS says:

    as long as it was a girl o_o

  40. Tomatodog2001 says:


  41. Brenna Ziebol says:


  42. DeepwaterPierat says:

    Stupid and disgusting. Hollywood at it's finest.

  43. Jeremy Ibu says:

    stranger danger stranger danger

  44. Elessar Yávëtil says:

    ban the world bossy what a  dumb skag  no one has the right to ban any word  

  45. daily gamer says:


  46. rick abreu says:

    yes i would contact me !!!

  47. J. Brady Matthews says:

    Hell yes I'd do this.

  48. vickie risner says:

    sure it is just a kiss

  49. Black D. Gamer says:

    Hey @YouTube Nation  , do you think you can talk about net neutrality real quick? This is almost as bad as a 1000 SOPA bills put together, and it could be really bad for the internet, if we don't voice our opinions Here's what i'm talking about. Sign The Net Neutrality Petition (Please Share)

    Also, for those who want the internet, to stay the way it is, and be subject to discriminatory bandwith speeds, and censorhip, please sign this petition. Take 5 minutes out of your day, and voice your opinion about net neutrallity. Your voice does make a difference.

  50. Jimmie Christian says:

    Hell ya

  51. Lucas Bednar says:

    That triple chin tho (:

  52. Zander Work says:



  53. Alexander Armbruster says:


    fucking retards.
    How about we do something PRODUCTIVE?
    like ban racist slurs or change their meanings to other things.
    if certain women are afraid of the word bossy, they aren't capable of withstanding criticism and those PARTICULAR women should not even be given places of leadership, same goes to men, if you are AFRAID of criticism, DON'T BE A LEADER!

  54. Kayla Mitchell says:

    yes i would do this

  55. CaiusAegis9 says:

    I'd totally make out with a complete stranger

  56. Hexecutable says:

    Fuck no…. I dont see how someone could be okay with kissing someone they have never met before. Shit is too wierd.

  57. Jerrin M says:

    I didn't mean to click this!  'w'

  58. Kosey Brown says:


  59. Kastro Jai Sullivian says:

    yuss id do it XD -Kaz,

  60. Peezster says:

    0:30 That is so fucking disgusting. 

  61. Nuckelhedd Jones says:

    fuck ban bossy. a billionaire bitch claims being called bossy ruined her fucking life? just the fact that you are so starving for references and crap to talk about that you would do the same thing big media does just to get views tells me all i need to know. i will be removing my subs to your channels. get a fucking life, get off the god damn bandwagon and try to be relevant instead of trendy. i am so glad my friends died and im fucked for life fighting for this country and this is the best you can do with that sacrifice. You aren't making a difference, you are perpetuating the problems. TELL LACI TO GET  BENT WITH THE FAKE ASS FEMINISM BS. college is over, time to join the real world. You think males are holding you back? Fuck off with that shit. Evolution didn't set us up to be competing directly against the other. There is a reason a bot your same age can beat the shit out of you. You aren't designed for the same tasks moron. And don't cry to me about inequality when I lose a spot at college because the law REQUIRES a woman get it or that Affirmative Action MAKES an employer hire you because you are female and then HAS to keep you on because you want a kid plus 3 months off for maternity leave. FUCK YOU. That is NOT equality and we are NOT equal. You claim to idolize women from history? I think they would not give you the time of day after watching you cry and moan instead of working hard and earning your spot. You don't want equal rights, you want special rights. Which is why no one listens to you whiny dissent stifling cunts anymore. N one wants to rape your champions and one of your supposed leaders is so damn weak she got mentally ruined from twitter? What the fuck is that? Equal? FUCK NO.

  62. Justin Grotte says:


  63. Dorkis McShane says:

    Yeah I would contact me next time

  64. T.J. Palazzolo says:

    This is fucked up …completely!!

  65. Will B says:

    Sign me up…

  66. Michael son of God says:

    Please come follow me on my journey. I'm the ArchAngel Michael in the flesh.

  67. The Erod1944 Channel says:

    Hey!  Are you trying to Boss me around ?!?!?!

  68. amanda claireon says:

    only if the guy is cute

  69. SarahKellyKansas says:

    I'd do it, who knows, you might find your true love~

  70. jacob pitcher says:


  71. timmi Hines says:

    i want to do this

  72. jake oldham says:

    yes totally al day im gay

  73. MsTurtleTalks says:

    Depends on if I thought they were ok

  74. Jordan Emery says:

    yes i would do the first kiss thing

  75. Hashim Adam says:

    this is how aids epidemic

  76. Victor Giannini says:

    Yeah. I'd do that.  Done it.  Do it again? Of course.  The awkwardness is the best part … unless it STAYS awkward.

  77. Pat Hughes says:

    lib trash. obama sucks dick.

  78. Marissa Lynn says:


  79. Valarious V says:

    Holy Saturday (Preview) "WE'VE HAD 2000 YEARS OF CHRISTIANITY TO ANSWER FOR!"

  80. William Augustus says:

    I would really want to try the Kissing a stranger challenge.

  81. Karlos Flores says:

    yay Herpes

  82. criminyy says:


  83. Benjamin Long says:

    dude, the people in that apartment must have (insert surfer guy voice here) RIGHTEOUS NERF FIGHTS!

  84. Russian Salami says:

    I would make out with strangers! Only if i like them tho. lol

  85. Bethany hui says:


  86. TheSaltydog46 says:

    hell yes i wood at 28

  87. Jarred W says:


  88. Raymond Miettinen says:

    i would do this it would be interesting to see how others react to me lol

  89. GrayHam says:

    This is an example of YouTube trying to fit in with what's popular on their own site.

  90. emily c says:

    absolutely NOT

  91. stephanie morones says:

    i would do this omg yeaaaahhh

  92. Joedog says:

    Yes if she is hot

  93. Gavin Heath says:

    heck no

  94. Solange says:

    I would most definitely do that if i was single 🙂

  95. Grady72949 says:


  96. acidsteph says:


  97. Clash With Sparky says:

    Yes I would I have never done that before

  98. TrickyGaming says:

    i feel the the fricking pain i have 7 people in an little apartment with two rooms yet im in my room that has my dad my brother and me i mean what the heck and also my 3 cousins have a much bigger room and there is 3 people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Daniya McCormick says:

    If I was older I would kiss a cute nice stranger

  100. Daniya McCormick says:

    Plz friend me on moviestaplanet it's Daniya111

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