Meet the Newest @TorontoPolice Recruits

[Bagpipe music] We’ve got 44 officers, 23 males, 21 female, so almost an even split
down the middle. I believe ninety percent of them have postsecondary education. A lot
of different languages spoken… incredible class… I’ve said that the last couple years
that I’ve been here, but I can honestly tell you this is one of the brightest classes we have. We, in the City of Toronto, we hire to reflect the community that we
serve, which is so important, and you can see it within this class, a very
diversified class, be it cultural, languages they bring a lot to this community so
they will reflect the community they serve. I’ve always loved to work with the
community, right. I’m involved with the church…you know I work with the kids, at coaching, and I just
felt there was another avenue that I could step on to, you know, make a difference in
society and when I look around, the police is always a good place to start.
And you know what? I decided to take the journey and that’s why I wanted to become a police officer To me, Toronto is a very diverse community I come from Ghana in Africa right, and
coming to Toronto I realized that there was a lot of inclusion there was everybody here, and I feel like that is
where I belong to, so I’m very proud to be part of the Toronto Police Service. I’ve always wanted to serve the
community. I come from a large family. You know, for me, you know, being involved in the
community growing up, in Montreal, I always wanted to find the best way to serve the community. I’ve worked with the Toronto Raptors doing basketball development, and I wanted more. I wanted
to be able to be of service to the general public. You know as much as general public has
helped me, and what best way to do it in policing. You know it goes beyond just
having a postsecondary degree, i think these individuals bring a lot of skill sets
within themselves and with their own culture. I think it speaks a lot, you know,
people come with different… different skill sets from where they were
brought up, and it’s a testament from being in this training,
with these individuals, and the different languages and skills that they do bring,
and personality… you know… there’s a great… …these are a great 43 individuals I’m joining with. I
think that the community will love them I think they would accept us and we’re
really excited, we’re really excited to join the community and serve the community [PC Shakov] I grew up in
Toronto, I moved here when I was 10 years old, and right away I was indulged within the city, and it’s just… it’s
my home, without question, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else, or I can’t
imagine being part of any other community, so Toronto is definetly my number one slot. Toronto Police and policing in
general really encompasses everything that I’ve ever really worked towards. I have a ‘Kin’ degree, and we really learned and focus on mental health, physical well-being and
everything, I also worked as a scuba diver, so there’s opportunities there to work in the Marine Unit…
there’s so many opportunities within this career that I knew that I could
have multiple jobs within one career and that was really exciting. Just to see the
community that Toronto Police has, to now be a part of such an amazing family is
remarkable, and I’m very proud to be here today and to have all my friends and
family with me. It just means the world, and the class that I’m with, they’re just the
most amazing humans, so I couldn’t have asked for a better class to graduate with
today. [A/Supt. Molyneaux] I think now with our training coupled with the Ontario Police College
the communication skills are second to none. We really hone in on communication,
that is their greatest strength, of course you’ve got defensive tactics, and you
have firearms training, but now we’ve got dealing people in crisis. We really really
concentrate on a lot of training for mental health pieces. We concentrate on
de-escalation, containment, but above all, communication. [PC Johnson] Our training here at the
college has been nothing less than praise-worthy. We have been led by most
proficient, intelligent, and patient group of people, who were so clearly invested
it in our development, every step of the way. You may not realize that through
your efforts, you have proven us right, on a daily basis, that Toronto is second to
none. We soon start the next chapter of our
careers. We are the future of the service and we’ve earned this patch on our sleeves. We are
entering policing at a dynamic and changing time, and it’s a perfect opportunity
for us to demonstrate our skills, and excel. We are fortunate to be awarded the
responsibility of being an officer with the Toronto Police Service, and it is not a
duty that we take lightly. We carefully select recruits from our
community who reflect attributes and values we want reflected in our service
and we want them to represent the community. So we’re looking for people
who have compassion, understanding, demonstrate attributes of empathy, insight. We’re
looking for people who have had experience working directly with the
community, often in a volunteer capacity people that have some lived experience, that
can help inform them when they’re hired, on how to manage situations that arise from day
to day in the life of a police officer. When the community has a chance to look
at the credentials of each one of these recruits, I’m sure they will be reassured
that we are recruiting the very best from our community, we are equipping them
with the knowledge, the skills, the equipment they need to be effective out
in the community, and provide the highest level of public service, and I’m proud of
each and every one of them [music]

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