[MUSIC] Ready camera two, take camera two.>>Calling all strivers. We’re looking for the driven.>>The gutsy.>>The gritty.>>The unstoppable.>>The possessed.>>The obsessed.>>Those who strive, struggle,
endeavor to do better. Those not afraid to try,
not afraid to fly.>>We.
>>We.>>We are Mercy College.>>We are Mercy College.>>This is the place for
those who have more than a desire. They have a passion, a hunger to create
a better life for themselves and their family.>>This is where the driven and
the determined thrive. It is a place so thoroughly different,
that even our mascot is a maverick. Calling all seekers,
searchers, and dream chasers.>>This is the place.>>This is the place.>>This is the place for you.>>This is the place for you.>>This is the place to take your
dreams and your determination and make of yourself and
your world a better place. Mercy College for
those with a passion to get ahead. [MUSIC]>>Mercy! [MUSIC] We gonna do something different tonight. [MUSIC] Yeah. Clap your hands, clap your hands. Clap your hands, clap your hands. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick,
yeah. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick, aye. No matter the phase. No matter the pitfalls,
no matter the stage. We are Mercy diversify with open eyes,
to build no matter your age. So when you feel uncertain we give you
the strive to drive and keep working, with all of this Mercy pride we keep searching
the dream is right behind this closed curtain cause we provide education to fuel
our nation, determination and innovation. A school with big dreams and
inspiration but with that said we must have the patience
to strive, to do better, to fly forever. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re
hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re
hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re
hands if you’re a Maverick.>>Go Mavericks. [MUSIC] Clap your hands, clap your hands. Clap your hands, clap your hands. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick,
Maverick, Maverick. Clap your hands. [MUSIC] I am a Maverick, I feel it in my soul. I am a Maverick, I feel it in my soul. I am a Maverick, I feel it in my soul. I am a Maverick, I feel it in my soul. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands is you’re a Maverick,
Maverick, Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick. Clap your hands if you’re a Maverick,
Maverick, Maverick. Clap your hands. This song is a real dream come true. And if you strive and if you fly
as a team in anything you do, man. Mercy college is on the rise. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] It’s almost graduation time. I’ve gotten to know so many of you over
the years that you’ve been here at Mercy. Whether you are at the Dobbs Ferry campus,
or our Manhattan or Bronx campuses or Yorktown. Even some of you that have been distance
learners online completely have come to campus and
I have gotten a chance to meet you. I’m so excited that you and
your families are going to get to share an incredible moment and that’s the moment
when you finally cross the finish line. And it’s coming up and there’s going to be
cheering and you’re going to be proud and families are going to be proud, and
I want you to know I’m going to be proud. As President, I get to find out what
our alumni accomplish, what they do. And so when I look at you and when I
see you at our graduation ceremony, and when you cross the stage,
and I congratulate you, I’m going to be thinking of all
the things I know you’ll go on to do. All the success that you’re going to
have because of your Mercy degree, all of the great promise that you have. I hope one of the last messages you
hear from me as president while you’re a student is this,
we want to continue to know you. We want to continue to know what’s
happening in your life even after you’ve left the class rooms of Mercy College. So I hope you’ll stay connected when
our alumni office puts on events that try to get you back to campus or connect you with one another,
I hope you participate in those. Mercy is proud to call you its
graduates and to call you its alumni. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Good afternoon Mercy family.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My name is Jose Herrera, Provost and Vice President for
Academic Affairs at Mercy College. Welcome to the 83rd commencement
exercises, to you and your families. Our program today includes
distinguished students and guest speakers,
as well as recognition of academic awards. For the enjoyment of all,
we ask that the students and audience remain in the arena until
the conclusion of the ceremony. And now, will you please rise for
the national anthem? Please join Ms.
Najja Beaulieu-Hains, a 2014 and 2016 alumni of Mercy College in
singing our national anthem. Ms. Beaulieu-Hains. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, Najja. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. It my distinct honor to introduce
the 12th President of Mercy College, Timothy L.Hall. President Hall.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Good afternoon, welcome everyone to the 83th
Commencement of Mercy College. Today is special day for
our graduates and for the many others who have been associated
with their educational journeys. We’ll recognize our
students in due course, but I want to take a moment to call
attention to some of the people who have contributed to the achievements
of our graduates. First of all, would the parents
of our graduates please stand? Parents of our graduates.>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE]>>Thank you, thank you. We recognize you for the financial sacrifice you may have
made to help our graduates see this day, and for all the support and
encouragement you’ve offered them. Second, would the spouses and
children of our graduates please stand? Spouses and children.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, you also have made sacrifices
to support our graduates. You suffered with them through term
papers and final exams and endured the focus of their academic work that
sometimes cut into their time with you. I know your support was crucial
in bringing them to this moment. Third, would all the other relatives and
friends of our graduates please stand. Relatives and friends.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, I know you’re proud of
the accomplishments of these graduates, and I know that they appreciate
your support and encouragement. Fourth, would the Mercy College
faculty please stand. The Mercy College faculty,
mostly back here on the stage.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The individual achievements we recognize today for our graduates rise directly from
your labor and your dedication. You’ve made a mark on their minds and
on their imaginations, and I’m sure many of them will
remember you longer even than they remember some of the specific
things you taught them. Finally, would all the members
of the Mercy College staff and administration please stand.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Although the heart of the college is the classroom,
it takes the efforts of staff and administration to sustain and
support the work of our faculty and to create an environment in
which learning is possible. Last but not least, I’m proud to recognize two members of our
Board of Trustees who are with us today. Ted Dunn and Bruce Haber are chairmen
of the Board of Trustees, we’re happy to have them here today. They work around the year to help support
and direct the activities of the college. We also have a special guest,
Chancellor Betty Rosa, Chancellor of
the New York System of Education, who will be speaking later on in the
ceremony, and you’ll get to see her then. Now I welcome Provost Herrera
back to the podium.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, President Hall. At this time,
we would like to recognize students who have received special academic awards and
I welcome Dr. Rose Rudnitski,
Dean of the School of Education.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, Dr. Herrera. I’m honored to recognize students who have received special academic awards
in the School of Education. The Award for Excellence in
Secondary Education is awarded to Shannon Grey and
presented by Dr. Amanda Gunning.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you so much.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Award for Excellence in Teaching English to Speakers
of Other Languages is awarded to Victor Velez, presented by Dr.
JungKang Miller.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Congratulations, Victor.>>Thank you so much.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Award for Scholarship and Service in Educational Leadership
is awarded to Andrew Bernstein, presented by Dr.
Esther Wermuth.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Congratulations, Andrew.>>Thank you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Award for Childhood Education, there are two awards, scholar, teacher, leader is awarded to Christian Esposito, presented by Dr. Elena Nitecki.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The award for Distinguished Academic Achievement and Excellence in Clinical Practice
is Awarded to Solomon Connor, presented by Dr. Elena Nitecki.>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE]>>This year we’ve initiated an award, the School of Education Dean’s Award for
Distinguished Leadership and Service is awarded to Christian Esposito. Christian designed an entire supplemental
program in mathematics to help our students do better on the certification
examinations, and it was very effective. So Christian, please come up.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you, Dean Rudnitski. I now welcome Dr. Tamara Jhashi, Dean
of the School of Liberal Arts, Tamara.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, Dr. Herrera. I’m pleased to recognize
students who have received special academic rewards in
the School of Liberal Arts. The Advertising Club of Westchester Award
is given to a student within the Communication and Arts Department
that has shown outstanding work, and has displayed a determination to continue
their studies on a graduate level here at Mercy College. The recipient of this year’s award
is Emily Jay Lee presented by Dr. Jason Zalinger.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Barbara R Sullivan Award, memorial award, was established
in honor of Barbara Sullivan, former faculty member at Mercy College,
following her passing in January, 2004. The recipient of this year’s award is
Francesca Presented by Dr Kristen Kepler.>>[APPLAUSE].>>The dentist fate T green world fund for
graduate study is given to an English major who plans
to pursue a graduate degree. The recipient of this year’s
award is Brianna Snyder Harper, presented by Dr Kristen Kepler.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Dot Adams Memorial Award honors outstanding work and
excellence in Journalism and Media. The recipient of this year’s
award is Olivia Meyer, presented by Professor Luis Guaso.>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE]>>Theresa McMahon Nieves, Mercy class of 1966, endowed an award
which honors Ilean McMahon, professor emerita of English Literature,
and her dedication to the arts. It is given to a student who
has exemplified dedication, an active participation in drama, oral
interpretation of literature, or the arts. The recipient of this year’s
award is Dionne Capers, presented by Professor Michael Pirada.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Graduate Award for Excellence in Cybersecurity is awarded to Yiwan Shu,
presented by Dr John Yun.>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE]>>The Johannes Christie Bowl for the outstanding undergraduate
student of English literature is awarded to Meghan Brower,
presented by Dr Christine Kepler.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Joanna’s Christie Bowl for the outstanding graduate
student of English, literature is awarded to Gloria Buckley,
presented by Dr Christopher Lods.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Congratulations to you all.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you Dr Joshi. It is now my pleasure to introduce
Mr Matthew Reich from the School of Liberal Arts to offer
the undergraduate student address on behalf of the class of 2018. Mr Reich?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hello my fellow graduates of the class of
2018 and welcome to the parents, friends, and family and
faculty here today. My name is Matthew Miguel Reich and
I’m proud to be speaking before you today as a Latino and
openly gay man raised by a single father.>>[APPLAUSE]>>When I was born in 1996 in Texas, my biological mother had made the most
difficult decision a mother can make. The decision to give up her child,
she entrusted it in my mom and my dad, two people she had
never met in the United States, a country she had never been to until
my birth, to give me the education, freedoms, and opportunities she
could never give me in Mexico. It makes me incredibly sad that
both my biological mother and my mom could not be here today. My mom died from ovarian cancer when I was
three, while she did not live to see me grow up, she has always remained in me
because she instilled in me the unyielding belief that education is the greatest
tool one can use to change their life. And that no matter where you come from,
the only one who can set limits and heights you reach is yourself. I came to the media studies program
because I dreamt to write about film and record people’s stories and to share
them with the widest audience possible. A dream that had few supporters and I, having no prior experience in media,
persevered to find a way, because I knew this was my time to
push for what I wanted in life. My story is part of what makes and
pushes me to give my all every day, yet is it one of many stories of people
I have met here at Mercy College. Who have worked hard every step
of the way to get to this day. The strong black woman who works
two jobs to support herself, the students who commutes everyday from
Valhalla in pursuit of starting a career, I will one day have her filming live
from New York on Saturday nights. The students, who took a chance and
moved in the Chicago area or far away as St Thomas in the Caribbean to follow a dream they
are determined to make a reality. These are only a few stories, but they
are the stories of people that has been my great honor to work with as part of
the newspaper staff for the Impact News.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Media like music, public relations, and other fields that
make up the School of Liberal Art, our fields and industries whose
work cannot be done alone, but as a team and as a member of something
greater than only one’s self. I joined the Impact News this past
September knowing very few of the people I am now proud to call friends and
career peers. It is with them I learned how
to harness the passions and interests that I wanna push for
in my life and in the community around me. My senior year is filled with memories
of traveling with them to Manhattan, New Jersey, and
almost Pennsylvania to interview people. Unforgettable days and late nights
working with them to meet deadlines, and most importantly
conversations about our hopes and dreams in life and
the countless laughs they have given me. It’s deeply personal for me to be able to
say these words, when I started my four year journey to this day I did not
know anyone in Westchester County and pretty much the entirety of New York. I know how it feels to
have no one to lean on and feel alone in pursuing what
you’re passionate about. I want to end by saying if you have ever
walked your educational journey alone, or have no one to celebrate with today,
then let me say loud and clear. I congratulate you, and I celebrate you. Today is the day you are celebrated for
all that you have accomplished. Congratulations class of 2018. We did it!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you, Matthew and congratulations. It’s now my pleasure to introduce
Mr Christian Espasido from the school of education to offer
the graduate student address on behalf of the class of 2018, Christian?>>[APPLAUSE]>>To President Hall, Dean Dr. Herrera, and
the distinguished members of the faculty. It is an honor to be here
along with my fellow honorees, the distinguished and diverse alumni,
special guests, family members, and friends who are gathered here today. Most of all, it is an honor to be
here with you all, the class of 2018. I feel blessed to have been given this
opportunity to speak with you this afternoon and I hope my story
inspires you to continue providing students with incredible educations. As I began planning this commencement
speech, I couldn’t help but feel overcome with emotion about
the incredible journey that got me to this podium in front of you today. Let me start off by saying
that I truly love teaching, I enjoy teaching so
much I would do it for free. However, unlike many of my colleagues, I didn’t always know I
wanted to be a teacher. In fact, growing up I always thought
I wanted to work in business and make a lot of money,
which might be difficult since I plan on working in public education for
the rest of my life. With my plans to pursue a career
in business, I have sanded Cornell’s Universities undergraduate
school of Hotel Administration. After graduating, I took what I
thought would be my dream job as a restaurant manager at
the Four Seasons in Miami, Florida. After just three months on the job, I
received an incredible promotion to manage the hotel’s newly renovated
$3 million restaurant. At just 22 years old, I was managing
a brand new steak house for a four seasons hotels and resort, one of the most highly
regarded hotel companies in the world. Although I initially love the new
position, I realized that I yearn for something more. My dream was to lead a rewarding
life where I help other and I wouldn’t be satisfied
until I achieve it. It wasn’t until I started teaching,
leading training sessions for new employees at the restaurant that I
realized my true calling, education. I wish I could tell you
that it was a quick and easy road from that point to
becoming a teacher, but it wasn’t. I had to start taking math classes at
a community college while working two jobs to fund my education. I worked all sorts of nights and
weekends, and had said ten classes in the early morning. At times I was so
overwhelmed that I remember completing calculus homework in the tiny basement
of the restaurant where I worked. On one of those cold and rainy nights,
I received a call from Dr. Bill Farber that I had been accepted into
Mercy Colleges race to the top program. And my life changed forever. I fell in love with teaching immediately,
and after completing my first masters in math education,
I just decided to come back to school for a second masters in school
building supervision. Changing careers was a huge
obstacle in my life but I can honestly say it was
the best decision I ever made. And I couldn’t have done it without
the help of the amazing faculty here at Mercy College. I have a message for
my fellow race to the top graduates, my fellow members of
the co-op city cohort.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The cohort of military veterans under Dr. Farber and
the entire class of 2018. In life, you will undoubtedly face
many challenges, but to be successful, you must master up all your strength and
courage to overcome those challenges. We’re about to overcome one challenge,
graduation, but our work does not end here. The question is, what will we do next? Thank you and congratulations, the class of 2018.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you Mr. Espasido. President Hall will now preside that
the conferring of the honorary degree. President Hall>>President’s Hall, it’s my privilege to present
Dr Betty Rosa for the honorary degree.>>Dr Betty A Rosa, Chancellor of
the Regents of the State of New York. You are a molder of minds,
young and old, and an inspiration in the field of education. Your work in teaching, administration,
and linguistic reform in schools has been essential since your beginnings in
the New York City Department of Education. And your history of contribution since
earned you the praise of many and led you to such commendations
as the education award at the Mercy College Bronx Leadership Dinner
in 2011. Today, Mercy honors you again for
achievements such as your construction of the office of conflict resolution
in the division of special education. This would have not been possible without
your experience in special education, where even before your time in
the New York City Board of Education, your commitments to the field
led to your own MS 101 to become the top ranked middle schooled in the city
of New York for the examination results. All these achievements and more,
including your founding of BDJ & J Associates LLC, and
your five years as the regent for 12th Judicial District, Bronx County,
and election to the alumni council of Harvard University’s Graduate school
of education cannot do justice to the sum of your accomplishments since your
early life as an international student. Though your awards as a pioneer in
education and leadership for many, the differences you have made
in the formative views of so many students remain immeasurable. By virtue of the authority vested
in me by the state of New York and by the Board of Trustees of Mercy College, it is now my privilege to
confer upon you Dr Betty Rosa the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa with all rights and privileges there to and pertaining.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest Mercy College alumna, Dr. Betty
Rosa to give the commencement address. Dr. Rosa.>>[APPLAUSE]
[APPLAUSE] Good afternoon, [FOREIGN] Good afternoon. [FOREIGN]
>>[FOREIGN]>>Okay, first of all, thank you, and it is an honor to be with you,
graduates of 2018. Thank you, President Hall. Thank you, Vice Provost Herrera. Thank you, faculty, for all the work that you do everyday
with these amazing students. As Chancellor of
the New York State Board of Regents, I officially congratulate the class
of 2018, on behalf of our commissioner, and the rest of
the members of the Board of Regents. I wanna congratulate your families, I wanna congratulate the faculty again for
guiding you to this day. Now, as Betty from the Bronx,
I can relate, on many personal levels,
to the many years of hard work and determination that have
led you to this day. Your family, your friends, teachers,
and professors have supported you. Over the years, they have cheered you on,
they have pushed you, and in some cases,
they have held your hand, and I’m sure in others applied a little bit
of tough love along the way. On my personal journey, my mother,
my father, my husband have cheered me on, and supported me to the many achievements
I have been able to accomplish, and I’m so grateful,
as I know many of you are today. I am still someone who
keeps moving down that road of making sure that we give back. I am now involved in Albany
as a policymaker, but I know how it feels to be on the ground. Again, as I said earlier,
I never forget that I’m a Bronx girl, who came here when I was ten years old
from Puerto Rico, Carolina, Puerto Rico. You have graduated in a world
that is seeking equilibrium, and one that is quite different,
from when I graduated decades ago. In seeking direction back in the day, you didn’t have the smartphones
with the built-in GPS guidance. And you certainly didn’t have Siri, when
you wanted to find the nearest Starbucks. And the closet thing we had to Starbucks,
at that time, was our bodegas. So one may think that your generation,
with the phones and iPads, should never get lost, right? Maybe not geographically, but
it may take your internal GPS to guide you on your
professional journey. So today, with the degrees you have
earned, with the important piece of paper you have fought so hard to attain,
please consider the following. Make your own journey, make your own
story, create your own narrative. Find the strength that
lives inside of you. Live your live with commitment,
passion, and humility. Always reflecting, and always rebuilding. Do not close your minds to those
things you do not wanna see, give voice to those that are voiceless,
find your gifts, find your purpose, and do something you
love, as the young man before shared. Listen to your heart, act with every
heartbeat, and give life to your dreams. Don’t stop when you tire,
only stop when you’re done. Appreciate where you are in your journey,
even if it’s not your final destination. Celebrate every step,
and cherish the moments. Always think, and
act with a moral compass in your hand. A moral compass that’s based in
your heart, and in your head. That emanates, and keeps you focused. Many of you will soon be teachers, or
involved in the vast healthcare industry. That you’ve have already started
to assemble your moral compass, but no matter what field you have chosen,
pursue this with passion. As Dr Martin Luther King said
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,
what are you doing for others”? Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well being
of a person is at stake. Society’s punishments are small, compared to the wounds we inflict on
our soul, when we look the other way. And he said,
if you cannot do the great things, I can do small things in a great way. So Betty from the Bronx
wishes you all the fortitude you need to accomplish your goals,
both short and long term. And to do the things in a great way, with your own internal GPS,
and your own narrative. Thank you for
this opportunity to address you, Class of 2018,
congratulations from the Board of Regents, congratulations from all of us,
and God bless you.>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Thank you, Dr. Rosa, for the inspiring comments. And now, graduates of the class of 2018,
it’s your turn. [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE]>>President Hall will lead, will preside over
the conferring of degrees. For the safety and comfort of all,
we request that family and friends remain seated during
the conferral of degrees. In the interest of time and safety, we also ask that students
refrain from taking selfies. [LAUGH]
Not that you were going to do that. You will have the opportunity to
take photos with President Hall and the faculty at the conclusion
of the program. President Hall? I have the distinct pleasure, and
privilege, to present those students, who have been certified by the registrar
and the faculty as having completed all the requirements, as established
by the State of New York, for awarding the degrees of Associate of Arts,
Associate of Science. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts,
Master of Science, Master of Arts. The deans of our distinguished
Schools of Education and Liberal Arts will call the candidates
forward, to receive their degrees. Dr. Rose Rudnitski, dean of the School of Education,
will now present the candidates. Dr. Herrera, President Ho,
I present the candidates for graduation in the School of Education. As the dean, on behalf of the faculty,
I want to congratulate all the graduates. And I want you to know that as you
continue on your journey in your careers, we are here for you. Stay tuned to the School of
Education Facebook page, like it, and keep in touch with us as
your careers progress. I present to you the candidates from
the School of Education, Department of Childhood and Early Childhood Education
with programs in childhood education and early childhood education. Department of Educational Leadership
with school building leadership and school district leadership programs. Department of Literacy and Multicultural
Studies with programs in bilingual education, literacy specialist, and
teaching English as a second language. Department of Secondary Education with
programs in adolescence in education in biology, chemistry, English,
mathematics, physics, social studies, and educational studies. And the Department of Special Education
with programs in teaching students with disabilities. Will the candidates please
approach the stage?>>Shannon Ray, with distinction. Victor M Velez, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Andrew Howard Bernstein, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Solomen S Conner, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shariah A Bottex.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Sophia Ververis, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Chelbie Collins. Chana Boaron.>>Danny Gullon, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Bettina Baez, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Katrina L Willey.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Angela M Gomez, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Diana J Juarez.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jordan Taylor Schlessler, with distinction. Michael Francis Campbell,
with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Teresa Ivonne Rodriguez, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Naudia Nicole Lawrence, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ekaterini Grafas, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Monique A Holder, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Avery Ann McCrea, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Matthew James Kirchmann, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yalissa Jorle, with distinction.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]
>>Darline Michel, with distinction. Kylia D Pierre, with distinction.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]
>>Christian Esposito, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Elissa Montas.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Alma M Aviles, with distinction.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]
>>Jep Crawford Jonson, with distinction. Osborne Kofi Sam, with distinction. Virginia Pena, with distinction.>>[NOISE]
>>Malka Goldstein, with distinction.>>[NOISE]
>>Ndidiamaka Rabiu. Daniella Bellizzi, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Charlotte Ann Moore, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Meghan Kimberly Brady, with distinction.>>Go, Meghan.>>Jessica Leigh Keller, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nicole Campudoni.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Joel E Roberts-Robles, with distinction. Ana B Flores.>>[NOISE]
>>Alexandra Rivera. Trisha A Anderson.>>[NOISE]
>>Bassheva Katzman, with distinction>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]>>Daven B Coke.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Karina Y Tocidlowski, with distinction. Alicia Brackin, with distinction.>>[NOISE]
>>Cleo A Robertson, with distinction. Sadia Alrobaie, with distinction. Alissa J Grieco, with distinction.>>[NOISE]
>>Jessica Salomon, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kaitlin Englert, with distinction.>>[NOISE]
>>Jessica Lynn Kelter, with distinction.>>Cassidy Starr Cokeley,
with distinction.>>[NOISE]
>>Kimberly Cunningham, with distinction. Cindy Barberan.>>[NOISE]
>>Reinalda Ruci.>>[NOISE]
>>Melanie Alejandro. Richard Garner.>>[NOISE]
>>Melissa A Salmon-Saravia, with distinction. Stephanie D Vargas, with distinction. Julia E Miller, with distinction. Angel Arias. [APPLAUSE]
>>Christopher M Triantafillou, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Amanda N. Coumoutsos, with distinction. Jullita Mathew.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Megan Patricia Connolly, with distinction. Nicole O’Keefe. Britney M Skultety.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jaclyn Weinrib.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jeremiah Curtis-Shanley, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Natalie M. Ogorek, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Alessandra Praino, with distinction. Shelby L Silvestri with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Amanda Nicole Mersits, with distinction. Sonia George, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Mia D Stelley.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Joel Fernandez, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kimberly Avona Whyte.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Claudia Sarah-Lou Charles, with distinction. Precilia Takuh, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Julia Weber, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Martina Ganzer, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Reinhard Bachinger, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Johanna Aigner, with distinction.>>Jessica Ann Ready-Jackson,
with distinction. Regina Shin, with distinction. Stephanie R. Platero, with distinction. Frances Lee Skurka Garcia,
with distinction. Tanisha D. Jones with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Asmaaa Zabriskie.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Joanne Munoz, with distinction. Jessica Vega.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Joanna DePalma, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hegland Doci.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nicholas P. Farago, with distinction.>>Yay, Nick.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Carmen Rodriguez, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Glenique Michelle Bennett.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nicole T Vairo, with distinction. [APPLAUSE]
>>Michelle M. Hinkley with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rusmayris Guillermo.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Meiling E. Perez with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Soraya Flores with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roselyn Polanco with distinction. Natasha N. Haughton with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Udeen Edmonson with distinction. Moena Pleasant with distinction. Melanda Odetta McKenzie with distinction.>>Catherine M Graves.>>Hilda Delgado-Huertas.>>Brandy A Smouse.>>Selver Rasic, with distinction. Deja Vann.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shelane Edie-parker, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Grace Elizabeth Colon. Julia Calero.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Elsa E Ramirez. Carolina Rodriguez. Laura Smittle, with distinction. Maria McKee, with distinction.>>Hey Maria!>>Sonia E. Velez with distinction. Rivka Shoshana Zegel, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>VAnessa Rivera-Perez, with distinction. Marla Shelton with distinction. Susanne Anna Klug, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lisa Maria Pilotto, with distinction.>>Kathrin Zdarsky with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Maria Braun, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Birgit Christina Michl, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Amy T McGregor, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Christina Encarnacion>>Donna Kam.>>First place yeah.>>Dinaelys Alvarez ,with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shakira Shante Cyrus, with distinction. Monica Torres, with distinction. Jeffrey Paggi. Evettelise IIene Ware.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Diana Ferreira. Marleny Martinez, with distinction.>>Iliana I Recarey.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Jessica Lora, with distinction. Frances Jones, with distinction. Yvette Peartree-McFarlane,
with distinction. Qiana Cherice Jones-Taylor,
with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Estelle Roman. Jenna M Ricciardi. Genoveva G Baud, with distinction. Kelly B Cavallo, with distinction. Robert J Murphy. Katherine E Kavanagh, with distinction. Kristina M D’Agostino, with distinction. Heather Rae, with distinction. Alexander J Compri, with distinction. Steven I Hirsch, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Erika Soderlund, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Mariana Rudelic.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Latisha S Linton. Jashaun A Roebuck, with distinction. Alaura Dannen Lischak. Julie A Teller, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rebecca Rodriguez.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Raphael Medina, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Tremonisha S Henry.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Tova Plaut.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Chavi Eve Cohen, with distinction.>>Collette Andrea Walker. Keston Thorman.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Congratulations Dr. Tamara Jhashi,
Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. We’ll now present the candidates
from the school, Tin Joshi.>>Thank you Provost Herrera. School of Liberal Arts, it’s time. [LAUGH] It’s my pleasure to
invite the candidates for the graduate degrees from the School
of Liberal Arts to be recognized. Will the students from the master’s
programs in English literature and cybersecurity please approach the stage?>>Yixuan Zhu, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Gloria R Buckley, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Alicia E Devlin. Hamra Ibrahim Smaila, with Distinction. Javier Guillermo Johhny A Villa,
with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jesse Lemmo.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Driss Ould-Ibbat. Shaikh Tyabur Rahman. Sandra Wisor, with distinction. Arun Joy Thuruthiyil. Valdmir Pett Nery. Matthew J Christoff, with distinction. Rohan J McLean. Angela M Bast, with distinction. Laura D’Allesandro, with distinction. Rachelle Schneider, with distinction.>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s my further pleasure to now invite
the candidates for the undergraduate degrees from the school of liberal arts
to approach the stage to be recognized. Congratulations graduates. Will the students from the following
programs please now approach the stage. The Department of Communication in
the Arts with programs in communications. Media studies, computer arts and design,
and music industry and technology. The Department of Humanities,
Program in History. The Department of Literature and Languages
with programs in English and Spanish. The Department of Mathematics and Computer
Science with programs in Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Information
Systems, and Cyber Security.>>Emily E.Jehle, Summa Cum Laude. Franchesca J Febres.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Briana Snyder-Harper, Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Oliva L Meier, Magna Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Dionna Capers. Meagan Ashley Brauer, Magna Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Matthew Reich, Summa Cum Laude. Christie Marie Harrison, Magna Cum Laude. Francesca Darlene Gonzales,
Magna Cum Laude. Danielle Sarasky.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Olivia Baskett-Naranjo. Tiffany Wilson. Tyishaun Boyd.>>[NOISE]>>Elsa Yasmina Dela Rosa Diaz, Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Pablo Pina, Cum Laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Rashad Khan. Kiniana B Juste.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Marlena Estelle Stewart, Magna Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yajaira Cruz.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH]>>Kimberly Cevallos. Tori Mitchell, Cum Laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Jonathan Sadok. Sandro Romero.>>[NOISE]
>>Randy Rodriguez.>>[NOISE]
>>Thomas J Degrazia.>>[NOISE]
>>Jenniffer Mateo, Cum Laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Elizabeth Richardson.>>[NOISE]
>>Danielle Kalmus.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]>>Karen Polanco Cerri, Magna Cum Laude.>>Chloe DiGianni.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nora-Grayce A Orosz, Cum Laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Mark Mccarthy, Magna Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Tanisha Esprit, Magna Cum Laude. Chelsea Anne Jackson.>>[NOISE]
>>Chelsea Martin.>>[NOISE]
>>Brianna Easterling.>>[NOISE]
[APPLAUSE]>>Kendall Robinson.>>[NOISE]
>>Kayla Simas, Magna Cum Laude. Seanice J Weathers.>>[NOISE]
>>Denzel N Walters.>>[NOISE]>>Brandon Brims.>>[NOISE]
>>Ralston Ramsay.>>[NOISE]
>>Sidney Bolew Hennes.>>Kevin K Owusu.>>[NOISE]
>>Garret Smith.>>Christopher Patrick Kinnick.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lesly Gilbert Toussaint.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hector Rodriguez, Summa Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Tiernan V Cranny.>>[NOISE]
>>Eric Justin Rios.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ryan Lare, Summa Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Richard Rivera.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jason T Woods.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Tanner Ford Grozis, Summa Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Tom Watson, Magna Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Justin T De La Garza, Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Tatiana Wright.>>[NOISE]>>Nigel N Shoulders, Summa Cum Laude. Miranda McConniughey.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]
>>Jonathan Quinones.>>Douglas T Nishimoto.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Michael Zanchelli, Cum Laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Kathy Reyes. Jerin Oommen.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Raymond J Fradella. Jimmy Alicea Melendez. Arnelle Banks.>>[NOISE]
>>Chelsea Jane Konyar. Brian R Sillery.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Melina Dionicio.>>[NOISE]>>Dynalee Marrero. Rashidi Edwards.>>[NOISE]>>Nicole E Wuersching.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yanderick Gomez.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Luis Santiago Jara, Cum Laude. Elisabeth Catherine Dolgetta.>>Alessandra West.>>[APPLAUSE]
Darien Greene.>>[NOISE]
>>Gabriella Theresa Bestercy.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]
>>Sarika S Duren.>>Sarika Duren? Sarika S Duren.>>[NOISE]>>William McToraasen, Cum Laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Kristin Millard, Summa Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Maxfield Haubrich, Summa Cum Laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Amal Baidas.>>Let’s go.>>Yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Joseph Perugini.>>Yeah, Joe. Spencer L Groce.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Cody Vernia.>>Go Cody. [LAUGH]
>>Amina Lulanaj, magna cum laude.>>Dennise Salazar.>>Dennise. [APPLAUSE]
>>Dominique Jones.>>[NOISE]
>>Gisselle Flores, cum laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Christine Gambino, cum laude. Justin Q Matlock.>>Waheed Burns.>>Waheed. [NOISE]
>>Estifany Disla. Lizbeth Carrero.>>[NOISE]
>>Kimberly D Gonzalez.>>Come on Gonzalez.>>Thank you.
>>Come on Gonzalez.>>[LAUGH]
>>Come on Gonzalez.>>Edward Cole, magna cum laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Joseph Anthony Bonfiglio, summa cum laude.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Dylan Hubschman, summa cum laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>James John Lynch.>>Josmary Feliz.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shayne Munier, cum laude.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Dallas Lee Jenkins, summa cum laude.>>[APPLAUSE] That’s my dude.>>Janet Berry.>>[NOISE]
>>Brandon Myrden, magna cum laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Declan Whelan.>>Jeffrey Whaley, cum laude.>>Peter W Bailey.>>[NOISE]
>>Robenson Sam.>>[NOISE]
>>Dennis James Hopkins, magna cum laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Daniel Cunha.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Stephanie Mellow.>>[NOISE]
>>Ayanna L Jenkins.>>[NOISE]
>>Maria Karamaltidis.>>[NOISE]
>>Wilfrido Landaira.>>[NOISE]
>>Daniel J Halloran, cum laude.>>[NOISE]
>>Johnny-Jonell Dulanto.>>[NOISE]
>>Henry A Loja.>>[NOISE]
>>Miguel A Gavilan>>[NOISE]>>Nerisha DeNil Padilla Cruz, summa cum laude. Maura Silva.>>Taveras.>>Joannel Taveras.>>Jonfi Paris.>>[NOISE]
>>Shantai Rogers. Keon Thompson.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Abigail A Camejo.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Daniel Ferguson.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>John Bias.>>Yes, Johnny!>>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE]>>Members of the Mercy College class of 2018, in just a moment,
as I confer your degrees upon you, you will join over 60,000 Mercy College
alumni who’ve gone before you. You’re joining an accomplished
group of alumni, educators, CEOs, major league baseball players, attorneys,
physicians, and community leaders. We are proud to add your name
to this well distinguished list. Now, would all the graduates please stand.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE]>>By virtue of the authority vested in me by the State of New York, and
by the Board of Trustees of Mercy College, I now I’m proud to formally confer
upon you the degree upon which all graduates who have successfully
completed their course of study. It’s now time to turn your tassels
from the right to the left. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to
you the graduating class of 2018, please join me in congratulating them.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Graduates, you are now sons and daughters of Mercy College, a great institution of higher learning. Down whatever pathways life may lead you, I hope it leads you frequently back to the
college, you’ll always be welcomed here. Now that you’re alumni of Mercy,
has that sunk in yet? You’re alumni, I hope you will join and become actively engaged in the activities
of our alumni association. In particular, I invite you to
return to campus this fall for the Founders Day Festival on Saturday,
September 8th. If you’re not already connected
with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram,
I hope you will do so. And I’ll try to keep you up to date with
what’s going on with the college, and learn what’s happening in your life. As the years go by, you’ll be glad you
stayed connected with your alma mater. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give
them one more round of applause.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Congratulations, graduates. Ladies and gentlemen please be seated.>>[LAUGH]
>>They call me the joy kill of the celebration.>>[LAUGH]
>>Unfortunately, it’s still raining outside so
that means that due to inclement weather, the graduates will not recess out of
the facility but you may meet your group, greet your guest in
the auditorium before departing. Please sit still until
the platform party recesses out. At which time, we’ll allow you to sort
of interact with your family members. Thank you very much. Congratulations, graduates. And this concludes Mercy College’s
83rd Graduation Ceremony.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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