Microsoft Education: Set up an Office 365 Education Tenant

[MUSIC] The first step in ensuring
a successful experience with deploying and managing a full
Cloud IT solution with Microsoft Education is selecting
the scenario that best describes your school or
how you like to get started. Choose the option that
best applies to you. Already have an Office 365 for
education verify tenant? Just click
the Microsoft Intune for Education preview
link to get started. Sign in with your global
admin credentials. [MUSIC] And apply the Intune for Education preview trial
code to your tenant. When you’re done,
you can skip ahead to configure the Microsoft Store for
Education. It requires more time to
get fully set up and going. But if you don’t have Office 365
for Education and you want to get started with Microsoft
Education in a production environment, you can sign up for
School Data Sync and receive a free one on one
support from Microsoft. A team from Microsoft will
contact you to help you get started. Don’t have Office 365
Education verified tenant or just starting out? You can get started with
Microsoft Education in a trial environment to evaluate all
the features and tools. We’ll also focus on
a trial environment for all the video’s in the Microsoft
Education get started guide. Ready? [MUSIC] The first step to move your
school to the Cloud and make Office 365 accessible
from any device is to set up Office 365 Education. We’ll go through
the basics together. Go to the Office Products page
and click Get Started for Free. Here we’ll create an account. [MUSIC] A user ID, and
a password that you’ll use every time you sign into your account. Choose whether you want to
receive your verification code via phone call or text message. [MUSIC] You’ll wanna save your unique
information to use each time you sign in to
the Office 365 portal. Now just click
You’re ready to go. To verify your eligibility
add your domain name, and follow the steps to confirm
ownership of the domain. Choose your DNS hosting provider
to see step-by-step instructions to confirm that you
own the domain. Since it’s easy to come back to
this domain name screen later when you’re ready to verify
your domain today we’ll click, I’ll verify later and
confirm Yes on this pop up. Once the confirmation window
disappears you’ll be inside the Office 365 admin center. We’ll take a quick tour of the
admin center by simply clicking Next on this welcome message. Now to get your basic Cloud
infrastructure up and running it’s best to
complete the rest of the Office 365
Education setup later, after we finish setting up your
IT Cloud infrastructure, okay? Meet you in the next video.

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