Microsoft Education: Update Settings, Apps, and Azure AD Settings for your Education Tenant

[MUSIC] Hi, need to buy new apps and provision them to
groups in your tenant? Or maybe de-provision apps
you’re no longer using? You might be looking to
make changes to groups or to settings, perhaps to
comply with new policies. You can do all that and
more in Intune for Education. Come on, I’ll show you how. Log in to the Intune for
Education console. Here we click Groups, and
select Settings in the taskbar. And what we see are the same
groups, as when we completed the Intune for
Education Express configuration. If we select All Devices,
any settings we make today will apply
across all devices, got it? Okay, so we can change any of
these device settings here on the page. And then when we’re done,
we click Save to continue. [MUSIC] If you you’d like to configure
other settings beyond the basic Intune capabilities. Your Intune for Education
subscription entitles you to use Microsoft Intune, which supports
more advanced management means. When you’re ready to add more
apps, just click on Apps, and add what you’d like to provision
to your tenant groups. Use Store apps, or web apps,
or Windows Desktop apps. Now sometimes,
you’ll need to remove apps that have been
provisioned to certain groups. It’s an easy three-step process. First, click Apps to select
the app you wish to change. Then in the taskbar,
click Groups, and the Change Groups button. And finally, uncheck the box next to any
group you need to de-provision. When you click Save, they’ll no
longer have access to that app. Besides provisioning,
de-provisioning, and making changes to groups and
settings. You can also add more groups,
and connect bring-your-own-devices
to your Azure Active Directory. When a device is
owned by the school, you may need to have a single
person adding many devices to your cloud infrastructure. Or when students move from
using one device to another, they may need to have their
settings roam with them and made available,
like other devices. We can configure all these through
the Azure AD Admin Portal. First, log into the Office
365 Admin Center. Next, go to the new
Azure Portal. To configure the device
settings for your school’s Active Directory
from the Azure portal, select Azure Active Directory, [MUSIC] Users and groups, and
then select Device settings. Set Maximum number of devices
per user to unlimited. To enable roaming settings for users, find Users may
sync settings and enterprise app data, and
then set the value to all. Now save to update device
settings, and that’s it. You can find more information
in our documentation. And since we’re always
updating our documentation, remember to check back with us. We’re here for you, and
would love to get your feedback. Hope to see you soon. [MUSIC]

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