Microsoft Education: Verify Windows 10 Education Devices are Azure AD Joined and Managed (DA)

[MUSIC] So you’ve got your Windows
10 education devices set up. Today, we’ll learn two
things to make sure they are classroom ready. Number one, how to ensure a
device was set up correctly and Azure AD joined. Number two, how to ensure your
provisioned absent settings are installed and working. [MUSIC] Ready? First, confirm your start menu
has this simple configuration designed specifically for
schools. Then, check the apps list. If you used a set up school
PCs provisioning package, those apps included to
install with the package should appear on this list. Also, on the apps list,
any apps you bought from the Microsoft Store for
Education should appear. And any apps provisions for InTune for Education should
be under recently added. If they’re not here, check again
later because sometimes there’s a delay before apps are pushed
down to your device from Intune for Education. Great, now, that we know our devices are
setup correctly, let’s make sure they’re joined to school’s
Azure Active Directory, and that they show up as being
managed Intune for Education. Log in to the Intune for
Education console. [MUSIC] We’ll click Groups and
select All Devices, here, so we can check to see if
the device we’re signed into is indeed on the list. From any student PC, you can
also verify that it’s connected to Azure Active Directory. Just click Start. [MUSIC] Go to Settings and Accounts. And then choose Access work or school from the list
of account settings. The message here confirms
that the student PC is connected to your
school’s Azure AD. And since we know our apps
are also installed and working, this PC is ready for
student use. Our job here is done.

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