Middle Childhood Education

So the Middle Childhood Education
Program, well, according to the State of Ohio, it certifies you to teach grades
four through nine, and in this program you get to pick what 2 subject areas you
want to study. So in my case, I’ve chosen math and language arts. There’s all sorts
of combos that students can choose and through this program you can even get
certified to get your generalist degree which means you can get certified in all
four areas and within the Kent State system. Our Stark campus,
Geauga campus and the Kent campus all offer this program. I chose Kent State’s
program because I felt like it had the best resources for me. The class sizes
were nice and small so I felt like I got that individualized attention. I think
they have really good reputation with the districts in the area, so I was able to
get out in the field as much as possible. I think it really helped me for student
teaching and my teaching career overall. It’s been honestly amazing. The
professors, they’re outstanding. They are scaffolding us, they’re just not throwing
us in there. They’re giving us the tools, the guidance, the help we need to become
a good teacher. And with this program, we actually get an IB endorsement, and IB
stands for International Baccalaureate and not many schools and the United
States offer that. If it weren’t for Kent, I wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for the
Middle Childhood Education program at Kent State, I wouldn’t be here teaching
at one of the most prestigious public schools in the world. There is no other
school that prepares you more than Kent State, and especially the EHHS or the MCED program. Of the schools in the area we offer the most field experience and
it’s personal. So you’re not sitting in some big class with like, 300 people.
You’re never lost, you’re never, you know, left out. The professors know who you are
so if you value communication with your professors and getting the help that you
need, I would say our program would be best for that. It’s well known that Kent
State has a prestigious education program, and I feel that you have a
better chance of getting hired in an amazing place. I think one of the things
that propelled me to get this job here at the I Promise School is the fact that
they knew that I had an education degree from Kent State University.

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