Middle School education at PVSchools

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Middle school is
an exciting time for students as they transition from childhood to their teenage years. As their interests develop and expand, it’s vital that they get
a well rounded education. With an edge we provide
21st century skills with project based learning,
robust stem education, multimedia production,
career training and more. For our creative students, PVSchools offers an
integrated arts academy that allows students to
unleash their artistic talents. Our rigorous curriculum is
taught by highly qualified and certified teachers
who prepare students for success in middle school and beyond to ensure students reach
their true potential. We think we’re on to something as 90% of our parents in a
recent satisfaction survey agreed or strongly agreed that classroom learning
activities at PVSchools are relevant and engaging. We invite you to learn more about all that our schools have to offer and how your child can get started on their journey of excellence. Just complete the short
form found on this page and a PVSchools representative
will contact you.

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