what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya! (Jeffree: Mitchell didn’t say it, Nicole barely whispered) so we’re gonna try it again! what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel hi all right you guys as you see in today’s
video I have both not just one but both of my makeup artists we have the
one-and-only Lipstick Nick and we have all the way from England Mmm,itchell!! yeah
oh my god this is crazy is this this is the first okay this is really fun so
quick backstory Nicole and Mitchell have both slayed my face from every other
country all the way to California they both specialize in certain things
and they both have done so many amazing moments for me in my own life so we are
here to really just celebrate and really just this isn’t really a battle it’s all
about showcasing both of their styles so today we’re gonna split my face right
down the middle sounds really thank you a lot of
people’s dreams okay we’re gonna split my face right down the middle and
Mitchell will be handling the left side of my face and Nicole will be handling
the right side so you guys have your looks plan mm-hmm yeah okay
I don’t even thing when you talk about the looks I think we’re just gonna dive
into it but there’s a lot to talk about all of us have been so crazy busy and I
think it’s time to dive in so if you want to watch this epic makeup battle
then keep on watching hi new set up alright we’ve never done the style video
before on my channel but we’re giving it a whirl hmm so we’ve zoomed out a little
bit I’m gonna try to stay as still as possible while running my mouth and this
is really special for me because we we’ve all worked together a lot mmm it’s
we’ve done a lot together yeah we’ve done some crazy things and it’s cool
because I have only ever done makeup classes with Nicole and Mitchell
overseas with you and in America with her and we’ve had so many just crazy
times and we actually all have a lot of stuff coming up we have makeup classes
in October we’re doing something in we’re leaking it January
overseas part two because the response was so overwhelming so whoa okay we’re
gonna run our mouth all video but let’s let them get started now sometimes both
of them will do eyes first so what’s the T today I think we just switch to new oh
yeah I always do skin first and like I know recently Mitchell worked on
something and did skin first – so we’re gonna do skin first yeah what you work
on link it all right so we’re gonna go in with dip my tried and true I’ve made
you guys let me laugh you have the Bobbi Brown
feel like I’m nothing different oh yeah it’s iconic it’s so good and my skin is
dry right now okay no so good let’s get started whoa this is so that loud it’s
crazy I’ve actually never had two people well
how’d you people do me at the same time but never like yes this is so cool whoa
I feel weird it does man imagine how quick we could get you ready this was
like imagine like the new thing oh okay I’m good yeah whoa it’s crazy having so
many things hitting my face yes we are one all ours stick to your side sweetie just a line are you even in foundation
you know my skin is just that pretty on camera this is looking really cool
before and after though it’s like those those chromosome we’re a little like drugs surprise Christian it’s a new
campaign you’re shooting for dare all right Nicole’s going in with the
iconic magic star concealer now the thing about this Nicole is when we had
our creation I know don’t worry I’ll shut up when
they get to eyes what’s in our heads every day but magic stars been sold out
for so long is it pattern to a phenomenon for my brand and it just it’s
just been so crazy so restock and in September I think or like middle so
finally you guys stay tuned if you haven’t had your shade in a while I’m so
sorry it’s addicting I love it as foundation – yeah so Burnett so he will
have told me that oh my god whoa it’s cool to see this like a no sign
without concealer yet mmm what concealer does what it does a lot jesus H working
what whoa what are we contouring we’re takin magic star C 22 C 22 of that hmm
I’ll return more towards the center hmm I love looking in the monitor and
like not doing anything so it’s been a crazy year for all of us it has been I
mean let me just start off by there thank you
I think one of the highlights and I’m gonna start with you first if you opened
up your own business I did yeah please can we please talk about it for a second
yeah okay so you guys for those of you that don’t know quick backstory
Nicole’s from Orange County and she’s been doing my makeup for years she’s
actually done my makeup for every single jeffree star cosmetics ad campaign that
crazy like ever since three liquid lips to now it’s so insane yeah that’s really
young yeah it’s so special we’ve taught classes all over America together we
have done so many cool things and she did my make it for the morphe campaign
so she’s recently opened up her own business
it’s called pout I’m sure you guys have seen on my social media if not you guys
have to check it out but give us a little spiel honey so pout is kind of
like it’s basically a dry bar but for makeup we also do dry hair styling so if
you just need like glam for an event you can come and get your face done get your
hair styled we do braids we do curls Beach waves we do drag makeup and it’s
just a one-stop shop it’s super cute there’s neon lights and graffiti and we
just really tried to make it feel like Miami vibes meets like no way in like LA
yeah I love that because it’s really not anything like that I think a lot of
people they think okay I want to get my makeup done either like hiring someone
to maybe come to your house or like going to Mac or like the mall which is
so archaic yep and no one really does that anymore so that’s so cool that you
could just walk in and literally get glam cool and you’ve come and surprised
me there and that’s the other night the end of like a block party and we popped
up on Nicole Mekhi need a makeover she was like already on the street just like
my neighbors guys lock up it’s special but it’s in the city of North Hollywood
you guys were you still live actually literally like down the street from
where I used to live and where you guys saw my old apartment
in my first series of shame yeah so Nicole is right by there
I could really walk there took my second home and we actually are doing a few
makeup classes in October so here in America Arizona and Denver we shot the
makeup campaign with a skull bandanna at POW and Nicole is gonna teach that which
is so cool I love doing the skull bandanna especially on you we have so
much fun so you guys yeah if you live in either of those cities coming out come
on down you know it was honestly one of the first things that I think when you
did that that was must have been when I started doing makeup so you saw the
original video I’m gonna throw up a clip of it it’s so old for my hair surgery
huh I caught him you had till they’re hard to watch yeah
yeah and we did a sped up video and I didn’t even have a beauty channel I
literally just had yeah yeah you went a few YouTube no I got a few
music videos and I just like wanted to throw it up and I was just so proud of
her work it was so cool we shot in todrick’s little house yeah it’s not
and that todrick wants to sleep with Mitchell yeah okay nobody’s even know
about it oh I’m just being Shady I tweeted out me
and you in the vault and he and I also said congratulations
because you guys todrick Hall is doing he wrote the music for Disney’s newest
parade magic word from Orange County been going it is that my whole life
so anyway I streeted congrats and he goes we must talk about your cute friend hmm
come on down alright now we’re going in with the magic star powder in shade hi
oh it smells so good huh thank you and boy see later venmo cancelled okay wait
we have to do it ready for an ASMR moment yeah they’re both gonna do
sponges and that brush on my sides of my nose while I’m breathing in ready I’m so sorry baby I have a question for
you we’re so dumb what tell me I’m so
obviously much love both did you make up a lot what’s your favorite makeup
Michels ever done on you and what’s your favorite makeup I’ve ever done Oh
oh my god my Instagram okay I think recently for Mitchell I’m gonna pick one
first for that because it was oh my god yeah it’s like when the makeups done and
you’re just like oh I’m fabulous yeah it was yeah it’s this one like it’s so good
the way it all came together it’s saturated all the color okay oh it
looked so crazy it was very like my space Jeffery but like 3013 and then
Nicole I’m like there’s just I’m thinking of just every campaign that
we’ve ever done I mean how many times do you think I’ve done your makeup oh we
should I want to count one day I want to say over 100 whoa okay probably a photo
shoot it’s like three to five times each photo shoot and then that’s that’s
that’s crazy to think about because all the different buttons like jawbreaker we
shot in two days and did six looks like this just one campaign oh my god that’s
crazy I think one of my favorites was the
alien campaign okay like that was so cool to actually be transformed into the
alien one yeah and everything like oh my god like that was yeah are you kidding
me like what that was cuckoo and the fact that it was almost a year ago
already isn’t like are you uploaded out October that yeah
oh my god this yes it goes by so quick oh I found it
what can I have a clue this one’s a hint pain or class neither neither bitch okay
yeah yeah yeah what was that ball okay 2018 mother in drag car miss mom Nicole
will you shut it down here like oh my god like even really took in there like
what wow that’s look at you I felt like you
have never looked like so beautiful it was like oh my god it was like hey Susan
where everything was so on point I’m gonna do a brow on my side I think it
would be kind of cool oh yeah yeah you do an iconic brow and Mitchell keeps it
really alien so it’s like good to size of us I love that oh okay whoa alright
Nicole is starting a brow – I’m gonna turn any type of way or – stay right
here you’re good just stay right there I’m so glad that you’re doing a brow so
you can have that base one speed for brows Nicole is dipping into the famous
anastacio Everly hills dipbrow in shades hope I literally would wear this every
day when I first step in here blonde which was almost three years ago now you
guys so much I’m when you were maybe gonna diet Wow 14 years of being pink
now it’s like hi yeah they got for wigs though the palette Mitchell’s been using
that on me like over a year now and so cute thick her first trio ever I love it
what shit are you putting on me the pink of SN is song Nicole is going in with
the new morphe x jeffree star eyebrow brush from the ISAT favorite I know you
do as matches like everything I’m doing eyes pink every day the world is pink
whoa all right Nicole it just slayed the brow oh my god bitch and and Mitchell is
over here slaying the full blush moment hi contour now is it time for eyes it is
yes okay I’m really excited today because it’s time to whip out the new
morphe x jeffree star collaboration i know you guys have all seen this by now
but it’s time to really put it to the test
whoa she’s pretty so pretty yeah so we’re gonna use this today we’re also
gonna dip into Mitchell’s palette yeah just give me that palette first of all
the name is so sickening like I done yes okay so this is Mitchell’s new palette
with in collaboration with beauty most of you know Beauty baby because they are
one of my largest online retailers in England UK they ship everywhere and they
have the whole library of jeffree star cosmetics every week so we have a new
palette yes they’re gonna open her out now I love it because you didn’t do a
conventional like normal palette hmm I just know something different I’m ready
when like they came to me and wanted me to do a poly look at that camera though
oh no this is really unique you guys because when you open it BAM not only
that first of all this is my most satisfying problem I don’t have thank
you oh hi in the tab ready y’all my favorite
part now this is so cool because there is a whole other side and a detachable
mirror like this is sickening it’s so cool to travel like you don’t
need a mirror you don’t need another palette with you it’s like BAM now this
will be launching when I first of September
yeah starting off the fall exactly right yes and this will be available on
beautybay comics this will be really amazing yay all right so we’re gonna dip
into a morphe X Jeffrey and meet myself and Mitchell oh my god yay I haven’t
worn this yet so I can’t wait you Oh Mitchell we got it okay this PR kid is
sickening Mitchell has a few collabs come out recently like you
slaying the game I’ve been working and grinding this which is so cool because
like make it doesn’t look like this I think it’s so cool it’s like very just
so different I’m happy our package like he’s here and this is if you’re okay so
explain this really quickly okay this is my collab with P Louise who made the I
base such a popular thing the iconic ivy has so many other brands are trying to
steal by the way so that it’s away yeah I’ve taken one out so that’s why didn’t
know but you’ve got three bushes in here and then you’ve got your eye paints so
these are kind of like think of them as the eye base but they set this out so
you don’t have to actually set so yeah it’s just a cool concept yeah and he
first applied these during our UK makeup class I want to roll a little footage
for one second and we had so much fun and you kind of unveiled this on stage
yeah was sure alright Nicole just dipped into shade Lynn now in started as an
inside joke that we have really used just every day of our lives now and I
had to put in the palette Lynn is my real middle name before I got legally
changed so we kind of extra out now we’re bringing her back I go to the
office to get my name legally changed back to the live yeah whoa Mitchell’s
going right in mm-hmm what color is that I’m ecstasy oh okay oh hi all right what are we doing into
sardis Calabasas okay at the base and then I went into a little bit of boss
Angeles and mr. diva and then now I’m going into honest truth okay her I love
on this dress all right and then Mitchell is dipping into this beautiful
purple in his palette called Morgan yeah she was a she was one about my friends
at school she passed away she had meningitis oh wow that’s so cool they
did a tribute to her though beautiful all right I’m trying to stay really
still so I don’t get hit in the back of my head hmm
Mortal Kombat assume all right go ahead close your eyes and just keep them close
because I’m all on your lid right now come on lid what are you dipping into
you I’m going back into a little bit more Calabasas okay and I’m just gonna
keep packing that in there but not you Mitchell what are you using over there I’m like your voice change somebody yeah
oh it was too soft for a sec yeah I’m liking like what you did all this whoa
holy shit okay whoa coming together yeah they’re doing this on you next ready
you touch needs Isaac oh my god okay I was running what we were gonna do when
this happened Mitchell needs me to look up uh-huh what
do we do oh yeah oh that’s good no are you think serious yeah oh my god this is
so weird whoa how do you do that I don’t know Wow
hi how are ya whoa okay Nicole it just dipped into
Mitchell’s palate moody Mitch and mist I love mixing both palettes together and
then what did you put over here on the lid you did – mm-hmm
welcome back to me and a little bit of muffin okay okay I have some crazy
videos coming up you guys like I everyone lived for the transformation of
me like as the dude for this morphine campaign I mean high pigment I am gonna
do something even crazier with someone else soon wait I have a question okay
when is a Christian gonna do your makeup Christian we have gotten so many
requests Mitchell when is camera man does your makeup happening and I’m like he’s seen every transformation from you
guys doing into a Trixie Mattel to every drag queen to everyone yeah whoa
Christian’s like the master makeup artists imagine I think if we kept it
simple I would be not too bad all right we’re gonna do an eyebrow no you sure
that would be cool though to like do a normal look and see how you do it
because you’ve seen every video and edited it be so cool okay I’m down
alright y’all sound off below okay this is looking so insane whoa
I’m so giddy right now okay let me not move what are you doing down to coal
no I’m just adding a little bit of white underneath your eye we’re doing my
lookup yeah hold on Mitchell whoa okay hi everyone all right what do
you guys both have left to do in the eyes
what do you have laughing I’ve got a little bit I’m gonna go to line or cross
your lash line okay and then it’s somewhat line work yeah okay um no maybe
you guys should do the liner at the same time oh good idea cuz having one eye
closed and one open yeah it’s really cute but odd or just faint what would
you say is your biggest challenge um besides my attitude I’m easy as person I
don’t know you are I was there’s no challenge there’s a
lose any challenges from a former celebrity makeup artist I sometimes I
have the craziest clients and I’m not gonna throw them under the bus anymore
it’s been a long time they could be really hard like cigarettes on the phone
look you down crazy and weird positions like I just want to I want the artist to
be able to really work and make me look amazing so I like sitting like a rock
like a rock biggest challenge Mitchell I have okay
what is it well biggest challenge is for me I think cuz we’ve done so many damn
looks it’s okay keeping it new pinnacles doing liner can
relook down to the raid oh ho Nicole’s dipping into some magic
right now Nicole is dipping into something new that comes out later this
year let’s just say that hi all right they’ve both given me the okay
to do mascara so let’s go in with the elf plump it up it’s the quickest one I
have right here and y’all was gonna do lashes so doesn’t really matter that is
cotizo oh my god oh yeah oh this looks epic
holy shit okay it needs a lash no baby lash always alright so let me just put
on this mascara I like doing it myself you guys it’s just sometimes gets a
little irritating for me so I could just pop it on myself whoa all right mate just fine down a
lash Nicole’s gonna start doing the lid booba cool I’m doing like a 90s lip kind
of vibe like a little gray with some weight and then like a pinky gloss whoa
okay nevermind yep daddy and delicious okay cute I know
a little bit of drug lord in the middle yeah this is so crazy to get your lip
done hmm and I shot the same it’s so cool don’t let’s see if Mitchell
remembered my Allah I sighs I think I did I think should I look up I’m so
scared does that feel okay yeah I feel sickening that’s the good
come of my mouth dried uh-huh oh I like her lashes turned Mitchell on Mitchell
um tailmon Chavez at TL 3 okay Nicole just lay down a lash and then you’re
gonna actually grab Mitchell’s taut T lashes TL 3 what are you gonna do
I’m gonna chop that and probably like 3/4 and then stick it on the end over
there so just a little bit thicker so while we’ve been filming quick T is that
we decided to hire a professional photographer to come over and actually
shoot this happy and actually because I’m like only Geoffrey only I’m like
this looks so cool still we FaceTime someone and they’re available and
they’re coming over right now oh my god roll missed there
all right so Mitchell what lip are you gonna use that we’re gonna use question
mark yes okay if you guys are like what the hell is this this shade is literally
called question mark it was a mystery box shade for summer if you got the
mystery box you’ve got this I will never make this again even though it is a
stunning color it was literally one time only we’ll be doing this again with
exclusive items in October a little spooky Halloween moment and then again
for Black Friday so saddle up if you missed out get ready because these boxes
will have exclusive items of clothes maybe accessories wink wink and course
two new lipstick shades for different years so we’re not playing around so
let’s see miss question mark in action alright ready whoa Wow oh my god whoa okay final last
touches okay I’m just like little highlight in certain places okay oh my
god this was such a cool video to film and I
believe this is just I love that look at you you only see your whoa I’m looking
in the monitor and I’m just like whoa okay you guys this look is officially
complete so let’s zoom in a little bit and let’s give you guys the full moment
of both sides oh my god oh my god like this is such an iconic look I couldn’t
want to go outside and leave the house and see what people say okay so now that
the challenge is officially over what was your guys’s most difficult part
II think I think for me apart from being stood on this side yeah just working
next day lipstick Mac it’s just sick man just cuz you’re so like you just build
the color and like build saturation so amazing like that’s like your thing yeah
it was fun it was C on the other side something out what’s happenin at all yes
Deborah it was so it was weird for me to have like all this action I need to know
a joint makeup class oh my god it’s let’s stop the Staples Center yeah
yes oh my I’m at like doing something like that
yeah that’s like whoa okay ideas are coming a little good marketing meet
again aren’t you guys I’m a little shook don’t
spray you yes Oh Oh God so good so good yes oh my god you guys okay first of all
thank you so much for watching you guys if you’re not already please follow
lipstick Nick and Mama Mitchell everything will be linked down below we
all have a lot going on new businesses new collabs and just so much amazingness
so thank you all for watching we live for you and let’s go to the photo show
okay okay yes right you guys we’ll see you on the next one bye guys

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