In order to log into my learning plan
your username is the first initial your first name the first initial of your last name and
the last six digits of your social security number your password is the same you can change
it once you login, over here on the left
hand side you’ll see the radio button next to the word “account options” click on user name. If you decide to
change your username you must use your William Floyd school district
email. So for me that would be this and then click submit once you’re done you can also change your password if you’d like. I’m not going to
change anything I’m just going to click Cancel but you would click Submit. If you’d like
to enroll in a class all you have to do is click the radio
button next to the words Activity Catalog” Clook under district catalog. Look at the
courses that are listed and find one that interests you.Click
on the class. Click on “Request approval.” Scroll to the
bottom to make sure everything is correct. Click the checkbox under the “I
understand” section and click submit. Once you enroll in the
class you can just click logout.

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