NANOYOU PART 5 – The Nano Future

Mark Welland is Professor of Nanotechnology at the Nanoscience Centre at the Universisty of Cambridge. Imagine a small implant which you can think of as being equivalent to your mobile phone that communicates directly with your brain, as the internet does currently, with the rest of the world. If I want to think a connection with my son who’s walking in the Himalayas, I can think the connection and just as your mobile phone does it would dial up the device inside my son and I would talk to him, I would see him, I would feel his emotions. We would be infinitely connected to each other and infinitely connected to all the information that’s around us. If this all sounds like science fiction to you, think how quickly our world is already changing. Someone born in 1930 would never have believed that in their lifetime thousands of people would be flying around the world in metal tubes every day, that men could have walked on the moon and that you would be able to watch this film on something called the internet. I hope that this has given you a taste of a world that has always been around but that we are only just starting to explore. Many people think that this coming age will be the age of nano, if so you will be the people to explore it and what your generation discovers will be perhaps the biggest technological leap in history. It could take you into atoms and beyond the stars. Good luck!

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5 Responses

  1. Elfco says:

    @MacfarlandJG What we shall concern is that if organized cirmes in governments using nanotechnology as militray weapons and go against civilian. If someone ask me if they are doing it, Yes, is my opinion.

  2. trakkaton says:

    "If this sounds like Science Fiction to you, think about how quick our world is changing. Someone living 40 years ago would have never believed that man would walk on the moon. Well, actually back then, man walked on the moon, and right now, he doesn't."

  3. Johnny LeRose says:

    Everything that adds value,always has the other side of the coin(anti- value). We will never stop advancing,let's face it. It is something to be concerned about. Yes,I agree. The tech. today makes it even easier for the "evil ones",to destroy,yet we will never say no,to advancing. We have to keep the faith that "good",truly is,say 200 times more powerful than "evil" & we need to regulate our selves,as mature,responsible citizens & keep these jerks from harming it for the majority of decent folk

  4. MusingRab says:

    Imagine if nanotechnology could implement an off switch. No need for retirement. Too old to work? Time to switch you off.

  5. Nahid A Al says:

    All the 5 parts of NANOYOU films are great demonstrations.

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