Yo it’s Noah back again, back in it still hot from the last one, hopin’ that you dig it ain’t nobody asked for a follow up visit but I ain’t tryna get it half done, tryna win it so I’m goin’ all in it, so I’m pushin’ the limit no I’m not gonna stop ’til the whole thing’s finished ’til you all can feel it, ’til we all are winnin’ ’til we all are sittin on top, Mustang representin’ This a three course meal, we keep it gourmet last one appetizer, this one the entrée and if you vote for me, dessert’s on the way and if you roll with me, then you never gonna pay They’ve seen I can talk the talk when I drop the hot, really kept it 100 so they think I can walk the walk but I don’t because truthfully I run it Maybe could’ve stopped at one but I said I’d go bigger, bigger never meant one know bigger means better, bet I’m never out done Bigler comin’ up to bat, tell ’em that’s a home run tell ’em matter of fact, Noah’s still not done tell ’em if they like that, plenty where it came from never did it for the rap did it for the NATION. but if West wanted tracks, I would keep the flames comin’ I look around, people throwin’ a fit wantin’ high school to be a little more lit I’m not a plumber but I’ll get that fixed I’m not a genie, but I’ll grant that wish Next year, Senior’s gonna have it our way gonna go big, go bigger go great gonna let everybody know our name when I say West what do you say?

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4 Responses

  1. Pablo Gaspar says:

    I wanna kms

  2. brendan l says:

    This is a far cry from festoon!

  3. Gabriel Zanoff says:


  4. morgan gray says:

    Nice vid man finally found noah. It's mashed5 1.0

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