Navigating the Undergraduate Research Portal – For Students

Looking to get involved in a research
project but not sure where to start? Never fear!
Today, your friends at the UCLA library and the Undergraduate Research Centers
are here to introduce the Undergraduate Research Portal, or URP for short.
The URP helps you find and apply for research opportunities at UCLA and
beyond. Right from the homepage, you can browse all available research projects,
ranging from those that are volunteer based or approved for course credit, such
as Student Research Program or SRP 99, to those that are paid or scholarship
opportunities. The portal lets you filter your results by things like position
type, research area, duration, hours per week, and more. These opportunities
include ones for the summer and ones that are off-campus as well as on-campus.
Once you find a project that you like, the posting will either give you direct
contact information for the principal investigator or let you apply through
the organization’s website. If you don’t find an opportunity that’s a good match
right away, don’t worry. Faculty can browse through student
profiles to look for candidates for future projects. If you create a profile
that lists your skills and interests, faculty and researchers will be able to
reach out to you directly when they are listing new opportunities that might
interest you. Filling out your profile with a lot of details such as courses you’ve
taken, awards you’ve won, and student groups you’re a member of, allows faculty
and hiring researchers to gauge how well you fit with their project and what
contributions you’ll be able to bring to the team. There is also a field where you
can add information the boxes above didn’t cover, such as programming
languages or other skills. In addition to using the portal, you should still reach
out directly to potential research mentors who might have an opportunity
they haven’t listed. Both Undergraduate Research Centers can provide you with
helpful insights to guide those conversations. Check out their websites
for more information. Looking for help with the next steps? Contact the
Undergraduate Research Centers for portal assistance or email the help desk.
Good luck with your research!

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