Neeli hits ‘home run’ on first day as leader of Card Nation

Thank you, thank you. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, oh thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hi. Wonderful to have you here. Hello. Good morning, good morning. Hi. Nice to meet you, I’m Neeli. I’m Chris. Chris. Wonderful to see you. Hello sir. And who is this? Hi. This is. Cami. Alright. You go to school here or are you a professor
here? Haa, noooo. It’s not often that I can say I’m truly at
a loss for words. I am so honored to be here today it gives
me goose bumps to think about the opportunity ahead of us. And what we can all do together. People have asked me and I have said in all
sincerity there is no other place I’d rather be than here today. It is an incredible opportunity for us. Let’s not forget why we are here today. We are here for the students. We have to be a place that celebrates diversity,
fosters equity and achieves inclusion for everybody. Diversity of thought, diversity of life experience,
diversity of what you study. So, Go Cards thank you for being here, so
proud of being here, thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s Neeli, pleasure to meet you. Hello Cards fans, how are
you? Thank you so much for being here to support
the team. I am so delighted to see all of you. As you saw I needed a relief pitcher today
because I have been practicing but unpacking all of the move, I got into a tussle with
a big box and I’m afraid the box won. So, please thank you for your forgiveness. I’ll be back. I will practice with Megan. My son in law tells me this is my Shohei Otani
and you all will know exactly what that means. Yes, yes, come on let’s
see how well you throw up your L. Come on kiddo. Ready?

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