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This video shows new users how to access the
Plan B Trading Academy online learning portal. You�ll see how to subscribe to one of Plan
B�s online training courses. You�ll also see how to access your learning
account. It is for delegates who have not bought a subscription before.
For most users, the first access to Plan B is to the website. You may have found the
website through a search engine, social media, you tube, an email link, or recommendation.
However you arrived, when you click Buy Now, you�ll be taken to the Plan B Trading Academy
learning portal. At the Plan B learning portal, you can select
the training programme from the list. Simply click on “Add to Cart” to begin the subscription
process. You can find more details about any course
by clicking “Read more”. Forex Trading � The Essentials is listed first.
This is the best course when you want to learn how to trade in a professional and low risk
way. You can drill down into each of the courses
and components by following the links in the descriptions and selecting the tabs on the
screen. When you are ready to purchase your subscription,
click on the “Add to Cart” icon and you will see the course appear in the shopping cart.
From the shopping cart, click the “Proceed to Checkout” icon.
As a new user, you will need to register on the learning portal. Part of this is done
now and part when you enrol on the course later.
As a new customer, you’ll need to enter your email address. This will be your user name
when accessing the learning portal to study and revise your course.
We will send a confirmation to this email address.
Now choose your password. You need to confirm the password. Click “Sign up” once you are
done. The next step is to make payment for the course.
Click the “Payment” icon. You need to confirm your location from a drop-down
list. Now click on the “Checkout” icon. This takes you to the Paypal website. You
do not need to have a Paypal account in order to make a payment using Paypal.
If you do have an account and want to use it, you can log in to Paypal at this point.
Otherwise, complete your details on the page. You�ll be able to use major credit cards,
including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, as well as debit cards issued by most banks.
After the Paypal screen is completed, you have the option to check out as a guest or
create a Paypal account. You need to accept Paypal’s terms and conditions.
Paypal now asks me to verify the purchase. A summary of the course you are purchasing
is shown here and you now need to put in the payment details and your billing information
to confirm your purchase. Having completed the form, I have another
option to save my information with Paypal if I wish.
If you want to add a note to us at Plan B, you can do so here. With everything correct
and completed, just press “Continue” to make the payment to Plan B.
On return to the Plan B learning portal, you now have to complete the purchase. You’re
ready to go. You can access your course now. The next step will be to complete your profile.
You need to enter your first and last names, the nearest major town or city to where you
live, then choose your country from the drop down list.
Your phone number can either be your mobile or land line. Click the “Save” button to progress
to the dashboard. Now you�ve enrolled, this the dashboard.
If you haven�t already done so, we recommend watching the Navigation video first. Click
on “Launch” to watch this. The Navigation video includes tuition to show
you how to move between course lessons, how to skip or view a lesson again and how to
ask the instructor a question. In the top right hand corner is the option
to sign out of the learning portal. You�ll return to the Plan B Trading store.
In the top right hand corner of the store is the link to sign in to the learning portal.
Click this to get the sign in screen and enter your user name and password to resume your
course in the learning portal. Again, from the dashboard, you have the option
to sign out at the top right hand corner. If you do happen to forget your password,
you can opt to reset it using the link to “Forgot Password”.
As part of your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email like this one. Embedded
in the email is a link directly to the sign in.
We suggest you keep this email in a safe place so you can access this link at any time to
get directly to the sign in. Alternatively, access the learning portal
through any browser with

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