New York: The Moral Conscience Of The Nation

you also said and I think %uh %uh that what you have just said explains
why you said that new york to a greater extent than the
small towns which considered themselves the repositories
of American virtue the midwest and the south it’s in the world what’s always
been that way new York considered itself to
some extent the moral conscience of the nation why don’t you comment on that
and also on your opinion of whether that is in fact true today It was then I think it is now
too to me anyway I bring to it all the prejudices
of a native new Yorker but the notion that it’s the midwest that has the
fundamental bedrock American values I dispute from the top it was new york who took in the immigrants the oppressed the oppressed masses
huddled here we gave free educations to sons of immigrants
and grandsons of slaves they didn’t do that out there in kansas they weren’t doing it
in Adolph Rupp’s Kentucky we we’re doing it here and to me this is what America’s about America’s
about new York and when I say New York I mean there are other urban areas too but new
York is is really what America values that you’re all welcome here we take everybody
and and and we help em we give them free education they weren’t getting
free educations out there but this was the place my
father was an immigrant came from Romania and he came over here at around the age of seven thereabouts and he used to tell me how he was put in the first
grade and he didn’t know the language and had to learn the language and everything with but by the time he was sixteen years old he was
in City College and he went there for a year his father had a stroke
and he had to go to work a very frequently told story and so he was finished with
that but to him to him new York what was the whole world we came you know from you know he would say
we came from Romania you weren’t allowed to have books you weren’t allowed to go to school
we weren’t allowed any of this and they came to new York and they give you the books for nothing and you go to school for nothing and you go to college for nothing
and they give you the books for nothing
and I mean this to him was a miracle and so new york and city college I’m that the highest places on earth and it was that way to a lot of those folks

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