Nuclear Security Culture: Best Practices

So from this we see that there is a series
of best practices associated for improving overall security culture, and those include
things like: conducting a review of your current security culture; promoting the importance
of security awareness among your workforce; making an ongoing commitment to security culture;
creating a documented Security Management System and set of procedures. Let’s talk about
that for a second, because the documentation of this actually matters. Many times, when
you see good security culture within an organization, you’ll see posters; you’ll see security procedures
written down. You’ll see policies and procedures that are written down and then approved by
all of the personnel at that facility. That written procedure and written document and
the signing of it by the personnel is an important part of overall cultural belief within a facility.
By doing so, we take an actual action to sign off on it and say, “Yes, I believe in this
document.” And it makes it so that the employees actually, that action really does matter.
They will take on those values whenever they sign up for that. Commitment to being a learning
organization, and then conduct regular reviews and assessment of performance. So, both the
first one and the last bullet on this both had to do with review of the system. A lot
of our good nuclear security culture practices that we see is to review what we have and
to look at, “How do we improve it?”

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