Office of Child Care Provider Portal

Utah’s Office of Child Care is committed to
connecting Utahns with accessible affordable quality child care for their children. You, the child care providers, are vital partners
who help us fulfill that commitment. In our ongoing efforts to be efficient and
effective in how we help our customers, we have implemented some changes to how providers
receive payments from the state for children in your care. All providers are required to utilize the
Department of Workforce Services’ Provider Portal to manage case information and report
changes in care. The portal lets you enter your account information
for your financial institution so you can receive direct deposit. Your first step is to log in to the Department
of Workforce Services Provider Portal at If you are a new provider, you will need to
email the Office of Child Care at [email protected] to create a temporary password. Workforce Services requires that the facility
owner as identified in Child Care Licensing or authorized representative for the facility
initiate the request for a portal account. Second, you must go to the banking tab and
enter your tax id. This is your federal employer identification
number or your social security number. This is a requirement to receive payments
from Workforce Services. The income you receive is reported to the
Internal Revenue Service annually. An electronic copy of your tax form 1099 is
available in the reports tab. Once you have provided your tax id, your third
step is to enter your direct deposit account information. If you don’t have an account you’ll need to
open one with a reputable financial institution to receive payments. A checking or savings account may be used. Other payment options such as the green dot
card is also acceptable as long as it includes a routing number and account number. Once you have your routing number and account
number log back on to the Department of Workforce Services Provider Portal. Follow the prompts to add and save additional
account information. This information will be secure to ensure
your account information is kept confidential. You will be asked to agree to certain terms. You need to enter your financial account information
and agree to the terms before you can start receiving direct deposit payment for the children
in your care. Allow two business days for your financial
institution to receive your payment. You’ll be able to see your itemized daily
deposits on the Department of Workforce Services Provider Portal transaction history report. Once you have entered your tax id and added
a direct deposit account, you may choose to add other users. You will assign a security access role to
each user. To ensure your financial account security,
only identify trusted staff members as a financial administrator in the Workforce Services Provider
Portal. This is very important to ensure your financial
account security. Anyone identified as a financial administrator
by you on the provider portal will also have access to this financial account information
once you enter your account information. You are encouraged to limit the number of
your staff identified as a financial administrator. There are other access roles that you can
assign to users including the facility administrator role and facility worker role that have limited
access. These roles cannot view your financial information. If you set up multiple users set up in the
portal, we encourage you to check their status regularly and verify their roles to protect
your financial account information. Once you start receiving payments from Workforce
Services, it is important to view the Children in Care tab regularly and view the case details
record for each case. If a child has never been in care or stopped
attending, this must be reported within 10 days or by the 25th of each month, whichever
is sooner. If you have a lower negotiated rate or part-time
rate for a child, this must be reported in the portal. If you received a higher subsidy payment than
you charged for the month, this must be reported through the portal as a DWS credit. As long as the child is still attending, the
over issuance may be deducted from the following month’s payment. Additionally, licensed family and licensed
center providers are required to certify in the portal between the 25th and last day of
each month. Providers certify that all cases have been
reviewed and known changes have been reported timely. Reports are available at the bottom of the
children in care tab and on the reports tab to help review and manage cases and reported
changes. See the frequently asked questions on the
right side of the portal for additional resources or contact [email protected] with questions. Thank you for caring for Utah’s children.

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