On being at the OI – Jenny Krause, Wyoming Department of Education

I would have to say they are doing so many things right, but to start I was here two years ago so that would have been in ’09 one of the biggest things that affected me was being at the OI and at the end of the week they had done reflections, I think is what they call it so this group of students are sitting
around and they’re talking about you know what the OI meant to them and I’ll never forget one of the
students mentioned that you know he came out to the OI and he was embarrassed about
where he’s coming from,oh where he is going to so he was lying to is friends about you know he’s going to see
family he’ll be back whenever and during that reflection time, this is at the end of the OI, that student was like you know I was so embarrassed but now
after learning that there’s such a large community of people that learn just
like me and are a lot like me I am going to go back and tell my friends exactly where I was and hey I have a learning disability and I am proud to celebrate my difference, my learning difference. so that kinda hit me as a professional at that time I um, like I mentioned I monitor districts and each of the students that I look
at their IEP, you know they are mostly in my position a number you know unfortunately an identification number and I went back after that OI I
really paid attention to you know what this student with this ID number could be
one of those students sitting in that room one day if they’re lucky, you know some of
those students with that ID number don’t make it that far, so it maybe really focus
my work on you know even though I don’t have that close interaction with
the students like all the students need that ally and they need that support
system and so that’s changed the way I’ve done may work a little bit and um… and I’m more focused on who the population is that I work

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