Ontario Ministry of Education, School and Board Administrators – Public education in Ontario

Hi and welcome to
Who Does What? in Ontario’s public education: the teachers’ guide
to organizations that affect their careers and lives. In today’s episode, we’re
taking a look at the ministry of education and the school
and board administrators. It’s easy to feel removed from
the government decision-making at Queen’s Park, but those decisions reach into your classroom in many ways. The Ministry of Education
provides overall direction for education in the province,
develops new policies, sets the provincial budget and
decides how much money your school board gets. So what you teach and the
resources you have to help you, all flows out of Queen’s Park. That’s why the Ontario Teachers’
Federation and your unions regularly provide collective
advice to the Government. In turn, the Government
often seeks our input before decisions are made. At all times we represent the
views and interests of you, our members. Principals, vice-principals,
directors and superintendents make up the school and
board administrative teams. They play a significant role
in your work life because they oversee the delivery
of education locally. There’s also the governance side
of Ontario’s school boards. Trustees are elected and
responsible for local decision-making within the
parameters of Ontario’s education policy,
regulations and funding. You get to vote for
school board trustees and provincial governments. We hope you exercise that
right throughout your career! That’s it for the ministry of
education and the school and board administrators, and for
this episode of Who Does What? Be sure to watch the rest of
the series and happy teaching!

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  1. Julie Bridgen says:

    Any videos on why Teachers should not be tasking Educational Assistants with creating tasks, homework etc. for kids on IEPS? It happens all of the time. How about a video on why EA's should not be tasked with doing DRA assessments on students when not qualified. That happens often as well.

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