Our New Book! An Emotional Education

Our society assumes that emotional education
might be either unnecessary or in its essence unteachable, lying beyond reason and best
abandoned to individual instinct. We are left to find our own path around our
unfeasibly complicated minds – a move as wise
as leaving each generation to rediscover the laws of physics by themselves.
But The School of Life believe that the journey to finding fulfilment begins with self-
knowledge, with emotional intelligence. The emotionally intelligent person is able
to introspect and communicate, to read the moods of others, to relate with patience,
charity and imagination to those around them. The emotionally intelligent person knows how
to hope and be grateful, while remaining steadfast before the essentially tragic structure
of existence. The emotionally intelligent person is committed
to fathoming their inadequacies. There can wisely be no solutions that remove
problems altogether. What we can aim for, at
best, is consolation. To believe in consolation means giving up on cures; it means accepting
that life is a hospice rather than a hospital, but one we’d like to render as comfortable,
as interesting and kind as possible.
The School of Life dares to believe that we might learn, in good time and systematically,
what we might otherwise acquire only through many decades of stumbling.
The School of Life teaches us how we can live a little better through a deeper understanding
of: The Self
Others Our Relationships
Our Work And our Culture
If, as a society, we have collectively left to chance some of what it is most important
to know, if we have denied ourselves the opportunity
to systematically transmit wisdom, then The School of Life is a modest attempt to
try to spare us a bit of time.

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