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Oh Trend Micro security the ultimate defense in a connected world there are seven main sections you must know on the partner portal homepage from the backhand side we have less up the key functions for you to jump into the page quickly including frantic loud register or New Deal sales library and education portal down below you can find the latest news later and the events for your explore and a button you may link to the Trend Micro official Facebook and the Twitter in the middle there are four products that display your company and your own information from the upper left corner we set up three main dashboard to display the recent promotion hope the do registration status and the support case list and a button it’s your very own trending records it lets up the recent training records you have with the status and the expiration date on the right hand side is your company profile which you are able to ask your account manager to upload the company logo for you and you can see that here your company at and specialization you earned currently at the red corner you can see the Trend Micro contact information including your channel Account Manager profile starts with his or her profile picture email and the contact number and the buttons is the email and accounting number of your support region [Music] – submitted erh you can click the register a deal in the Quick Links and on the portal home page or you can click that the our registration under the sales tab under the Oh registration landing page you can see that your registration you submitted previously with the status and the plainclothes date to create a new do registration please click the button register a deal on the page in the on registration form you need to include in all required information starts with the funding the end customer accounts by clicking the button company Muta there will be a pop-up window to enter and customer details after you select the end customer account the most of information will be auto fill in if you cannot find an end customer account in the system you can input the end customer company net directly down below you can select their products for this theory restoration by selecting the prod on them in the pick list and also entering how many licenses in your like to submit for this do registration after you fill in all other required information you can click Submit [Music] and then the system will show you that your registration details that you just submitted successfully the natural resources shake can be found under the partner program here we will use the Trend Micro Prada an FRS the table in the landing page you can see the NFR list that will be expiring recently from there you can submit a request to ask for the new and if our license by clicking the button request an fr in the request form you need to fill in the seeds number that you would like to request for the NFL license the upper limit of reality by the Panettiere down below you can select the product you would like to request for the UH network for this time [Music] after clicking the terms and condition agreement you can submit a request for approval after your request is approved the trial license key will display in that list also you will receive an email notification to confirm that your request has been submitted successfully [Applause] to go to product law you can either click the quick link on the homepage or find the tab after sales section on the product Rock landing page you will see the short introduction of what is product law and how can it helps you with your business after you click go to product club you need to authorize the login by clicking the button along here we are have fun improv a cloud [Applause] specialization trending is under education section in the specialization training page you can find all the exam shell courses and the required number of personnel in the list for each specialization program if you never grow any courses before Conley access to the education portal first and the system will activate this education portal license automatically for you after your lending to the education portal feel free to register any courses you will interested with you can search any courses in your training catalog by input the keywords and narrow down the results with the filters in the sidebar to register the course just single click enroll button and go to my training to check the course you have interested with in the education section you can also find our authorized training centers list with the course they provide and also the language they supported program finish it can be found in the download in their certification programs page enjoy your learning journey [Applause] to submit a support case you can click submit a case in the Quick Links section or go to post sales support under the sales tab in here you can submit a new support case or manage the cases you submitted previously and also manage your product profiles to submit a new case please click Submit a support case and the you will jump to a new case form firstly you need to provide the end-user name by searching the account name or activation code if the end customer account name cannot be felt you can also input the name with free text next you need to provide a product profile by either create a new product profile or select an existing one in the drop-down list for each different issue category there might be different information you need to provide in the case subject description steps taken are all compulsory fields among all the issue types in the last step you can decide whether you want to send out a carbon copy of the case to your end customer or colleagues in your tape after you submit you can see the case summary and the check the case status in the management case [Music] further profiles are also available to manage in the partner portal individually [Music] find out more details in the user title below the links to go to sales library you can click the link on the homepage or you will find the tab under the cells in the navigation bar in the sales library you can find all kinds of materials you need to expand the knowledge of selling chemical products what you need to do is to input the keyword in the search bar if you find out there are too many results under your keyword just simply click the filter in the SCI part and it will narrow down the list of results so you can find the documents easily you can filter the result by solution item type products visibility language and also industry [Applause] chadmichael look forward to build up an eventual communication with you our value colors in my profile you can update your latest content information by clicking edit in the profile you are able to change your calling name title email contact number jump function and also time zone in your personal profile changing panel proton password is also available in the page in the certifications you can see all the training courses you registered with including the title whether it’s a course under specialization conference status completed and the when will it expired in the company profile primary content is granted with the permission to update your company content information under the employee certifications the training records of our employees are missed with no certification title whether is the course for specialization program status did complete and expired [Applause] [Music] company certification also can be downloaded by yourself through the partner portal in the company profile you can find up trim micro panel logo under your partner tier and also specialization programs you are currently just by clicking the button download all logo formats you can easily download logos support in both window and the Mac operation system in the next step create certificates you can also download your company certificates with gem micro regulation in both Panettiere and the partner program [Applause] [Music]

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