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  1. Implexia says:

    What did everyone think of this video?

  2. MARK H says:

    These dick heads are going to kill us all.Shame.

  3. Jose M. Tamez says:

    This was an awesome video and one I agree with wholeheartedly. We need nuclear power in a bad way and fossil fuels need to go. It's academic, but telling those idiot uneducated Trumpsters that fossil fuels are depleting our ozone layer and they'll tell you you're full of shit because Trump said so. Unbelievable! These are same idiots who can't afford the NASA cable channel and who barely graduated from high school. People need to realize that we now have a much better way to harness the power of splitting the atom and producing power. The disasters have all been using old technology and its time to move forward with the latest technology that's been proven safe for more than 30 years.

  4. Puppy Pet says:

    simply put… When mankind plays with something he cannot control on epic scale as a nuclear reactor meltdown… That is the definition of insanity. it kills me but it's just another business the owners of these plants make a fortune it's not all about just energy for the people… I say no to nuclear reactors it's playing God over something you can not control nor even foresee the consequences… And what right do they have to kill the earth dead for centuries after their predictable negligence…

  5. JD L says:

    The cistern will do nothing if the pipe breaks in half.

  6. aaroninky says:

    how'd they get trump to narrate this?

  7. Max Brazil says:

    Anyone that signed off on putting a nuclear reactor on the coast should be put against a wall and shot.

  8. SD Photography says:

    If you really would like to get the ball rolling on beating global warming, MSR's (molten salt reactors, aka LFTR's – liquid fluoride thorium reactors) are the way to go. MSR's are a proven technology, developed in the U.S. back in the 1960's. They were shelved in favor of reactors that produced weapons grade uranium and plutonium. MSR's can and will replace oil and coal. Currently, China, India, and Canada are building prototypes. If someone like Bernie Sanders were to spearhead these in congress the U.S. could have all the energy it needed, for the next 10,000 years. Here is his link to email him about MSR's – Here is a link to explain what MSR's are and what they can do –

  9. TheJustin574 says:

    "China opens a new coal powered power plant about once a week"
    This doesn't sound that likely…
    That's absolutely staggering if it's actually true.

  10. Vitor Pereira says:

  11. FAA Inspector says:

    The cure for global warming is nuclear winter..

  12. Larry Reagan says:

    Bunch of idiots built the thing on the shoreline in an earthquake zone and now they're surprised?

  13. Larry Reagan says:

    and what's up with all the 6'3" white folks doing the picketing ?? I thought this was Japan not DC!

  14. Larry Reagan says:

    Yea Tyvek really holds back radiation! just wrap the place in Tyvek if it works so well lol

  15. Maureen Jacobs says:

    Perhaps if nuclear is the answer, build the next nuclear power plant with a unit that would contain any type of emergency. Almost like a lam shell that can be closed to hold the contamination.

  16. Michael Boyd says:

    You vilating the laws so STOP you bin told no one oz on this PLANET earth and this is in big violation of the wast dump ing you bin told no one oz on this PLANET get it clumpy or you drink the wAtter you giving you the people and kill ing

  17. warman58 says:

    Global warming….. good grief.

  18. Gary Wilburn says:

    Do you want to make God laugh?
    Tell him your plans (seawall)

  19. Francisco Melo junior says:

    They didn't miss the reactor in South Africa but missed they missed 2 in Brazil, at the bottom left.25:05

  20. Kenneth James says:

    They are still the safest cleanest energy but we just keep polluting instead.

  21. Buff Barnaby says:

    Aaaaahhhhhh !!! Gwadzilla coming…ruuuunnnnn !!!!

  22. Buff Barnaby says:

    George Westinghouse was a great man and would be proud.

  23. Buff Barnaby says:

    God said "fookU" shima.

  24. Dan R says:

    Solar and wind, it isn't even close to enough.

  25. Mesothelioma says:

    I'm happy to see people putting faith back into nuclear power because coal is just not it sis

  26. Paul Trusten says:

    I am watching the rest of the video. I guess we really do have to name our poison. Is is CO2, or is it Sr90.. Hah, hah, hah OK, WILL, I UNDERSTAND.

  27. RADman 11 says:

    At 24:00 Nathan Myhrvold of TerraPower : "I think the right interpretation of the accident at Fukushima is that we should go all out with nuclear innovation". Quick, somebody hand this insane suicidal motherfucker a gun so he can kill himself and we can stop worrying about him killing the rest of us. As far as the moral dilemma goes …… we can use the same logic the other insane energy company scientist used about there already being so much tritium in the oceans what's a little more? Well ……. we're already so overpopulated with insane homicidal capitalists, what's a few less?

  28. okiloki HD says:

    Fcking Nuclear

  29. Kesa Mek says:

    This video is 70 years too late.

  30. sun Tao says:

    I have finished the video-nuclear power being sold to us because its the only way to fight global warming (which is a FRAUD btw…)so we MUST support nuclear power, because its mankind's ONLY hope for our energy needs….except TESLA SHOWED US THAT WE CAN HAVE FREE ENERGY and REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD-this was 100 YEARS ago! Nuclear technology is primarily about WEAPONRY-
    THIS is why we must have plants all over the world, an industry that turns out (or is capable with modification) nuclear material,
    so TPTB have the ULTIMATE WEAPONS to CONTROL the WORLD-The NEW WORLD ORDER. Nazi Germany was launched based upon high tech weaponry and tactics, as many/most? civilizations have-in medieval time the English had superior Longbows, that allowed them to gain ascendancy.
    (now consider that a certain percentage of the comments on this subject are being made from PAID SOCK-PUPPETS sitting in a room filled with employees at computers who do nothing but enter discussions on this subject and lie, deceive, turn one against another-you would think they were MOSSAD! …here's the game-figure out who THEY are )
    From wikipedia:
    " A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.[ The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization, to manipulate public opinion or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the main account operator. Sockpuppets are unwelcome in many online communities and forums."

  31. Polo J J says:

    If Japan wasn't so stupid by putting the generators in the basement they wouldn't have had this problem in the first place idk what idiot said let's put our backup generators in the basement but didn't think about the fact that they r on the ocean and could be flooded by a tsunami needs to be shot

  32. coulson todd says:

    My heart goes out the Ukrainian and Japanese people. The Japanese have paid a higher price then anyone for nuclear warfare and nuclear energy its unreal such a price would be laid on the shoulders of one amazing people and population. 🙁

  33. Too Sense Wirth says:

    Humans will always want to consume more energy than what's available. There is no such thing as a process that will supply unlimited clean or dirty energy.  The only way this world will survive is that EVERYBODY conserves, the amount of energy consumed every day and moment is unsustainable.  BTW- do you know how many KW hours of energy you use per day?

  34. scott hares says:

    They sure screwed the pooch with the Fukishima fiasco. They need to upgrade their technology.

    Shutting down is not an option in this era of nonsense global warming hysteria!

  35. conservative life style says:

    Never understood what was it that trees needed to live. Water dirt the sun and…… O yeah carbon dioxide in return they make what …oxygen 🤔🤔🤔

  36. Tempest Fury says:

    How is a 12 mile radius considered a "huge swath of land"? Huge comparatively, subjectively?

  37. John Paul says:

    the solution to preventing a disaster like fukushima in the future is to equip plants with steam powered feed pumps. the only thing youre guarantied from a reactor is steam. a steam powered feed pump such as a "coffin feed pump" will ensure feed water in the event of power loss.

  38. Morio Murase says:

    Naoto Kan almost single-handedly made the Fukushima accident worse by being the guy who thought, "Hey, I have an engineering background, I can tell those nuke guys what to do!" In reality he was the exact kind of manager no one needs in a crisis situation (and guys like Kan are a dime a dozen in the "OMG who will take responsibility" Japanese managerial culture that needed to die in a fire 200 years ago), more worried about his political legacy and reputation than the people on the ground, notoriously fleeing from survivors of the tsunami at a shelter as they called out to him, "What, are you going home already?" He also became increasingly anti-nuclear, but I sensed a "I can't do anything about this, so we should abandon it" vibe from him because he made the questionable decision of catering to voters' fears and calling for the shutdown of all nuclear power, paving the way for Japan to burn tons of coal, oil, and gas to keep the lights on and trains running at an astronomical cost. I can understand why PBS decided to put a clip of him in first, but that's like using a Confederate politician as the opening quote for an American Civil War documentary. Understandable, but questionable choice.

    Also questionable choice by Nova production: Continuing the popular view (frequently encouraged by news media and Hollywood films) that nuclear power is inexorably connected to nuclear bombs, from "kaboom" stock sound effects (which sound more like ANFO explosives) mixed with the containment building explosion footage, to airing nuclear bomb drill films as though every nuclear reactor is a ticking time bomb. This is how the anti-nuke movement gathered momentum worldwide, by scaring people into thinking every nuclear reactor is a potential nuclear weapon, despite the long and extremely safe track record of nuclear power, and the near-universal lack of desire by nuclear plant operators in significantly altering reactor operations to make weapons-grade materials. It was an early example of how the televised news media, in its ignorance and eagerness to get the story out as quickly as possible, helped to further misinformation rather than inform the public.

    California, where I live, will probably boast to the world of being like Germany in terms of installed renewable capacity, but in reality, we will probably burn and release a lot of methane gas in the foreseeable future, set fire to birds in midair, and rob endangered species of their habitat, because we decided nuclear is too scary for us (thanks for nothing on that front, Jerry Brown). All this with the endorsement of environmental groups like the Sierra Club, who were once founded on the idea of saving habitats rather than destroying them.

  39. Tom Rose says:

    if dey cud tuch me up da bottom i willed be so hapy cos i am da poof !, ;/? pleese get me on da bottom cos im am vergin but only 59 so willent dye until dey get me rite up da bottom pleese i dunt 1 2 die fist ., tanks /! , ?.

  40. Thomas Stecyk says:

    Nuclear plants are completely safe and immune to accidents. Where did this guy get his information? Is Japan immune from catastrophe? No, Never, so why? Stubborn, greed, or just ignoring Japans history of earthquakes. You decide.

  41. Brian W says:

    You can put in all the safeguards in the world in place, they mean nothing after the trust is violated.

  42. Golden Retriever says:

    I’m terrified of nuclear power

    Just look at what it did to Chernobyl and Fukushima

    I have passed by a nuclear power plant and I saw a fire station that was the size of a small school

    If that’s what you need to handle a nuclear meltdown I don’t think i feel safe

    I should also mention that nuclear power is not completely clean

    No carbon emissions sure but it generates radioactive waste

    Which of course is a pain in the ass to dispose of

    And there’s also another fact with nuclear power


    Not just any bomb but the most destructive bomb in human history

    This technology is dangerous and shouldn’t be messed with

  43. David Jones says:

    I have invented cheapest, cleanest, inexhaustible output, everywhere the aplicable machine working on gravity force but…nobody interesting…

  44. GhostermanYT says:

    And you have to think about it to all three of those plants use Ancient technology from the 50s cell I think it's time to start updating our technology you wouldn't use a telephone from the 50s would you?

  45. Douglas Fulton says:

    Put the plant in a mountain

  46. Robert Trebor says:

    "Pretty high reading here at 34 μSv per hour" if you are scared of that and need to wear a suit, I guess you took a boat to get to Japan and not a plane right? 🙂

  47. jake steel says:

    The Japanese population caught the same fear bug the us caught in the 70s.

  48. Dice L says:

    Nuclear power is such an obvious choice

  49. D M says:

    Finally admitting there were meltdowns now 10 years later. Waiting for the apologies to start rolling in for saying I was wrong on day 3.

  50. Dan Nemes says:

    4:11 Are you kidding me? 34 micro sieverts/ hour from 1km away?

    At Chernobyl, before the coffin was added, there were 5 micro sieverts/hour at about half that distance.

    Fukushima will soon kill the entire planet if that reading is right.

    At least the global warming will stop because there will be no humans left ….

  51. jake steel says:

    23:59 i completely agree with the guy at this part. If we use current innovations to build safer plants with more fail-safes we would be much better off! The old era nuclear power plants are extremely out dated and need to be decommissioned and replaced or upgraded if possible.

  52. K6III450MHZ says:

    Nuclear is the way forward. Denying this is denying science itself.

  53. Y2daT420 says:

    Why dont you use the heat of the planet to make the steam ??? by drilling down ? is that too simple .. non plountant , pretty much free energy … Nuclear or any fossil fuel is completely un nessecccary.

  54. bodinmagosson says:

    Voiced by Trump?

  55. Hollis Bishop says:

    Nuclear reactors are not the answer, yet they are a good source of power until technology can find a better answer, such as better cheaper storage of power, maybe fusion power, or something not thought of yet.

  56. CarbonGlassMan says:

    To avoid another Fukushima disaster, we should close all nuclear plants? Well that's some impressive reactionary stupidity. More people die pumping gas in a year than have ever died in nuclear power accidents.

  57. chris chapman says:

    The power company should rebuild at Fukushima and clean it up what ever the cost.

  58. Ken Marriott says:

    CO2 causing global warming is a political myth. Now it’s called climate change but there’s little evidence that it causes global cooling or more storms.

  59. Kenny Ulan says:

    I have mixed feelings on the whole thing.

  60. ESFitnessSavage says:

    Building buildings full of water LOL. Sounds like something Russians would do.

  61. Red Baron says:

    So japan has been "nuked" twice.
    And WHO was stupid enough to design a power plant dependent on outside power to run cooling systems? WHY wasn't something added in to allow the plant to power it's own cooling pumps without the need for outside sources and/or backup generators????

  62. 1978 32 says:

    People in the 60's and 70's where and still are a bunch of cry babies. An the reason for all the Millenial SNOWFLAKES today.
    Nuclear power today is not as it was then. Also they know how to recycle the nuclear waste as well today.

  63. barry mcdougal says:


  64. Travis Sichel says:

    If we carry on as we are, and there is money to be made, no suitable alternative power sources will ever come to be. If we altogether banned the use of coal or nuclear within ten years, I bet that another viable option or two will arise.
    Do not underestimate the incredible inventive capabilities of the human race when there is money to be made.

  65. ga gamba says:

    Who can forget what happened after the Hindenburg exploded and ended almost all civilian aviation. Too unsafe! And to this day almost nothing manmade flies in the sky.

    It's important to cease things permanently after a mishap. That's the way to progress.

  66. Stoyan Dimitrov says:

    stigma, lol tell that to the firefighters that had the flesh fall of their bones while they were trying to put the fire out at Chernobyl

  67. pgzzz says:

    The Japanese want to ban nuclear power but not tobacco or alcohol which kill thousands of people every year.

  68. Wondog says:

    Sick of people's moronic ignorance on nuclear and thorium energy. All most people seem to do is wail at the sky like petulant children that "nuclear is the devil, and we wan't green energy".
    All facts and stats clearly show nuclear (thorium long term) is the cleanest, cheapest and most sufficient energy source.

  69. muttkat says:

    According to scientist Leuren Moret, a stuxnet virus was put in the computer system by the company who uupgraded the safety system. That was because Japan was going to sell enriched uranium to Iran. Israel couldn't have any of that. The company is based in Dimona, Israel.

  70. Tyler Pelletier says:

    The SRE and all other "improvements fail" the cost is still far too expensive to be economical in a free market free of government supports including tax breaks and lower legal accountability for site impacts.

  71. SirClockington says:

    nuclear is the rich abusive ex boyfriend who spoiled you to no end. But every once in a while, would just sock you right in the nose.

  72. william gosvener says:

    Okay you have 3 sources of electricity

    Type 1: steam generation from Nuclear, coal, Natural gas, and propane. (Nothing more than a glorified steam engine)

    Type 2: combustion from diesel, gasoline, Natural gas, and propane.

    Type 3: renewable energy from solar, wind, hydro electric, and geo thermal.

    Each has their pros and cons, its all a trade off, one way or another. With each type their are enviromental drawbacks and energy production limits.

  73. Puppy Pet says:

    push for electronic lighting and equipment to burn micro energy… put a ban to high usage devices. Next stop the greed we do not need all the crap that burns energy that we see today. Think and train people to care. Educate people to go back to reality. And then and only then put a nuclear reactor safe from natural disasters with every precaution taken. Because when this genie escapes there's no putting it back. Nuclear will never be safe never it's the nature of the beast. it'll always be poison. So push hard for alternate power generation at the same time

  74. Alex P says:

    Nuclear power in its contemporary state of the art is a danger to the planet, animal life and humankind. The damage from Fukushima cannot be adequately assessed for generations yet to come. Overall, it appears far worse than bleak. The radioisotopes can last for hundreds of thousands of years, making use of this form of power generation pure madness! AGW is nonsense. The climate has always changed. Live with it.

  75. Natalia Livonof says:

    There was nothing wrong about Japan's A-craft powerplant, the only thing they did wrong was to put the back-up so clouse to the ocean, if they did put them haiger up so the water cut not get the the back-up they will not have problems, it was also fucking stuppid to put them so clouse to the ocean. so many clever people bild it, and no one did think about to get them up safe, even if Japan have lalot of earth creak.

  76. James Rees says:

    The level of propaganda in this video is horrendous.
    A wave slams into a city, and they insinuate that the area is uninhabitable BECAUSE of the nearby power plant, showing areas of destruction to reinforce the fact, but never once mentioning that the death toll was due to people deciding not to evacuate from the path of a tsunami, never once specifying that the destruction was caused by the wave, playing down the three mile island incident because it was on USA soil.

    Pull your head in, get over your USA patriotism, and report the truth of the matter, not just how you want people to see it.

  77. Progje says:

    what did he said??? He blindly believed that nuclear power is safe???? Also a complete moron.
    And by the way, who does he mean? Isn't those countries not ones that is sealed from the rest of the world?
    If that is so, then i wonder who he listened to. I mean, , blame the outsiders but don't ever think to put a finger to yourself or one of your own people.

    Saying that throwing a stone against a window also dont break it as long as as you dont throw it. complete stupid moron.
    I always knew that something would happen. Just a matter of time.

  78. Javier Harth says:

    Anybody contemplating nuclear power should pay a visit to Chernobyl. The fire is still burning and they don't know how to stop the melt from digging itself deeper into the earth mantle. Deformed babies, all sorts of cancers, aquafir contamination, and no end in sight. How many more do we need to realize is better to turn the lights off at night?

  79. Chris Sartain says:

    100% GOOD!!


    well if they dont want nulcear power, better find a way not to burn coal, such then. could built nuclear powered batteries sealed. seen them nuclear batteries as Chips with multiple pins. maybe Nasa use them in space.

  81. Sam Boudreau says:

    i am not a proponent of nuclear power. and i am against fossil fuel power plants. the problem i always have with people who oppose things and protest, never seem to come up with any other solutions. i think that anyone who protests should come up with a solution, simple as that.

  82. Rob Grant says:

    Nuclear does contribute to climate Change
    Cooling towers emit 1,000,000, gallons of water per minute and is 80 more Global WARMING THAN CO2
    So 1 million gallons or 8 Million pounds or 38,400,000,000 equivalent to CO2 per Hour.

  83. Rob Grant says:

    12 mile People = You can Never Liver Here Again
    13 mile People = You are fine
    WTF A-Holes

  84. Bobby Siecker says:

    32:27… April 1986… ohh the irony…

  85. rick m says:

    Judging by the comments left here it might be a waste of time to try to inform or educate the masses, but, here goes…… The primary reason to build a (((nuclear plant))) is to harvest enriched uranium for bombs.(it's about POWER, but a different sort of power, and not electricity) Is that too overly simplified for some, yet too complex for others? Yes. No one on the planet can argue successfully against this truth. It's like arguing over why the sky is there, the discussion is endless but pointless. You have been indoctrinated, programmed to accept all things nuclear, and now it is part of your life. You are slaves to an idea.

  86. Pandiyan P says:


  87. Kevin Smith says:

    Thorium or molten salt reactors are the way we should be going

  88. Jobo Wobo says:

    Water vapor is a green house gas. Water vapor is the largest contributor to the Earth's greenhouse effect.

  89. Basih says:

    Nuclear power plants should be regulated for modernization, not decommission. A 50 year old reactor is obviously more dangerous than a 10 year old. Also LFTR is the future of nuclear.

  90. Tony Almeida says:

    All I hear is Fukushima this Fukushima that and never ever anything about the Tsunami anymore. That's not to say that Fukushima isn't an issue at all but the immediate danger has long since past. It's a big issue now only in the financial sense, much like Chernobyl, Handford and other contaminated sites.

    How many people died as a direct result of Fukushima? ZERO. How many people will die because of cancer as a result of the radiation released? The high estimates are in the low thousands but more recent analysis has indicated even these figures are high. Of course the sensationalists and fear mongers will continue to believe whatever they like without a shred of evidence from legitimate sources to back up their claims. But that comes as no surprise since they live by the belief that things are always worse than they seems and everyone in the know is lying. Even those that do die from cancer will at least have many years to live out their lives before the end comes. How much time did those who died by the Tsunami have? A mere 45 minutes before the Tsunami made shore and rained down sheer terror upon them in those last horrific seconds of their lives.

    But you know what isn't a lie? The tsunami that took 20,000 THOUSAND LIVES.

    Immense physical, Incalculable emotional and mental suffering that will last for a generation. So many families irreparably destroyed and for whom life will never be the same. How quickly we forget, I see no one producing any videos about the Tsunami and the mainstream media has scantily mentioned it in years. It's almost like it never even happened with at best a brief interlude lasting mere seconds in videos like this. But because it's not an ongoing issue it's out of sight, out of mind… just sickening.

    RIP victims of the 2011 Tsunami, I for one have not forgotten about you and you shall always and forever be at the forefront of my thoughts when I think about this moment in history.

  91. Lewy Sav says:

    why are we so good at destroying this planet. mother nature is doomed if we don't change our approach.

  92. Andre Gilet says:

    it is no solution for the main problem,the toxik nuclear waste

  93. Tom Varley says:

    Thorium based nuclear power generation is far safer – this is the future for 1000 years of clean power

  94. llVIU says:

    ''from now on, I don't want them to build another nuclear powerplant'' but you don't want coal, you don't want higher electricity prices, god forbids you don't want to live without electricity. You want your cake and eat it too.

  95. Denie erham says:

    we tried our best to expect the unexpected. until the unexpected happen

  96. Dennis Whigan says:

    of course not nuclear energy not ok.. there is no other way..

  97. Worato says:

    Because of trump administration Terrapower has suspended there deal with china… great job Trump you old fart

  98. evolved monkey says:

    For those that saw Chernobyl series in HBO, the basic explanation of a working nuclear reactor is well explained and summarized, indeed nuclear power is far cleaner than many other sources of power, but has it's risks, we humans, don't control Nature "fortunately" so there are risks of meltdowns or even.. explosions, furthermore, there are external and also internal risks of terrorism against the integrity of nuclear power plants and also we are humans, we do fail, we have to take in consideration that bad decisions can lead to accidents, so the risk, is never, ever 0, it's a power that we can tame, but can get out of control quickly, so we must measure the pros and cons, before embarking in a nuclear crusade.

  99. evolved monkey says:

    For those that saw Chernobyl series in HBO, the basic explanation of a working nuclear reactor is well explained and summarized, indeed nuclear power is far cleaner than many other sources of power, but has it's risks, we humans, don't control Nature "fortunately" so there are risks of meltdowns or even.. explosions, furthermore, there are external and also internal risks of terrorism against the integrity of nuclear power plants and also we are humans, we do fail, we have to take in consideration that bad decisions can lead to accidents, so the risk, is never, ever 0, it's a power that we can tame, but can get out of control quickly, so we must measure the pros and cons, before embarking in a nuclear crusade.

  100. MrAmiaris says:

    Radioactive waste???????

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