PC: Developer Diaries. New Nation. New Mechanic

And it’s time to introduce a new nation. …and a new gun type in the game. The most important thing
for this gun is the new mechanics. The mechanics are highly complicated. The vehicle that we’re introducing… We assembled the vehicle piece by
piece, literally, like a building set. We recently announced a complete Tech Tree for Poland at WG Fest in Moscow. It’s logical, since the first vehicle has been in the game
for more than half a year now. And it’s time to introduce a new nation.
Please welcome the Italians! We have a great number of nations
already added into the game, and it’s getting harder and
harder to add new nations. To create a full Tech Tree
from Tier I through Tier X, we can use only those nations that established their tank-building
industries immediately after World War I. After World War I, the Italians,
like many other countries, became interested in the armored
vehicles appearing at that time. The first prototypes were
borrowed from the other countries that had already started development
of their tank-building industry. Primarily, those prototypes were either
a combination of design solutions or a direct copy. If we are speaking about
the Italian Tech Tree on the whole, as far as our development
traditionally goes, low and mid tiers present either prewar
or World War II vehicles, while the high tiers
present postwar vehicles, designs, and works
in progress that could distinguish the nation
among others, including gameplay. We started with the
medium tank Tech Tree— it will be a complete Tech Tree
from Tier I through Tier X. We’ll talk about this Tech Tree later, for now let’s lift the veil
on the first Premium Tier VIII vehicle— the Progetto M35 modification 46. The Progetto M35 mod. 46,
Progetto 46… [In Development] Well, we haven’t
decided on the name yet. On the whole,
the Italian tank-building school didn’t possess a vast scientific knowledge
base or resources; it generally strove to borrow successful design solutions
and apply them to their vehicles. The vehicle that we’re
introducing as a Premium one, a Tier VIII medium tank,
is exactly such a symbiosis. Historical roots… Frankly speaking,
there aren’t many of them. The vehicle wasn’t assembled—
it didn’t even have a complete design. We assembled the vehicle piece by
piece, literally, like a building set. The model is as historically
accurate as possible. I mean, there’s enough information on
almost any assembly and subassembly, but there has never
been an assembled vehicle. Someone may say: this isn’t
historically accurate. However, all the historically accurate vehicles
had already been used in the Tech Tree, and there was enough
information to create a complete but not so historically
accurate Premium vehicle. It was important for us
that the Premium vehicle have the same gameplay as the
top-tier vehicles in the Tech Tree. This vehicle will resemble its
comrades from the Italian Tech Tree not only in appearance
and gameplay but also in crew. This means that you can use
the vehicle for crew training and practice the gameplay style
of the Italian top-tier vehicles. The crew, by the way,
will consist of 4 people— this is where I need
the girls from the Holiday Ops. The vehicle represents a medium
tank with a classic design; it doesn’t have outstanding
armor which is quite typical for the European
tank-building school of that time. In other words, we focused
on mobility, firepower, and efficient depression angles. The most important thing on this
vehicle is its gun; it doesn’t matter what the vehicle’s technical characteristics
are: dispersion, accuracy, reload time… The most important thing for this gun is a new system, new mechanics—
autoreloading mechanics. Or loading… Or reloading… “Relax, drum, I’ll handle it” Maybe it’ll be easier
to explain how it works. In reality, the autoreloading mechanics
had a huge number of implementations. We call it a drum, autoloader… They had different names: there was the first order ammo rack
that could be loaded quickly, and the second order ammo rack that could
be used for manual stowage of the shells. Thus, we were thinking about
how to introduce this into the game— the Italians also had
similar automatic loaders,— and that is how the
new mechanics were added. We’re going to talk
about it in detail in a minute, but for now let’s talk
about the new interface. The update won’t change
the current reticle much, but it will add some necessary
elements so the player can always take a look and quickly assess
the replenishing mechanism status: how many shells are left,
what is the autoreloader status and what is the
reload time between shots. A player can assess this information
using the new interface. These new elements will be available only
for the vehicles with the new mechanics. Speaking about the autoreloader
mechanics, we were thinking why don’t we make a revolver of some
kind where you can load or reload a shot if you like. The mechanics provide
variable gameplay options— you can play it like a standard
vehicle without these mechanics and like a vehicle with a drum gun. The mechanic is similar to a drum in the following ways: you don’t have
a single shell, but several shells; there is also a pause between firing
the shells when you can’t open fire. It is a so-called autoreloader. The mechanic also resembles cyclic guns in the fact that you start
autoreloading immediately after a shot. The mechanic is peculiar because
all the processes occur automatically— autoreloading starts
after you fire a shell. You don’t need to do anything. But if you open fire prematurely,
before autoreloading is complete, the process will be interrupted
and then started anew. If we fire a single shell, autoreloading starts
without our participation. If we don’t shoot during that time,
the shell will be replenished. With just one shell fired, autoreloading takes,
for example, 8 seconds. With two shells fired, autoreloading takes 11 seconds,
and then 8 seconds. With all three shells fired, autoreloading takes approximately 14,
and then 11, and then 8 seconds. The more shells we have loaded,
the faster the next shells are reloaded. If you are waiting
for a shell to autoreload, you will fire slower
than a normal vehicle. If you fire all shells at once, you will be reloading for so long that
even a drum vehicle would do it faster. One way you definitely
shouldn’t play this vehicle would be to use only
a single firing technique. If you plan to fire all shells
all the time, use a drum vehicle; such a vehicle will do this
task much more efficiently. If you plan only to fire single
shells from behind cover, normal vehicles will do
a much better job. The right way to use
a vehicle with such a mechanic is to combine both gameplay types. You can play like
you’re on a normal vehicle— fire, take cover, reload, fire again. You can play like
you’re on a vehicle with a drum— drive out from cover, fire all the loaded
shells, and hide behind cover again. You have an option, for example…
The shell bounces off the target— and you know that you
no longer have a chance to fully unload your potential damage
after you have fired the first shot. You wait, you just wait
until one or two shells replenish. You spend significantly less
time on the autoreloader than on fully reloading a drum. As soon as a chance
comes by, for example, the enemy team makes a mistake,
the gaming situation changes, you unload a full drum,
and you know that you are going to pay for that with the
reload time, quite a long reload time. But you know that
you will have time later to fully reload. Thus, by correctly
assessing the game situation, you can use a vehicle
with an autoreloader in a role that will maximize
its combat potential. Over the course of the next
few days, our Italian will receive its primary settings and
depart to closed testing. There are still many tests to be done. We will experiment with timings.
We will experiment with their ratios. We will see which option is better and
which gameplay type is more suitable. We are currently
at the very first test stage, and these are just
preliminary settings. The mechanics have vast potential and
are suitable for more than medium tanks. We have heavy vehicles
too and we have vehicles that are peculiar in their
other in-game characteristics. On the whole, our task is to make
a new gun type in the game. But don’t rush to judge a vehicle
for its technical characteristics alone— the mechanics are highly complicated, and it would be wrong
to judge them by just the numbers. We want to analyze
the gaming experience, then review and evaluate it
based on the test results. This is why we started testing so early. Don’t expect the Italians
in the upcoming update. Update 9.22 is about Soviets. And, of course, we want
to hear your feedback on the Italian Tech Tree
and the autoreloading mechanics. Visit our forum and leave your
comments on social networks. See you soon! Bye-bye!

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100 Responses

  1. Panzer says:

    How would you calculate DPM for an auto reloading tank?

  2. Expierement_1 says:

    How about the revolver drum

  3. KaiserSchnitzel says:

    Where is SerB?

  4. jaco sadie says:

    love this idea, maybe make it a bit faster

  5. Der Große says:

    Meme T1 the fiat 2000 for t 1 HT pls make it happen at least a prem
    I typed 3000, 2000 was the one I was looking for

  6. Anton Krause says:

    Can you add multi weapon support??? Please, the M3 needs it, and it would be appreciated on all other vehicles with secondary armaments. Cheers!

  7. Ragnarok Nibba says:

    That loader is the same as the amx series in real life but wg felt like doing something new.

  8. naejin says:

    How are we supposed to use the female crew from the holiday ops? I believe we have until sometime in March to turn in our rewards. Will Italian tanks be released before this? For some reason, I have my doubts that they will.

  9. Tien Tran says:

    Sooo im guessing this is the mix between autoloaders and standard guns so I'm assuming the dpm should be in the middle of both of them

  10. Mystickneon says:

    Looking forward to the Mexican and Nigerian tech trees.

    Another premium tank that won't be able to compete at it's tier in MM.

  11. Yuri Dry says:

    Looks great WG!

  12. Eli williams says:

    Looks interesting

  13. BigTArmada says:

    Clowns at WG, company needs to be sold off, management fired. Absolute clowns

  14. Derrick Dinwiddie says:

    For the love of all world of tanks… please to NOT put the Italians into WOT… their tanks aren't all that great.

  15. Pakram Channel says:

    lol france tank R.I.P

  16. ROZELL GABRIEL says:

    about time finally i don't have to reload the entire clip for one shell

  17. Vavá das SPGs says:

    Both things seems interesting.
    Not sure if it will work combined in one tank, but… Let's see. ?

  18. Vavá das SPGs says:

    Both things seems interesting.
    Not sure if it will work combined in one tank, but… Let's see. ?

  19. ASomewhatLongAndMeaninglessUserame says:

    I am SOOO excited for this!!! This looks like an awesome mechanic!

  20. R 3rd says:

    hahah italian! do they come with white flags??

  21. TheLugia345 says:

    Still waiting for a Response on Server Transfer


  22. Grey Mouser says:

    'Like a building set'………more f'n Minecraft

  23. Bird_Dog says:

    "Let's fist introduce the tier 8 premium."
    I don't think this surprised anyone…

    Im not sure if I can even get lukewarm about new content in WoT atm…
    Honestly, this game has WAY bigger issues than the need for a new gun mechanic.

    WG here's a crazy Idea: How about instead of trying to FORCE – or at least manipulate – me to spend money by making every other map a corridor fest and remove the ability to pen heavy tanks frontaly without premium amo, you instead make the game so balanced and awesome, that I WANT to spend money on it. I know, a crazy idea…

  24. samee7 gamer says:

    Alfa Romeo, maybe Ferrari tanks LOL, and the food of the crew in the kits for improving their effectiveness they will eat pizza

  25. Reaper27 says:

    you should fix the fking game first!! you introduce another nation when there are so many tanks power creeped that need buffs..what happened did you forget about the chinese meds, german meds, french tanks? this game would be so much better if you wouldn't be so obsessed with making money..the only solution to make this game great again would be to ask your CCs for help..of course that's too hard isn't it?

  26. General_Lagarto says:

    Have you guys noticed the new penetration holes on that Tiger 2? It looks SICK!!!

  27. Shimousa says:

    okay… i'm sure this mechanic will be on the Japanese Type-5 Chi-Ri. If this game is historically accurate, though

  28. Fernando Toledo says:

    Maybe you should've fixed the IS6 first where your players actually invested some money.

  29. Alexo18 says:

    Omg you Think the Pudel is Polish and you can just ignore the Polish nation… Good job WG!

  30. UNKNOWN GAMER says:

    Let's see out of 10 as a autoloader I give it 2.5 and as normal tank I give it 3 combine them it's 5.5 it looks meh as the balance atm is at 7.5 rating for me

  31. R 3rd says:

    bring back the auto loader on the Bulldog you commies!!

  32. GeertHabbenJansen says:

    Do the Italian special abilities include switching teams if you are losing?

  33. Harris Papadopoulos says:

    Is it going to be introdused at conslole game?

  34. Pixel Kry says:


  35. The Gamer H says:

    So in times we can use 3 shells at time. Wow.

  36. Denis Tvarog says:


  37. Logan Plock says:

    How to calculate drum math

    This is the total amount of time until the drum is fully loaded

    time for each shot x how many were fired + intershell reload x how many intershells reloads – the total amount of pause time= total reload drum time


    S(A) + I(B) – P = T

    3 shot drum
    3sec to load one shot
    1sec intershell reload

    Fire one shot
    3(1) + 1(0) – 0 =3sec
    Fire two shots
    3(2) + 1(1) – 0 =7sec
    Fire three shots
    3(3) + 1(2) – 0 =11sec

    the complicated example

    Fire one, pause for 1sec then fire 2nd shot

    3(2) + 1(1) – 1 = 6sec

    Fire one, pause for 2sec then fire 2nd shot

    3(2) + 1(1) – 2 = 5sec

    Fire one, pause for 2sec then fire the 2nd shot, pause for 1sec then fire the 3rd shot.

    3(3) + 1(2) – 3 = 8sec

  38. The_yellow_marshmallow says:

    No Fiat 2000?!

  39. ewok40k says:

    hmmm this gonna be interesting amount of flexibilty – from selective fire sniping to close encounters with full auto

  40. Bjarne De Vos says:

    Yeah and the PL techtree is half german half rusian… sow why is pl even a techtree ?

  41. Cacciaaa says:


  42. CryBaby says:

    Where is Fiat 2000??????

  43. Gabos080 says:

    How about Hungarian tech tree ?


    The scary thing is that the IS-7 haf this sisyem with up to 7 shells in the mag thanks to a pair of cpnveyor belts

  45. Tam Hoang says:

    Armored warfared had it

  46. Mr Sho says:

    faking WG fix old first

  47. советский гопник иван says:


  48. советский гопник иван says:

    ferrari with a gun

  49. Chris Martinez says:

    Shouldn't the is7 have this too?

  50. Salah Sayemuddahr says:


  51. Inquisiteur Space muffins says:

    could be very interesting

  52. Jonesso says:

    So when is 40 mil auto cannons gonna be used?

  53. Arcade Pop says:

    Bring back all the good maps please.

  54. Jacob Meyer says:

    Yes all the old maps give the game variety.

  55. Funiko says:

    Isn't this mechanic supposed to be implemented when french ''drum'' mags first came out?

  56. UncleVlad says:

    Where is Fiat Multipla?

  57. Dong Yuan Lu says:

    Italian tanks are fking trash

  58. Dah_Horsie says:

    Finnish tanks pls

  59. Chancy Hill says:

    Sounds like a ready-rack system that pretty much all tanks should be able to use.

  60. Corallia says:

    we need the Fiat 2000!

  61. CombatCorgi says:

    Them explaining these mechanics reminds me of the Monty Python brontosaurus theory.

  62. Eric Lambert says:

    War Gaming should add Premium Canadian Tanks and/or Premium Finnish Tanks, on Tanksgiving

  63. Aneeb Z says:

    When's are they adding the new nation?

  64. TayTay says:

    this video is so badly made i didnt even get how you could use this gun in two ways, someone care to explain?

  65. Reros says:

    So.. youre stealing the Ready Rack mechanic from Armored Warfare. Right.

  66. Flumper says:

    FIAT 2000!

  67. Lee DeFrancesco says:

    About time.Granted the Italians did not shine but they were the third Axis power and I am sure they had enough blueprints laying around to make a tank line up.

  68. Tom says:

    Surely a progressive reloading system would be a better name for it than "kind of like a drum mag but more like a cyclical magazine but it also can fire as a normal gun"

  69. Mark Heim says:

    This will be such a fun mechanic! Great work Wargaming, there's a lot of negativity in the comments (some of it is deserved, but some of it is not deserved). I'm just glad the team is still making new things.

  70. ERIC MCGINTY says:

    Lets get Isreali tech tree. They did some cool things with armor.

  71. Hodd Toward says:

    Do junk tech tree

  72. Rodrigo Jalca Cañarte says:

    Argentine? Not…well

  73. world of tanks blitz world of tanks blitz says:

    When indian tanks will appear

  74. Mike Cimerian says:

    Camel tanks !

  75. Jimmer Trzcinski says:

    Tanks need ready racks and internal reload variables that would be great, no more Cromwell’s shooting like machine guns every 2.5 seconds. Maybe have fatigue for the loaders if not a auto loader but autos are slower than a person?? I like the idea overall

  76. Thiago Nascimento says:

    Uma linha inteira de tanks novos…em vez disso preferiram ficar o vídeo inteiro falando do tank premium, haja desespero pro povo comprar essa merda.

  77. T D says:

    WOT sucks asshole and is RNG for kiddies.

  78. Aletim01 says:

    where is my fiat 2000 ?

  79. Ariesage Krazalid says:


  80. Bison247 says:

    Good thing the Chinese medium tanks don't need any improvements, or the french, but the soviets… again.

  81. Razor 1uk says:

    This 'revolver' style drum system is what the 'French autoloaders' should be, – as the real life ones had, albeit with single or double drums of 6 (typically one of AP/APCR/APBCR & the other HE/HEAT) in their turret bustles that reloaded after a drum is empty, and in cover.
    As this is a game, the 'balancing' of the French autoloaders is by number of rounds in the container between 3 & 6 shots for the gun and its tier upon them & the reloading time. but now their can be a chance for another method perhaps – double drum/revolver (with 2 – 4 rounds in each for example so and quicker switching between the AP & HE revolver drums) but both non auto reloading – as a crewman would have to get out while the vehicle is moving ingame.

  82. bst4r TV says:

    they use Blender ? I saw Maya but Blender turned to be famous in the industry ?

  83. Kylo Ren says:

    Aye where it at tho I don’t see it in my tech tree EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

  84. Willie Zhang says:

    Please rebalance the Swamp map already ffs. The north side is too over-powered.

    Also, bringing back some old maps would be nice.

  85. Nathanial Nash says:

    hmm its basicly saying its a infinity fire…is anyone else seeing this pattern? for the good players they would time it so well the reload would be nothing but quick fire

  86. xTheRealDead ! says:


  87. Icelade says:

    8 years of of community forums with tech tree pic ideas finally getting into the game lol

  88. Kevin Smith says:

    Before we talk about the Italian Tech Tree, let's talk about something more important. A tier 8 Premium you can buy for $50.

  89. Yakov Palpatine says:

    I hope Israeli tech tree happens I know one tier 10 merkava 1 tier 8 can be super Sherman and new mechanic will be explosive  reactive armor to  balance the type 5 and other Japanese heavy's

  90. Mega Magner says:

    WHERE IS MY FIAT 2000?

  91. Hardbass man says:

    what about Poland??*

  92. TheGameFreak013 says:


  93. sonnymv says:

    too many auto loaders in game as it is. Wish you could limit them per game. How many more new fantasy tanks are you going to find?? I heard they have a blue print of the Maus with the speed and agility of a E25..

  94. AwesomeDesertTrains says:

    i have 200 gigs waiting to be used up

  95. thefridge64 says:

    Is this the first tank with one forward gear and six reverse??

  96. AutoFox1 says:

    So this is just an auto-loader that's finicky and has extra steps. Glorious.

  97. galatei11 says:

    so, nothing but more fiction only to improve sales

  98. Liam Moffat says:

    Can you guys add a sub Canadian teach tree

  99. The_Gaming_Fox says:

    Please add Finland so I can haz see BT42 n stuff

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