Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business

Business and Enterprise from Pearson: Edexcel
GCSE (9-1) Business at Preston Manor School ADNAN ILAHIi: We’ve been with Pearson GCSE
Business for one year now, and some of the main reasons I chose Pearson for our qualification
is they have loads of support coming through the website, through the Facebook group, the
responses I get from emails has been second to none, it’s some of the best I’ve ever
experienced. I also find the exam structure easy to teach
students and students find it easy to learn because they can apply it to different subjects
as well, especially the consistent use of command words and marks that are related to
it. And the final reason, I think, was the journey
they go through the specification. JENNIFER MAK: I decided to take GCSE Business
because it was the perfect subject for me, because it’s a mix of hard work and creativity. DITI SHAH: I always wanted to open my own
business up and this is the only subject that teaches you the fundamentals skills needed
in life. RAHMAN YESUFU: I decided to take GCSE Business
because I’m passionate about business and I want to create a business when I’m older. ADNAN: What we’ve found is students have
really built up their skills in terms of problem-solving, resilience, team-working and also working
independently as well. It really gives them a broad range of skills that they can not
only use outside of the classroom, but they can also use and adapt to different lesson
as well. One thing that we’ve realised as well about
the new Edexcel curriculum is it really teaches students about the UK economy, and this helps
them actually get into these programmes in terms of work experience, and so forth, using
these skills that they’ve picked up in the subject. DANIAL KHAN: If I didn’t choose to take
Business I guess I wouldn’t have as much confidence because business is a subject which
helps you, not only build your confidence but also, think about stuff you normally wouldn’t
think about and the effect it has on other people. JENNIFER: I’ve learned a lot of things from
GCSE Business including the hard work that you need for everything, not just for business,
but everything that you need in life. RAHMAN: From studying GCSE Business I’ve
learned to be independent, I can be impassioned about stuff, and I can talk in a large audience.
Other skills I have learnt is managing money, being able to problem solve and also work
as a team. CRISTINA BICHER: So what I enjoy about Business
is that it helps me improve as a person and it shows me that other people can help me
do that, it’s not just me by myself. It’s also competitive at the same time, so we learn
a lot off each other. DANIAL: I would obviously recommend GCSE Business
to other students because I’ve taken it, so it’s helped me a lot. I don’t think
I’d be where I am right now if I hadn’t chosen GCSE Business. ARCHANA KRISHNAVENI: It offers you a lot of
new opportunities and exciting opportunities. RAHMAN: I would definitely recommend GCSE
Business to other students because it helps you and you will need it in everyday life. [END]

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