Peter Kuchinke, Faculty Member, College of Education at Illinois

my name is Peter Kuchinke and I have the pleasure of serving as graduate studies and as coordinator for human resource development division on behalf of our faculty students
and alumni from around the world I want to thank you for your interest in
our academic programs We are proud to be considered the
leading HRD program in the country by our peers and this reputation is based on the size
and quality of our faculty our impact on theory and practice both
nationally and internationally and our leadership of professional
associations and journals. At Illinois we deliver what
you expect from a world-class public university Faculty who are thought leaders in the
field cutting-edge instruction that connects theory to pressing social
problems and care and concerned for individual
development and learning Our online program in HRD was the first
in the country over the past 15 years, hundreds of
students have chosen our programs as the next step in their
professional development and to learn from the best. Our online
curriculum is identical to the campus curriculum in every way instructor assignment, course
requirements, and academic rigor. We have an ongoing
program of research in online education to develop models to optimize student
learning through peer to peer interaction active
engagement in synchronous and asynchronous learning and focused individual mentoring and
student support. As Director of Graduate Studies I review
every application that the faculty Committee
recommends for admission. I look forward to seeing your application materials to our
programs in the near future. Please do not hesitate to contact me or
any of our faculty if we can assist in helping you decide
on the next steps in your academic and career development. Thank you very much

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