Powerful Video about Mindfulness in Schools

Deep down I keep feeling this pain in my chest I got kicked out of my house The panic attacks I, like many other teens, have struggled with anxiety My social anxiety Really bad anxiety and depression I used to go to school just completely exhausted
every single day because I would be up all night worrying I felt kinda like a ghost roaming through the halls The stress made me sick It’s just a lot repetitional thinking about
like if there is a purpose to life Whether if there is any reason to continue
forth or just cut it short Take a second and breathe and reflect on what you feel Awareness to who I really am and how I matter Finding balance It really feels like a place where you can be yourself Where you can be authentic It feels safe Safe I was on the verge of suicide before taking the class and my family didn’t really know what else to do I was in counseling and seeing a therapist
and taking medicine Spending the first semester in this class
really helped me get past that point and not let the mental illness that I struggle
with take over my life Class brought a lot Anytime I start to feel like overwhelmed I
drop down and I put my head down and like allright “lets think” and just started breathing
and it’s really just, really helpful It’s easy to get mad It’s not easy to get angry and then bring
yourself down Me growing up I was always told meditation
was something for priests or it was a girl thing But then you grow up a little bit and your like meditation is just you taking care of yourself and everybody should take care of themselves It’s just It’s real stuff It’s what you need You learn these tips for life Skills that actually bring you together and interweave with everyone else Begin able to share Direct my attention and stay present I can break my fear I now know how to turn my attention to my
breath and calm myself down I knew that I can help myself Observe life more How to speak in a way that makes people want
to open up to you Show myself loving kindness Learning how to control my anger I also learned how to be more of a better listener This class means everything to me right now It honestly feels like fifty pounds is lifted
off my shoulders I truly believe that this class has saved my life and changed it for the better Thinking about what the mindfulness class
at my school has done for my community and my school in general its just its been groundbreaking I think its just a really valuable class and I honestly wish it was at every high school in the US If there was a mindfulness class in every high school I feel like this world would be a totally different place because I feel like there there would be a
lot more understanding And there would be a lot more respect in the world If mindful studies was in every school in the world we’d all become much better listeners Somebody says something, somebody doesn’t like that, has to retaliate But if we had mindfulness we can learn to accept that my reality is different from yours I think that a lot of that tension is caused
by people not really knowing how to handle themselves and their feelings and emotions You don’t have to be a politician to change the world You can just be in a mindfulness class That’s how I feel I have the ability to overcome obstacles I have the ability to achieve like never before And I have the ability to be who I am, loving
who I am, and taking that love with me and spreading it every where else I go

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  1. John Shearer says:

    Shared with mindfullyMAD.org/links – Making A Difference!

  2. Sandra Augustin says:

    very beautiful!

  3. Mudge Mair says:

    This is truly wonderful.

  4. Monica Jordan says:

    So inspiring! Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing!!

  5. Shaari C says:

    So thankful this is part of the public schools now as it is so very important. I just wish it would spread farther so all youth had access.

  6. אוג'ס ojas ולדמן waldman says:

    hello, in what school this film ?

  7. Dustin Billon says:

    Thank you for this video. I discovered the power of mindfulness by myself a couple years ago and would love for it to be taught in every school! I'd like to add French subtitles to this video share it in France. Could you please turn on community contributions so I can do so? Thanks a lot!

  8. Bronwyn Ishac says:

    When are these teachings coming to Sydney Australia ?? our kids need this today

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