Profiles of Purpose: How to Feed a Nation

The used to be called nation killers. [LAUGH] Because, well, they say that because they see myself and Victor as very hardworking people. We would never get tired and we sing to
push everybody, in the same direction. So they change the name from
nation feeders to nation killers. [MUSIC]. My name is Aviola Odogur representing
Nation Feed as Nigeria Limited. I remember a visit to a village and
I saw this farmer. He has a small poultry farm and
that was what prompted her to start the business which I
co-founded with my husband, Victor.>>I am Victor Odogur. I’m the founder of Nation Feed
as Nigeria Limited. You know we started this
business 2009 with 5,000 chicken. They would move very rapidly
to over 100,000 chicken. I met my wife. I was studying. I was living in the UK. I came home to see my parents and
I saw this lady, looking very elegant, and
things just kind of happened from there. I said hi.>>We had a number of challenges
growing the business, particularly one of the main challenge
that we faced was people management and also positioning our
products in the market. [MUSIC] What has become very successful for
us was what was the bedrock our marriage, which was to be very open to each other,
and to communicate endlessly about
things that is not clear to us. We also made a good courting group,
we will work as a unit and none of our staff will see any crack in our decision
making or lines of responsibility. I can remember a time when we shared
a common office, just one seat. So I would normally give up the head seat,
so I would kind of sit on the visitor’s
seat type thing and work from there. We worked like that but she feels
more comfortable sitting on hers. Also I want her to be
comfortable while we’re working. So I got to the office before her, so
I was sitting on the Chairman’s office, so to speak, and she goes I want to sit. And I said to her, if we are working in a formal setting
would you actually Chairman stand up. We commit to work as one team, that is,
okay, so we talk about it, we share it. When we get a bad then we sit down and
say, okay, what’s going on here, why? And then we resolve it like such. So we do things like this, and it really
does enforces our teamwork as a couple. I’m really lucky to have
her as my teammate.>>Where Nations Feed Us Farms
is located is a little village, a majority of our staffs
are from that community. At some point,
we had to give them water supply, we are to draw our own kind
of community engagement, our corporate social responsibility,
give them electricity, do the roads because we have the farm
trucks moving in and out out of the farm. So this has really
impacted on the village.>>It’s not an accident that the name
of the company is Nation Feeders. We really do set out to feed nations. We see the problems we have in
our country and on our continent. If people can afford good quality food,
then let’s give them good quality food. If people don’t have a job, then let’s create opportunities
that they will have a job. We believe we have enough knowledge and experience base to take on problem that is
pertinent to people living in our society. So ending poverty, we want to be able
to demonstrate that there is a way. This is what we think about it, this is
what we’ve done about it, and this works. We want to set out to when we feed
the nation, not just in feed, but we feed the nation with jobs,
we feed nations with opportunities. When the job created
adds value to their life, then the whole structure
will be sustainable. We want to replicate this for
the rest of Africa. [MUSIC]

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