PTSD From Gang Violence in LA (Full Length)

how many of you know people that have been injured or have died because of gang violence who are your age or like you know poor kids this happened like a few weeks ago what happened they ran out to shot him seven times in the back shot his homie in the leg and then shot him in the head it is no day it’s like everyday life and I mean I said that after a while just be used to it so you were seven years old when I shot a man you just gotta be like dang I said you can’t be like wow wow wow like it’s too many miles so Wiz ago we had about six shootings in one day I mean it was all starting at 10 o’clock in the morning I mean do you see you hearing somebody checking – bro that’s the sound and never leave you I just want to community one like when people forget about it this is how it became get down we’re in South Central LA in an area that’s been called death alley by the community because in the past seven years there have been over a hundred homicides in this neighborhood and only people are being affected by the violence in this area in a very serious way most people associate post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD with American troops returning home from war but when you look at communities like this they’re suffering from the same thing experts say it’s an epidemic and that up to 40% of urban poor in America are dealing with PTSD south central south Vermont Avenue it’s the blood-soaked battlefield for at least six gangs that claim the area as their own it’s called death alley because it has one of the highest homicide rates in Los Angeles and smack in the middle of it is solid ad enrichment action osya metal detector a charter high school serving the neighborhoods with high risk it’s this community their wind is very rough a lot of shootings a lot of stabbings a lot of drugs this very disenfranchised Eric Jones is a counseling him his job is to help identify and connect with students who are suffering from a variety of problems including PTSD let me give you a quick example say you’re at a party and a balloon pops picked it up they duck because they’re used to hearing gunshots to me my personal experience about that is close to my distress destroyed he’s also a former gang member so he’s able to relate to a lot of what they’re going through what we’re curious about is the kind of violence that you see and you come from so my first question to everyone you know you could you guys could just raise your hands is how many of you have known someone that’s been involved in a shooting not gonna go to jail y’all right okay and how many people have seen someone get shot close my mom’s brother was affiliated with gang members he doesn’t a gang member and he was walking down the sheet my dad’s brother and she got shot in the back with shotgun I was like with my brother it was like five or six I don’t know we used to go to the park all the time and it was just these gangbangers they came and like they just started shooting a dude was sitting right there and it was like we was all Center right there like we was trying to run and then the dude just shot the other boy he was like probably like 15 he shot him in the back hey hey he was just laid out right there and then we just already like do you ever have nightmares I think about that I can still see it sometimes that’s pretty traumatic you know you standing next to somebody and they just get hit like that is anybody still affected by that or are you guys just kind of numb to that like you know what it happens okay I’m glad it didn’t happen to me I don’t know I could be wrong but it seemed like you guys not that traumatic to you like this it’s not really affecting or it’s like it’s something I’m just keeping it I’m keeping that out of my mind so I won’t mess me up it’s like everyday life that’s the type of environment I still think it’s wrong like at the end of the day we’re gonna feel it could be healing but after a while is good like another person died like this regular it was like you are death our students have witnessed um boys and girls like three and four and five years old being killed right in front of them right on their streets father sandbox is a Catholic priest psychotherapist and director of sales gang intervention program and he says many of his students show the classic symptoms of PTSD numbness sleeplessness traumatic flashbacks and a constant feeling of anxiety the adrenaline is flowing the cortisol that’s flowing the fight flight or freeze kind of reactions from our reptilian brain our operative all day long really AM you see it in our classrooms you see it out on the basketball court you see it on the street someone looks at these kids and they’re like oh they’re angry or they’re violent or they’re they’re not interested in learning do you feel that some of the issues that these kids are accused of in fact related to or PTSD I believe that that those kinds of characteristics are the symptoms of something deeper of a deeper pain or wound why is somebody Restless in a classroom and can’t concentrate there’s all sorts of dynamics that are happening illogically with that student to that youth there’s all sorts of things happening in the emotional state of one’s body the incapacity to find words for what I’m feeling inside has people reacting in violent ways research by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found more inner-city children suffer from PTSD than soldiers returning from away and in communities with high rates of sufferers it can become a serious public health issue people are on edge and one accidental bump one wrong look the color of the t-shirt you wear can spark a new wave of violence we left saya guided by Kevin twin orange he’s also a former gang member now working to prevent violence right now he’s making sure students make it out of school and away from Death Valley safely but firstly I’m getting cute and I’m getting ride them too right here you know no one be able to be joel’s of people just hanging out when they get out of school so now we make a mean so they want to stand on the corners and be targets for somebody something a shooter as a member of the Hoover’s gang twin managed to survive the battle days of Ella’s gang was in the 1980s and 90s but after being shot eight times in 2006 he dedicated his life to ending the cycle of gang violence that continues even today but to do that he’s had to come to terms with his own psychological wounds seen everything seen best friends die in front of me you know I don’t see people he killed people hurt neither I haven’t seen at all you know so there’s nothing I I didn’t see I’ve seen it all and how did that affect you like it made me none it made me not to everything you know what I mean it may be known to everything to where I was like this was the norm you don’t know no better you know you think it’s normal and that’s I some of the kids get it forward they think it’s normal but it’s not we was the one making things the way they were so we was writing a book along with our lifestyles so we didn’t know but now we know where we can go back and tell them what they doing is wrong and why is wrong but we don’t want to put it like that could you describe some of the symptoms of the violence that you’ve seen what people would probably call PTSD I mean you see you hear somebody take their last breath that’s the sound and never leave you I mean I’ve know out sound first time I heard it is just like I heard it yesterday there is a sound you never forget most afternoons twin drives around death alley and surrounding neighborhoods sniffing out and diffusing gang tensions today the streets are empty a spate of shootings the week before has kept everyone inside as you can see not no kids hanging out on the streets they get nowhere they have to go cuz I guess he last shootings that occurred he kind of like stayed on their mind like man I want to die today tell me a little bit about the behavior or the attitude of kids who’ve seen shootings or who’ve seen violence people is a so used to the shootings and rounds helicopters and and just candles on every corner you know they think that’s a no because that what they was raised and brought up in they don’t know nothing different than that that’s when you know you something from post-traumatic stress disorder when stuff like that don’t don’t bother you like it’s the norm is like no it’s not normal have you ever lost a loved one to gun violence yeah yeah understood you know in for the lad that one that heard it the most was mom my twin brother I lost on it four or five years ago here with my little cousin he was out of County my vision young man came in there and shot both over he shot three of them but my my twin brother my cousin passed away twin took us to the site of that killing my bloody grid he was he got killed right here and we were standing over here my brother and was over here I guess the guy came around what’s up now and uh did his shootin you know it got all you know that’s how quick dance can happen so we were here for someone who got killed all right and while you were trying to you know have a vigil for that person that’s where you lost yeah my little cousin Milo Caza took Joe he got killed also so that was a double whammy you know I’m glad I might have better place right now you know and probably before that happened I was in a better place cuz you know it would happen here the foot and I probably won’t be standing I know I won’t be standing talking to you why what he did I would do the same thing you know I would’ve kept that cycle going that’s exactly what worries the staff at manual arts high school in another part of South Central just more recently we’ve had two students this year who’ve died as a result of murder and our kids struggle with that on a daily basis the latest was a 19 year old senior named Eric Martinez he was shot dead in early March and Cal SLO Gustavo segredo has been working double duty to help students deal with the crisis how many of your students deal with trauma and symptoms of PTSD well let me tell you we did roughly 200 of the screeners and I’ll tell you maybe half of them qualified it’s just sometimes unfortunately not all the parents or students are willing to go through that process in a group setting he says simply talking about what happened is one of the best ways to treat PTSD you’re talking about students who are now kids who don’t want to reach out how how do you get them to open up how do you get them to talk to you I think for me it’s one of the things is being honest with the students about the impact of what they’re going through because a lot of our students again for them when they see my office and they see the st. Patrick social worker it becomes I can’t do this you know I’m not crazy and I don’t want people to think I’m crazy part of my role has been here on this campus is to try to help people especially the adults understand it’s not about what’s wrong with our kids but rather what happened to them one of the students segredo has been trying to connect with is this 18 year old senior Jose Vasquez he was best friends with Eric Martinez the student killed and watch this happened like a few weeks ago what happened they ran out some shot on seven times in the back shot his homie in the leg and then shot him in the head Jose just started meeting with the school counselor but he says he doesn’t like talking about his pain he prefers to numb it why do you smoke so often well I smoke because oh boy like are we going through some problems so smoking helps it helps me forget about it for a minute do you ever have trouble sleeping or do ever feel like you have flashbacks of violence that you’ve experienced or seen before it happens once in a while but it don’t happen all the time but you do experience flashbacks and what’s how does that make you feel like I can’t feel no type of way about it really I it happened already so what can i bill about this a memory I can’t change it it’s hard to stop thinking about it sometimes it’s always hard to something your buddy you can’t just see something and then forget it in an instant what kind of violence have you seen I’ve seen people get down I’ve gotten down with a couple of people I’ve seen people run up to each other shoot them over stupid stuff I’ve seen people shanked me people over because they was tagging on walls I’ve seen people get thrown up a car punched out I seen a lot of stuff have you ever seen someone get killed I write a little I don’t want to talk about that you don’t want to talk about it why don’t you want to talk about it because the war like I just don’t want to talk about that Eric your friend that you lost recently he was killed what happens now do who do you know who did it do you know what’s going to happen now I’m not I don’t not too sure because like I said people is making rumors and stuff they telling me a lot and I just don’t know who it is what will happen when you find out who did it I don’t know I don’t know to be honest oh shoot but do you think that could be more violence most likely there is gonna be violence it’s shocking to me when you speak to the kids in South Central LA that they have the same stories as kids in war zones they react the same way to loud noises they’ll dust because they think it’s you know a bullet or they’ll say nothing and they’ll do nothing and they’ll be like oh well that was a bullet I’m so used to it you know I don’t care and it’s unbelievable that it’s happening in America because of the crime that they see on a day to day basis there are areas where kids families communities are suffering from the same effects as people who see war you

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99 Responses

  1. J M says:

    they need social workers , people with character, instead of gangmembers or former gangmembers same thing because he got shot before he shot someone else so now he thinks he's a social worker ? pleaasse

  2. The one says:

    Shit is corny. People are entertained by the b.s. . in every documentary they say. "I'm numb to it" as a viewer I'm numb to the fact that your saying your numb to it.

  3. K Chungneithang Kom says:

    wtf is PTSD

  4. Kronor says:

    PTSD please my ass my dad grew up in Fresno in the 70's dead boys every were shooting every night mom was a crack addict he didn't get no damn ptsd

  5. Anonymous says:

    I lived on the near West Side of Los Angeles, and I knew of gang members like my own younger brother who dropped out of school because it was so dangerous walking to school or even attending school. The gang culture has got to go, otherwise our youth will just be condemned to be uneducated, with no recourse but to wind up in prison. My kid brother eventually wound up dying at the young age of 34 years old after suffering from numerous stabbings, and beatings he died of a brain aneurysm.

  6. Kal R says:

    Who assigned this proper brit to the gangland story? Tone deaf asf

  7. J Mallett says:

    I have PTSD from being followed, sucks

  8. Swift says:

    I have ptsd

  9. Bashful Dreams says:

    I think the only good part of this video is seeing an educated priest trying to help out in the community

  10. Mr E says:

    The reporter is hott!! Leave her alone haters

  11. ronald Escoto says:

    I had ptsd from living in L.A. El Monte back in the mid 70s and early 80s seen alot of shit drive bys at El Monte H.S. like almost every day friends getting stabbed in the eye while i was stting in back seat of a 63 Impala plenty of car crashes cut my face up lost my mom at a young age went to campo by the time I moved back to Phx I had nightmares for like about 6 months straight wake up tramatized I mean every night and finally one day it just stopped the ptsd I guess thats what it was I didnt know at the time whatwas going on I seen way more shit I could right a book about it but anyways I experienced it for sure and does happen because it happen to me God bless

  12. The Breakroome With Fallon says:

    Next time don't send someone that has no idea about the hood…there.

  13. ronald Escoto says:

    Ptsd to me is when you wake up every night tramatized like you just had a bad nightmare scared breathing fast like a burstful wake up for a long period of time my ptsd lasted it least over 6 months and I was very touchy you could not play around with me like your pretending to fight me but just kidding I would sock you up because you feel like you always have to be ready for anything its just how that shit makes you you become very street smart as well looking for the the signs of disrespect or threats ptsd does go away but it will take a little time for you to get back to being calm again Im just explaining it the way it happen to me from my experience with ptsd

  14. dhl671 says:

    One of the dumbest reporters seen on Vice. Terrible stupid questions.

  15. Manny Rodriguez says:

    Damn this made me real sad, I grew up in Compton I was shot at a few times luckily for me I was never hit. But I was stabbed twice. In 2 separate Incidents
    and I was robbed for my MJs, shoes that I had worked so hard for at the swampmeat for, and I was robbed for my Grocery coming from the boys market once, just before the riots I really feel for these kids and i hope they can make it out like I did and no I don't ever wanna go back and please don't speak on these kids because they go through a lot of hardship every day. ??

  16. Flat Top says:

    How many of these gang members are illegal or children of illegals … send all these “dreamers” back to Latin America

  17. Jose G says:

    This was wacc u post to talk to real gang members not no students or grandpa willie

  18. Steve Reed says:

    This behavior is encouraged. Its glorified. Its revered and was invented because they like it. Ths is how they want to live life. Listen to what they are saying. They enjoy the attention.

  19. Kevin Daunais says:

    Why is she in and out of accents

  20. Swaggy says:

    Where my boy keon in hawthorne

  21. Look at my suit says:

    Yikes this reporter is brutal



  23. jovani garcia says:

    I had a friend die in my arms…I had another friend stab someone else in front of me. And I’ve seen other people get shot at too. These experiences never leave you. You just learn how to cope with them.


    This an't nothing compared 2 my hometown Of Chicago!.

  25. Gunnar Marr says:

    Stfu this is life try living in Somalia

  26. Ranc!d Playgirl says:

    I go to this school they showed ??

  27. inspirationfolder says:

    ehhhhhhh……….i don't like the idea of traumas being brought up by reporters with kids who aren't of age yet. seems a bit unethical

  28. Ms Patterson says:

    Rip Nipsey

  29. Jimmy Neutron says:

    They should stop having journalist that never been through shit like this and didn't live that life be in documentaries like this…

  30. edwin noyola says:

    i feel them man so many of my people and even feel like its normal thing to hear gun shots keep them on you seeinn people die it makes you cold hearted but you dont realize it till you do it Shit sad.

  31. Picasso VVIX says:

    I got PTSD from the streets and prison and abuse from home

  32. malakhi kelly says:

    Natural selection

  33. Stewie Griffen says:

    Her voice and her so fucking sexy??lil mama id marry that

  34. Kurt Suffoletto says:

    Off subject: This host doesn’t have any idea about real violence. So cringing.
    On subject: This country seriously needs to do something about protecting these young kids and communities.
    Goddamn pathetic in 2019, any child/or any person has to deal with this pointless violence. US is becoming wack!

  35. Scooter Tamono says:

    Those kids see things that I only see on movies… and movies use fake actors and fake bullets

  36. Jake Lynch says:

    5:27 preist says" from are reptilian brain", huh…

  37. D Altom Maxwell says:

    South-Central has a large GNAA presence. Their word is spreading!

  38. Trey Morgan says:

    It's seems to come off as very ridiculing and condescending to set up a scene in this documentary of the reporter walking down these neighborhood streets, narrating the topic at hand in front of all the people who actually live there. All for an aesthetic camera shot, that will be generated into business, and whom the reporter or anybody else doesnt have to deal with. It's reminding me of how in the vietnam war, reporters would go there and film with the actual soldiers in the backdrop. And then they fly back to the US where they didn't have to stay and deal with any of it.

  39. los Angeleno says:

    This what happens when you vote for liberal tyrants. #abolishprop47

  40. Trey Jones says:

    Dude said “our reptilian brains”??

  41. Jay F says:

    Vice should go to oakland and then come to stockton ca

  42. Donovan Cardenas says:

    How do you affiliate with gangs but not a gang member?

  43. Jason Donahue says:

    My school played volleyball vs Manual Arts back in 97-98. There were razor wires on the fences like a prison. Our coach said nobody can leave the gym except to go to the bus. Me and couple guys snuck out between the JV and Varsity games to get a drink from the liquor store. It was scary as hell even though the store was 2 blocks away. We had a mexican, a indian guy, 2 tall white boys and a korean. We didn't get rolled up or anything, but you can telll there is death in the air. The whole neighborhood was tense.

  44. Ryan R says:

    I grew up in East Baltimore and when you live in those types of neighborhoods you learn how to deal with it and as much as it sucks it becomes the norm

  45. Rolando Mota says:

    This Russel Brand looking broad is dumb af.

  46. Niall Walsh says:

    What song is this at the end?

  47. Semper Paratus says:

    Gee everyone has PTSD these days. I have it as well, my dad grounded me for a week as a child. Tough life.

  48. Alexander LaVey says:

    These guys act like seeing someone get shot or killed means “I dun seen it all!” Killing is not “it all” you f-ing idiot POS!!

  49. Alexander LaVey says:

    They have no right to complain when it’s THEM who’s causing the problem!

  50. Eric says:

    Used to be people would relocate if there were no jobs or crops weren't growing but now people just stay in the same shit hole areas even when their families lives are in danger.

  51. bequeef queefs says:

    Its so bad that the Highway Patrol, the people who are supposed to be patrolling the freeways, have to spend time helping out in South-Central. 1:59

  52. Spin-C Throws Hands says:

    14:40 lowball this dude got his pants so low he looks he ready to start jacking off like a crackhead in the corner.

  53. -- says:

    I love how exploitative this is and how she fishes for every answer. Im sure you can find a reporter who actually cares about the topic instead of just wanting to look good. Im glad you get all the views. As an LA Native I will say this is not false, but sadly misrepresented.

  54. Codi Edeling says:

    6 kills a day.. here in SA we get over 100 deaths a day

  55. Love Lilly says:

    The kid in the class with black sweat shirt said such knowledge what he said about its every day life and ur gonna feel it being human & gotta adapt to death ; so SAD he is just a lil child he shouldn’t have to feel that. Not all people get 2 live in a safe place.

  56. Mein Bâtard says:

    Martial law should be emplace, rather then sending our soldiers to other nation to enforce "safety and security" I think we should commit our soldiers into defend our country instead it cost less and save more american lives.

  57. Dennis Jasperse says:

    I do know but do you think the politicians of the State of California give a shit about you do you think the president of the United States give a shit about you nobody cares that's the problem that's reality

  58. Dennis Jasperse says:

    I care but nobody seems to give a shit when you have the president of the United States with bigotry and racism you have a society that thinks it's okay

  59. Chris Calzone says:

    She (the reporter) is doing too much with all those crazy serious facial expressions.

  60. Gerald Drouillard says:

    These kids cannot even learn to speak English, it's going to be very hard to fix these people. After 100s of years of living in an extremely civilized, advanced country they are the one and only peoples that cannot assimilate to society. Learn to speak English first then they can get jobs. It seems so simple to most of us but wow. It's crazy. They have zero effort. The effort level is very very very low. You can see there is not even an effort to speak Eglish. They be always fixing to do sometin.

  61. Disco Oldskool says:

    So I have all these symptoms and emotional n mental scars so I'm also diagnosed with PTSD but like the dude said you have to adapt. You have to live with it as part of you. My paranoia is only a heightened state of awareness.

  62. cuzz says:

    I got ptsd from getting shot at, everytime I leave my house I gotta be strapped, I almost popped a dude cuz he walkin towards me, he was jst gonna ask for a pic but him & his girl got scared so they walked away scared & I got terrible anxiety

  63. red headed stepchild says:

    Pull up your pants … learn to speak Engrish !!

  64. Wesly Pipes says:

    Shits krazy

  65. Andre the giant says:


  66. Liam & the wild child says:

    Love vice, but this reporter, smh…..

  67. The Race Analyst, PHD says:

    The hostess was coming from an empty place…trying to be filled in the instant…not clinical, and clinical on the street in front of the world is not the place or time. But for sure, you do not ask a person if they personally believe that someone close to them who was killed by someone, can likely image or "see" something akin to retaliation. That is incriminating…the streets have ears. My thought, he was just speaking out of confusion and emotion…not certain of anything that may happen…no ones sees into the future and guarantees specific outcomes…beyond all other possibilities to the contrary, including devine intervention. It's ok to script-out some aspect a documentary…everything does not have to be on the fly, especially very sensitive topics.

  68. Bear Bonez says:

    So yall need jesus…

  69. Donny Dim-Wit says:

    Fazeelat Aslam I wouldn’t mind this chick interviewing me. I think she fine and that British accent though?

  70. Tomas Romanos says:

    Move ,move ,move and change by listening to NIFB PREACHING….

  71. DFW Boxing is Back says:

    Let's keep it real. She needs it in the ass.

  72. DFW Boxing is Back says:

    6:46 Tripped me out, Dude said 'Let's roll [NH] then said 'I mean let's groove [Hoover] . I seriously doubt 'Orange' is his real last name. He my age though and those Hoover niggas drew down on anyone creeping on they side streets

  73. Gitano Espana says:


  74. Fight Club Hamster says:

    Welcome to Maxine Waters district

  75. maxxamillion1400 says:

    Nigga's not ever going to stop killn' each other it's what they do…

  76. Brandon Merriday says:

    Reptilian brain? Speak for urself lol

  77. Ben Law says:

    To live and die in LA

  78. han solo says:

    I’m dealing from PTSD from dealing with my ex girlfriends

  79. L1K30N3 says:

    she so hot

  80. David Lemmel says:

    Important topic horrible interview skills. Leading questions, not really listing or respecting interviewees. Cliche approach that doesn't even touch upon the structural factors contributing to the violence. Nothing to see here with this sub-par reporter. Respect the topic and get someone trained so you don't waste victims' and viewers' time.

  81. Unknown says:

    2019 and shit aint change it never will

  82. DILLY TRUMP says:

    Gotta love this shit hole state. Democrats. Enough said

  83. BayDrian on_one says:

    I got it bad.. it really affects my everyday life I can't walk anywhere i can't do normal things like go to partys bars clubs or anywhere with big crowds of men I dont know cuz if I go I'm not going without my gun or at least a mini machete or knife and I'm tripping off everybody back against the wall ready for em if they think I'm slipping or not paying attention but usually I just look stupid cuz no one cares or even noticed me if they do its because I'm acting weird I guess my girlfriend left me cuz she couldn't have fun with me I'm just really negative its terrible smh

  84. Dennis Jasperse says:

    I have

  85. Gr8 Poseidon says:

    Is this that catholic school in Manchester and Vermont?

  86. _Vallee _ says:

    Ussally people with PTSD are less prone to violence and are far more likely to be scared, run or be silent when turmatic something occurs. However people with PTSD often have erratic and unpredictable and although it is more often the "flight" tactic that people with PTSD employ "fight" responses are common. Mostly within returning soldiers, who where in involved with combat.

  87. Lady Scarface says:

    He said "reptilian brain"….. bruh what?!??????

  88. BIG SIN says:

    This isnt just in big urban areas. I was abused by my mother, and in and out of juvenile institutions, and a product of gang bangin, in the mid 90s, I'm still going to PTSD therapy, and trauma therapy. I know all to well how these poor kids feel. I was in a similar situation.

  89. theman-wadeboggs says:

    Post-traumatic streets disorder? Thats fcked up VICE.. Btw this reporter is so trash she doesnt have the right skills to deal with these people fr

  90. joe bee says:

    Some people don't have nothing else better to do.

  91. Rich Palmeri says:

    Man I hear the gunshots EVERYDAY in my neighborhood in Cincinnati. I came here from Brooklyn thinking it would be better than Brooklyn. This city is a legitimate war zone man. Shits sad. It’s really fucking sad.

  92. Henry Torres says:

    The interviewer is very inexperienced at handling people that have to live that life , her prying is so distasteful. Sad

  93. Heriberto Lombera says:

    Growing Up in East Palo Alto Ca, The Bay Area your head stayed on a swivel in the 80's throughout 2000's to this day whenever I hear a loud unexpected noise my adrenaline skyrockets…..#BloockBleeder #CertifiedRogue #HoodPurpleHartRecepient #ForeverSolid #ForeverHeadStrong #ItIsWhatItIs #LiveAndLetLive

  94. Angel Duran says:

    The only good host is Thomas ?

  95. 2PacLegend 420 says:

    Last period before social media and skinnyjeans infected the streets

  96. Bodyguard services MAYZ security LLC 18608885022 says:

    As a native my grand father from there my grandmother from wampumnaug narragansett tribe but I understand native American have been treated worse than any other nationality for hundreds of years.

  97. Fredo Santana 1017 says:

    Hit home crazy to see it in mass numbers tho, sad life we live

  98. Arturo Solano says:

    A mass shooting is 4 more people we just call that a drive by but when I white guy does it and no one knows why it's a crisis only when the majority of people feel it we care but it's nothing new

  99. jobane sanchez says:

    Jeans + shorts = Sweaty balls

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