Qpisode 10 – What is the Placebo Effect?

For trivial health problems like pain, common cold and so on… it’s not advisable to have medicines unnecessarily. But many a time doctors encounter patients requesting medicines for such trivial problems. So once, a smart doctor just gave some sugar pills as medicine to them. And surprisingly, the patients reported feeling better after consuming the pills. So what miraculous power did these sugar pills have? Let’s find out ! This effect was because of a psychological phenomenon called the Placebo Effect. What does it mean? Here the patients were given sugar pills, but they thought that they were actually receiving real medicines. So they had a positive mindset that since they had taken medicine they would feel better. And this led to a positive effect on their health. This is the Placebo Effect. Now let’s see another interesting example. Some runners in a race were told that they were given ‘Super Oxygenated Water’, while it was just plain water. But surprisingly these runners ran much faster than usual. This led to the runners positive mindset and they out did themselves. Pretty intriguing right! In the first example that we saw, sugar pills did the trick while in the second, it was the water. They are called Placebos. So can you think of the applications of a Placebo Effect? Give it a shot. Placebo Effect plays an important role in the medicinal field. It’s used to test the effectiveness of a new drug. Let’s say there’s an organization which has come up with a new pain killer and wants to check its effectiveness. Some of the volunteers in a research trial are given a Placebo while the others the actual medicines. Now if the volunteers taking the actual drug demonstrated a significant improvement over those taking the placebo, then it means the drug is effective and we can use it as medicine. In this way, it can be figured out if the new drug actually has any effect or if it’s just another Placebo. We saw that a Placebo can be any substance that does not have any direct effect, but it’s used to change someone’s mind set. Now let’s see one interesting example where we don’t even have to use a physical substance as a Placebo. Normally a 30-minute exercise every day is enough for a human to lead a healthy life. This is easy for people whose work involves physical activities, like housekeeping. But according to the study, it has been seen that many housekeepers do not perceive their job as an exercise. So, one interesting experiment was conducted with female house keepers. The women were grouped in two. Group one was given a presentation where it was told that the activities they indulge in at work, are actually good exercises. And the other group wasn’t given this piece of information. After a few weeks to see the result of the presentation, these women were tested on a few parameters. Surprisingly, the women from group one showed quite a drop in body fat blood pressure, and were healthier. But the ones from group two didn’t show any significant changes. So what do you think happened here? This example takes us to a conclusion that Placebo need not be any physical substance, it can be anything that our mind believes in! Even if it’s just a thought. Now here, just the thought that they were receiving a good amount of exercise while they worked changed their mindsets towards their job. And this resulted in a positive change in their health. Interesting, isn’t it? We now know that having the right mindset matters. Mindset effects our performances and abilities. Now we all have a common notion that some of our abilities are innate. For example, many of us think that people are either born intelligent or they are not. We believe that the great scientists were born intelligent. So is intelligence an innate ability? Instead of having this fixed mindset, can we improve our intelligence by changing our mindset? This is your Kyu Box to explore. Share your findings in the comments section. And if this video has succeeded in changing your mindset, then do not forget to share this video, and do subscribe to our channel.

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35 Responses

  1. Don't Memorise says:

    Hello Everyone!

    The Placebo effect is the greatest indicator that your capacity to heal starts in your mind. How true is that? Can you trick your mind and improve your health? ? How about improving your intelligence? Is it possible? Let us discuss! ?


    Everyone get birth in this world as zero and it depends on them their surroundings their thinkings and specially their family what they will became how they will grow

  3. Aniket Tiratkar says:

    It is quite strange that two of my favourite channels released a video on the same topic on the same day.

  4. Boy Say says:

    I'm genius af


  5. Karthikeyan A says:

    Bro pls rashomon effect pls pls

  6. abhishek anand says:

    Yes, we can

  7. Kapil Tomar says:

    I think this video is also a placebo for us to change our mindset towards positiveness?

  8. Gautam Kanojiya says:

    Intelligence is innate is a very complex claim. It is hard to determine whether or not the genotype of humans solely affects our intelligence without considering external factors that
    contribute towards our developmental growth.
     (this is awesome Qpisode,
    I have seen lot's of placebo effect through my mom )

  9. THE UNKNOWN 320 says:

    we have already seen it on history that placebo effect also works to improve our intelligence,
    by the great scientist
    Thomas Edison ,, he was a stupid..even his school rastigated him,,,,, but his mother said to him that he was a genius that's why he nedded to be joined a good school……..after a while ,,after 10000 failure of experiments he ,aid the greatest invention
    the llight bulb

  10. Sarah Saleh says:


  11. Ady Shukla says:

    Knew about it already still saw whole video ?

  12. Syedabdul Sami says:


  13. gunvant dange says:

    Please make more and more videos

  14. BULL SOUL says:

    Do the opposite of placebo affect

  15. Shripati Dev says:

    As usual , as every time i comment on each one of ur video , please put class 10 bio videos ???? my humble request

  16. Reetu Jaiswal says:

    Mindset can change things

  17. Ganesh behera says:

    I think the way internal energy of a body cannot be measured so cannot be measured the intelligence.A single iq test cannot determine level of intelligence . Intelligent keeps on increasing and evolving through exploring and experiences .If intelligence is innate ability then scientist's son would be another scientist but it does not happen. Anybody can increase their intellect by taking knowledge from world.

  18. Aneesh Bardhan says:

    Yes intillegence is an innate ability


    Very nice

  20. Moala Falamoni Saulala says:

    Can u make a fraction strategy plss??‼

  21. Deepak Bansal says:

    No intelligence is not a inate ability
    Many great scientist like Albert Einstein and Newton doesn't born intelligent it was their imaganitive ability to see the world in a new way

  22. Md Hussain says:

    Please make motivational videos also. ..like to reduce exam fear, etc

  23. Swet Sagar says:

    Yes we can improve , bt the only thing which innate is the rate with which we grow our intelligence.
    For example some are very good at grasping things at first sight bt some take their time like wise many examples can be given.

  24. Jatin Jain says:

    Yes , due to visualization we can achieve anything we want. Because visualizing again and again same thing we move towards that thing , because our subconscious mind accept it .

  25. Yrc Murthy says:

    Thanks so much for making a video on our idea !!!!!

  26. Tuhin Chakraborty says:

    Now I understand why everyone say like THINK POSITIVE


  27. Vishwadeep Das says:

    you just explained it better than anyone else! ??♥️?☕

  28. Pushpam Kumar Singh says:

    Intelligence is not an innate ability. It comes from experience and curiosity. The great scientists like Newton, Einstein, etc were not intelligent by born, in their earlier life people use to call them stupid, dump and useless but they developed their intelligence through experience and curiosity. People can also develop their intelligence in this way.

  29. FIROJ TAMBOLI says:

    thank you a lot "" DON'T MEMORIZE "" for having a scientific natural positive reason behind medicine.

  30. raveena ravi says:

    Mam, calculus Video??!

  31. Godfather the excellenci says:

    Excellent explanation.

  32. Bikasha Kumar Sahoo says:

    Hello sir please solve my question
    HCF of 8‐²,8-³,8-⁴,8‐⁵ is

  33. POLY CLASSES says:

    Thank you. I have understood the placebo effect correctly.

  34. Tevendra Devarakonda says:

    Make a video on nuclear force.

  35. Ayush Sachan says:

    Upload more and more videos pleeeeeeeaaaassssseeee

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