real skills for real careers case study: Jess Wooley

[Music plays] (Jessica Wooley) I think being a good
leader isn’t about being in charge, it’s about showing
people the right way, then I’m helping others
reach for the common goal. I really like being
a role model. I feel like I have
a lot to offer. I guess for me, the more I’m coaching
other people, I feel more successful. [Music plays] My name is Jessica Wooley and
I’m a high voltage electrician. I’ve been in the field for seven
years now and it’s really been fun. My dad was a linesman
on Kangaroo Island. My dad inspired me
to be an electrician because when the power
went out he fixed it and I always idolised that
he had the power to do that, so I wanted to be that person. [Music plays] I was very outdoorsy. I really liked the outdoors
because I rode motorbikes. I did a lot of camping and all
outdoorsy stuff in my personal life. [Music plays] I definitely learned from doing. So when I was about
16½ dad suggested “Maybe you should do
an apprenticeship” and I thought “Why not?” and that’s pretty much when
my whole life changed. [Music plays] I have my Certificate 3
in Electrotechnology. Once I started my apprenticeship
and moved to Adelaide, my whole personality changed. I was a person that was doing the, you
know, unheard and the unthought of. Before that, I was sort of
just like everybody else, just going with the flow and not really having an idea of
what I wanted to do with life but once I did my apprenticeship I
definitely became more independent and worried more about
what I wanted to do. [Music plays] I think my first day that I
started my apprenticeship I was very nervous, especially
because they were all men. It was pretty tough at first
being a female in the trade but once I had my
first day at work, I realised that I could do
more than I thought I could. I’m doing my Cert. 4 in
Frontline Management, learning how to lead more
efficiently, lead better teams. It was a big deal being
a young team leader. It’s fairly hard leading someone
that’s older or more experienced but if you step back and realise
they do have the experience and use it to your benefit
it works out really well. I love that every
day is different, and you sort of feel like a
bit of a mentor or a hero. I feel like everyone wants
to fit in somewhere and the fact that in my job
I fit in in the community and I matter to everyone that
is a really good feeling and I plan to keep
moving forward. [Music plays]

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