Rectifying a Bunch of Videos

Hi! Today, I just like to sit back and
review a few videos on YouTube… sent by you guys over time,
while drinking a cup of tea. [Sips] Let’s watch the first one. What is HDR? Narrator: This right here
is a “hyperdimensional resonator”. And many of you have talked
about the fact that my nails are long. Well, guess what? I believe… That the HDR not only affects time, But it also affects living organisms
and I believe that this might be a si-. Mehdi: Oh, he’s claiming
that his device affects… the speed of time for
whatever comes close to it? Narrator: See, this is a nail clipper. I clipped my nails, but they
grow very quickly. And-
Mehdi: And look! A nail clipper. He has one. Which means, his nails
must be growing faster than everyone else. Science! Narrator: …had a powerful signal – What is that giant dil- oh, family-friendly. Narrator: We get these time distortions I’m gonna turn the HDR on, see
if it makes this watch go fast. [Turns on the suspicious “HDR”] *chuckles* Look that thing
vibrates too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Glorious. Narrator: It’s important to
understand that it’s a unstable time field. Sometimes it’ll go backwards
sometimes it’ll go forward. It depends. Wha-, what did I just watch? Did the guy really think that his giant dil- lemma…. Can actually change time back and
forth because his watched jumps around?! Kids, you want to start learning things, otherwise you’ll end up like him! That’s why this video is sponsored by… *drumroll* Can you guess? Skillshare! Where people like you
and me with practical knowledge, share their skills and knowledge. Well, less like me I guess…,
teaching design and business and more. Now with over 25,000 classes
for less than $10 a month, you can start learning the new
skill you’ve always wanted. Like… How to use psychology to
create better Facebook ads? Isn’t it just the art of clickbait? (hehe) I should watch it. The first 500 people to register from the link below
get two months of free Skillshare premium. Back to the time warper clown, he’s just a giant
idiot, or troll. Warping time is possible of course. If you have a f****** black hole close by!
The giants taped-up manhood is likely a large electromagnet from how it sounds. And everyone knows that strong
magnets mess with mechanical watches. See, in old watches that use gears and
springs, when you bring a magnet close, it magnetizes its parts and they get stuck together and won’t move. In the new clocks or watches that sometimes
use plastic gears, there is also a tiny electric motor. So when you bring a magnet close, it messes with the motor fields. With a DC magnet like
this, the clock just stops But with the AC fields his giant dickenson
creates, the motor would run back and forth fast. Why would someone conclude that the
actual passage of time is affected?! *Throws clock* Some people are cancer. Let’s
just what’s the next one. [Sips tea] *Voice in the video
speaks foreign language* Oh, I need caption for this one. “When in the case here the bush of the month”? “expelled duprat”? “I listened to the potential”?! Hmm (laugh) it translated the sound of the arcs. “Out of the potential enters the potential”
[RIP the youtube captions] *laughs* Why does this guy have this giant transformer in his backyard and I don’t?! Well, thank you auto-translate. Okay, so he’s making 13.8 kV with his transformer Then he stands up on those (insulator)
to isolate himself from ground. And touches the output with a metal
rod and some arcs jump to his body, and then he grabs it too. If he was standing on the
ground, he would be dead in a microsecond. Or is he? Because later, he shows that he’s
passing the huge current through his body. If this is what he’s trying to imply that
the current runs through his body, He’s a f****** moron! You should NEVER imply that something lethal is potentially harmless. People would try it and poof! Survivor of the smartest. Let me demonstrate and DON’T repeat
this yourself! I don’t want to walk in your
neighborhood and be like *Sniffs* “Whatever they’re cooking is
burning” My transformer creates… 2000 volts. Not as high as that guy Now, I am sitting on a plastic chair
isolated from everywhere and want to touch the output. You can see… These tiny arcs jumping to my body…
which means the current is flowing. Although the circuit is open. The reason is that, my conductive
body surface creates a capacitance to the environment and
lets the AC through. But the capacity is very small, and so very little current passes through my body that I don’t feel.
Although you see the tiny arcs That’s what this guy is doing if he was a standing
on ground, he would be electrocuted. Now I’m holding two pieces of metal in my hand. I connect one of them to the ground
and the other one to the 2 kV output. VERY dangerous, and I must get electrocuted. *arcs* But I don’t. *chuckles* I must possess some kind of Superpow- NO! I’m just connecting the
two pieces of metal with wire This is a VERY DANGEROUS
trick this guy is pulling, I mean, what if the wire
accidentally disconnects? The entire current runs through
your body and poof! See after the first trick, he
goes inside to prepare. And right here, You see he’s pulling
his sleeves down. Then he comes out with two rods in his hands with the wire running through his sleeves. And right here, he doesn’t even bother to hide the wire. See? The wire is right there connected to the rods. Okay, let’s watch the next video *slurp* “Jose’s fear of commitment has
led him to dedicate his life to electricity.” Well just to be clear, that’s not the
reason why people study electricity. – Very dangerous and I don’t
know if maybe he’s used to it because he has long eaten many
times and he has become… …Used to it. (Stop?) Step by step
or if it is special case or- No. You never get used to electricity. If enough
current passes through your body, you’ll die no matter how many
times get zapped yourself before. “At the University, Jose starts
by setting up his equipment” Professor *inaudible* has gathered
some of the best physics experts from the University in the hope of
understanding Jose’s claims Attached to the mains, Jose
burns paper with his finger. – He’s not attached to the mains, he’s
attached to this setup he just put together. The scientists fear they might get
electrocuted and back away. By experimenting he obviously has found
uhh.. conditions that allow him to do what, what he- So obviously, he knows electronics
better than these guys – But not, not killing me. I’m not sure why that is. Yup. Professor *inaudible* feels they don’t
have equipment capable of measuring the potentially high current
flowing into Jose’s body. All they needed to measure the current
through his body was a SHUNT. This magic mongoose is obviously
using a high frequency voltage because of the form of the arcs and the fact that they
are not making any humming sound. First of all, I showed in my video
a while back that you only feel the electric pain up
to a certain frequency. As clearly seen in my Mehdi Graph of PVF and he is using a frequency much more than that. Now I have mentioned
skin effect before. That at high frequencies, the current runs
through the outer shell of a conductor. But then later I realized, that it’s incorrect
to assume it helps in human body, because human body’s high resistance and
their skin effect is quite deep, but still the frequency is just high enough that he doesn’t feel it because it doesn’t mess with the nerves anymore. See, there are two ways that electricity
hurts. One is by messing with your nerves and stopping your muscles. And the other one is by heating up and burning the tissues. Anyone can do what it does. Although, I don’t recommend it at all because it
can also cook meat. So just watch me do it This is my Tesla coil that can generate 1 MHz of
high voltage. And if I bring my hand close, *tesla coil arcing and hissing* (ow) Don’t feel any electric shock. I just feel skin burn. Here… Now I don’t feel anything. Now, let me try and measure
the current through my body. I will measure the voltage across a
1 ohm resistor so every volt is an amp series with my body connected to the
ground using a differential probe. Okay. Now there is a bunch of switching
noise you can ignore here and this is supposed to show the RMS current
which is really zero at this level. And I hold the resistor. And there is not much current through my body and I bring my other hand close to the tower and is OW, S***! It seems I’ve passed over hundred miliamps through
my body that heated up and burned my skin. This is considered a lethal amount at low frequencies, but I don’t feel it inside my body. It will eventually heat up the path it’s
passing through my body, so it’s not good. I can’t even make a light bulb glow
with the current through my body. These things are possible at high frequency what they still can burn and be harmful. Okay, who’s next? Okay, what is this guy’s
cutting a can of coke? Okay? What is this? Oh… You put it on the router antenna? *expresses in disappointment*
Oh, my god… AGHHH! Those stupid fake Facebook DIY videos! People watch it and say “hey it works
because it looks like a dish antenna!” Don’t you think if those router manufacturers
could so easily increase their range? They would be all over it?! Even if it could reflect anything,
it would be very directional. Dish antennas transmit most of their power
sharply at the front unlike the monopole antennas of the router
that transmit uniformly around it because the receiver can be anywhere.
So that’s true you can get a much longer range if you sit right in front
of a proper dish antenna But no reception, If you’re not in front of it even close by! Garbage! And one day you visit your grandma and realize
she has a cut coke can on her router and says “It works so much better since I added this!” No, grandma! That’s not how it works! And then there is this guy in
his fancy pants showing that passing water through a bunch of coils,
you can generate static electricity. Who does he think he is?
Derek, from Veritasium? Oh wait, he is Derek from Veritasium. Then, this is a legitimate video. Go watch
it. All the links are in the description. These are the people you
should be watching! Derek has a PhD in physics education. There is an army of people like him
on the internet who do great work! Mark Rober has a master’s in mechanical
science and has worked for NASA. Kurzgesagt is a team of researchers, the same as AsapSCIENCE, Seeker or SciShow. Trace Dominguez who recently after working for Seeker, started his own science channel from scratch. Derek: It would give you
a decent little shock. I mean, it’s not actually dangerous
because although the voltage is high, there’s not that much charge behind it. So you can’t get that much current flowing
and current is what really does damage. *Door creaks* Even the best of us make mistakes, me included. What he meant to say was that it doesn’t hurt because the energy is limited. The voltage is
very high as well as current but the time is very short in order of
nanoseconds, so very little energy. There is also this suspicious middle-
eastern brown guy from ElectroBOOM. You might want to subscribe to
him too. He has a master’s in failure. And also, there are tons of more people at
SkillShare, an online learning community where you can fill your brains with the
juice of science, especially with my promo link, you get two months of free premium
membership with unlimited access. Sorry last time my family used it up
so quickly. So here’s the new link. Only the first 500 people to register get it.
So good luck penetrating the competition. Skillshare has over 7 million members learning
stuff, especially the creative lessons that I like. Last time, I took a few lessons on Adobe Premiere Also, I always wanted to start programming Arduino but what was afraid it might be too complex. But then, I took a few lessons
and realized it’s nothing. So if I can pull my act together, you might see some controller programming in my future *explosion* F***! *beatbox* Thanks for watching! Subscribe to the channel to see more videos!

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    Second regarding the guy with big transformer, apparently he is saying that he is running a wire through his shirt and is honest about it (translated by my Brazilian commenters, thank you!). That's why I said "If he is trying to imply that the current is running through his body…" because I wasn't sure. So he is not implying that, which is good. But I find it sketchy that he hid the wire in his shirt. WHY???

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