Refugees sharing their stories in One Nation territory

E-raced is about erasing racism through storytelling. Guys, do you have something to say? Do you want to share
the joke with us? No? That wasn’t respectful at all. Some students don’t care. It just breaks my heart
how they say “African gangs”. I’m not in an “African gang”. They’re telling us
to go back to our country. But we don’t have another home.
We don’t have anywhere else to go. That’s why we’re here. My name is Prudence Melom.
I’m the founder of E-raced. I am 23 years old
and live in Toowoomba, Queensland. Are you guys excited? I’m excited,
but then nervous as well. So, this is the first time
to come on this trip. We are heading off to Yeppoon,
about eight hours drive. From speaking to people
that have lived there, it’s not very
multicultural or diverse. We’ll see when we get there. We will be visiting three schools
with a group of four young people, one from Rwanda, one from Syria, one from Liberia,
and myself, from Chad. You know One Nation,
Pauline Hanson’s group? Yeah. She has a lot of supporters
in Yeppoon, where we’re going. Ohh, okay.
Oh, well. Let’s get ready, then. It’s all right, they’ll have
the type of people we’re looking for. That’s our target, right there. When we are actually polling the
second-highest vote in these seats, we’ve done extremely well. I grew up as a very lucky child. But, at the age of four, my perfect life
turned into my worst nightmare. Every single day
the police would come to our house and they would ask for my dad. He was speaking out
against corruption in the government and they wanted to kill him. From a young age
I wanted to protect my dad. But one early morning
the police came and they knocked. Dad was in the house. He told us all to hide under the bed,
that he was going to go get the door. We heard a gunshot. And… that’s it. I don’t know the full story but all I know is at that moment
my daddy was gone. When we stop like this,
everybody watches. I went for a conference in Brisbane
and parked the car. I thought they were
gonna smash the window. I’m like
“This is something positive. Chill.” I came here at the age of 12,
settled in Toowoomba with my family. People always tell me “Go back to
your country, you don’t belong here.” You walk down the street and you see a group of people
driving past and they just finish eating
their Maccas or something and they’ll chuck
the rubbish bag at you. To be honest, I wish someone told me
to go back where I came from. I wish they would have the nerve. What would you do? I would be like, technically,
you know, this is not your country. Well, we are lost.
That’s what’s going on. We are not lost. Okay, well. We’re going to get there
at midnight. Have you ever had personal experience with ISIS? When ISIS come, I was at the villiage. The ISIS cut the head. Or put the person in the front of the tank then crush by tank. About 200, 000 Yazidi people leave their house. You should share that tomorrow. Now, Prudence has travelled
all the way from Toowoomba, and as you can see,
from another place. So, I’m going to hand over
to Prudence. How are you doing? Put your hands up
if you know what a refugee is. All right. Why do you think refugees
and migrants come to Australia? Looking for jobs. For jobs? Okay. There might be wars in their countries and all that good stuff. So, war is a good stuff? And here…
Sorry, what did you say? Nothing.
Nothing? You know, we didn’t just wake up
one day and said “We’re going to go to Australia
on a holiday.” My family stayed in a refugee camp
for seven years before finally
being accepted to Australia. Guys, do you have something to say? Do you want to share
the joke with us? No? Just your attention
would be really nice. It’s important to have our students recognise there’s differences
in the world and that they should be celebrated. But I can’t blame our students
for not knowing that. I have been in Australia one year and 17 days, 40 minutes… maybe 42 minutes. One of the first schools we visited, this brave young boy,
I remember him very well, he put his hands up and he said “I think refugees and migrants
are a waste of space.” I knew that he was speaking about me. So, we went ahead with the program
and at the end of the session he came and apologised
and said he didn’t know. That was the moment where I realised that there’s so much hope
for a better Australia. My hope is not to have to cut my beard to be accepted. I’m not a terrorist. Alright next question? Yes? What class was the plane that you came over? What class? It was economy. Oh, no! Do you think we really
came on first class, business class? I don’t know. Maybe. No, no. We didn’t. I’ve been doing this
for a couple of years now and I’ve never had somebody
ask me about the class of flight we were on to come to Australia. So, I guess there’s a misconception that maybe we get special treatment. Some students don’t care. Because all the time, not listening.
Just talking together. Yeah! I mean, there were some that cared, but it was so hard
to get their attention. It’s a challenge. Oh, there it is. … immigration numbers. And that is the white elephant
in the room here that’s causing problems
in the country. You said that “We are in danger
of being swamped by Muslims.” I’m as much an Australian
as you are, Pauline. You go girl! That’s my girl. They come out here
and they don’t assimilate, they don’t want to assimilate. I know a lot of Muslim people
that have integrated just fine. They’re business owners in Toowoomba,
they’re doing just fine. I never knew politics was like this. It’s shocking. … and I think because
of the rise of One Nation, support for One Nation… This is officially
our final presentation before we head back
to Toowoomba. But two years later, the police officers from the refugee
camp came and knocked on our door. And I was terrified
because I thought “Hey, the first time
they came they took my dad, “so, obviously, the second time,
they’re going to take my mum.” So, we were all in our little room
in the refugee camp, they knocked on our door, and they told us that
there’s a man looking for you guys. It was that surreal moment where
you’re taken back a few seconds, like, is this really my dad? So, my father was shot
but he made it out alive. And at that point
we were very grateful. When you experience racism how do you respond to it? This is exactly how I do it, right. I tell myself “Prudence,
you are awesome, you’re beautiful, they just don’t know anything,
you need to educate them.” Yep. I was just wondering if anyone can beatbox here? Yeah! I thought you could. Thank you! I want my kids, my future kids, to feel
that they can walk down the street and proudly call themselves

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38 Responses

  1. skinnywizard103 says:

    Wow that’s brave to go into deep yellow territory.

  2. Em Pulse says:

    Is this a repost or a continuation of the same story? Repost.

  3. AU Keković says:

    It's ok to be white.

  4. valerie camilleri says:

    I don’t have a problem with people coming here if they are going to contribute and are genuinely in danger in their own countries. But if you come here and push your religion or bludge off the workers or commit crimes then don’t expect acceptance. I’d have to be an idiot to accept you. No one is calling you “African gangs” so don’t play that card. The African crime gangs are being called “African crime gangs” because that’s what they are! Call it what it is! And use your time to address that problem ffs. And if you come here and try to tell us to convert to Islam or die then don’t expect understanding or acceptance. The things that bother people are not the people that are not causing trouble it’s the ones who are. Australia has always had its problems with crime and sexual abuse etc etc but now we have it 10 fold since too many people have been let in without having to sign an agreement saying if they are here to convert people or commit crimes or whatever it is that we don’t need more of then they will be sent back immediately!!! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and help fix the problems we have like Lakemba or Melbourne. Speak out against that!!!!!!!!!
    And what’s with people escaping so much horror only to then go back to the country they ran from for a holiday???????????

  5. Phoenix Swooping says:

    Who is funding this propaganda roadshow?

  6. syche77 says:

    Awesome stuff.

  7. Sean Wardman says:

    What a shit story. Who gives a shit. Get a job and contribute and noone will care if you were orange and ate fruitbat shit for lunch. Stop preying on school kids ffs you pathetic, victim perpetuating leftist haters.

  8. Douglas Smith says:

    Stories like these help restore my faith in humanity.

  9. Alexandros Macedonia says:

    So White people are here to provide a ready made Civilisation for you ? A wonderland that you had zero part in building. You have failed in your own homelands , and therefore you run to us and then when you get here you call us ‘racist’ ?! Let me tell you something… we don’t need you. We can certainly do without your violent home invasions , car jackings and retarded attitude. Go home , leave us alone. Our culture is ours , you have your own , so go home and build it up to be something truly great. Btw you’re being used by the treasonous ABC tv Marxists to attack White people. We will deal with them when the time comes.

  10. RCPRO B says:

    Double standards here

  11. Andy Roo says:

    Its not the hardware, it's the software. Its The good character that counts. Not the color. However any ethnic gang rioting, car jacking and running through cities causing mayhem is proof there is a problem in their perhaps ethnic group. And it could be any one and any group.

  12. Aussie Cowboy says:

    I had Sudanese living next door to me and they were the biggest pack of bastards, nothing but trouble makers and welfare bluggers.

  13. _ L says:

    Lmao, let's show these Australian kids the real numbers who want to come here, the effect of eliciting a positive emotional response when shown a few in need has been well documented, however also well documented is the fact that attitudes change severely when the same people are shown real numbers, also why is there never a question as to why these refugees have war in their own countries raised, it's easy to play the victim and run to a safe area, it's a much more difficult task to take responsibility for what has / is occurring in your own country, however that seems to be ones primary moral duty.

  14. Help The Rose says:

    ….can you believe everything you hear…. especially coming from people who come from Africa

  15. never really here says:

    These people are amazing hope they keep up the good work. As an Australian I am embarrassed of how we treat refugees. To think of where they came from to what they are doing now takes a really incredible person. The way they expressed them selves and the way they handed the criticism is a true testament of character. I have nothing but respect and love to give to them.

  16. OUTRAGED Aussie says:

    More abc bullshit. How many come here though the proper way and not illegally the abc msm will not tell you that. Pauline Hansens for PM. They should be in their own country's fighting for their country's. Not inviting owr country.

  17. Strange Name For A Band says:

    These kids cannot help but cringe and squirm, how out of touch are you not to notice that your good works create such discomfit in the audience. Why Yeppoon, is there to be Africans moved into the area when these kids grow up?

  18. Jedi13 says:

    So reverse it, im white, my dad got shot now i need to live in your country and u need to accept me whether u like it or not, im here to stay so get used to it and im going to tour around and tell everyone,

  19. tony costanzo says:

    ok , lets be fair they are now Australian , but from here on WE DONT WANT ANY MORE , VOTE ONE NATION NEXT ELECTIONS

  20. James Adams says:

    Didn't like the leftist view of this documentary. The assumption that just because you vote for one nation you magically become a racist is pathetic. Theres a reason as to why One Nation is geowie in supprt and thats because the Australian people are fed up with media lies and leftist politics. I HOPE EVERYONE VOTES ONE NATION IN THE NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION !!!

  21. Crypto B says:

    I didn’t know politics was like this, usually we just cut off the other persons head and dance around it.

  22. Bdmill Francisco says:

    If they come here and commit violent crime kick their asses out

  23. George Washington says:


  24. steven lerch says:

    The stupidity of a district that voted for for One Nation

  25. kingfish99 says:

    They show zero gratitude and criticize the country that took them in

  26. kris thomsen says:

    If New Zealanders can be sent home for being of bad character without criminal conviction, why can't that stand for all refugees. We don't want to be seen as racists

  27. BJ Johns says:

    So proude of you all for showing Australian politicians how bad their humanitarian views are sad to see how far behind the rest of the world they are like stuck in the 50s

  28. Mu se says:

    What you expect, here is Australia.

  29. Michael Kane says:

    The closer to the equator you go the smaller the brains. Bergmann's rule.

  30. Damien Marlowe says:

    This country belongs to us aboriginal people U are welcome to my country anytime

  31. hawkesworth1712 says:

    You can hear the schoolkids parents talking through them.
    It's sad how dumb breeds dumb the further north you go.

  32. Marian Spain says:

    Australia belongs to the indigenous people.Aboriginal people end of.

  33. Hulagu Mongke says:

    heartland of one nation motto; watch out kids! black are coming to steal our treasure trove, hide your lunch.

  34. shane Mason says:


  35. Too Young says:

    Doesn't matter…….African gangs!!!!!

  36. David Wilton says:

    Vote one nation or frasier anning.

  37. wayne goff says:

    The Koran tells Muslims NOT to assimilate.

  38. hudstar2011 says:

    My Grandparents always viewed Queensland as a backwater wasteland. Two generations later and NOTHING has changed

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