Rick and Morty – How to Visit Other Dimensions in 2020 – Inter-dimensional travel for REAL

If you’ve ever watched the fantastic sci-fi
animated adventures of Rick and Morty, you’ve probably already day-dreamed about the possibility
of really exploring alternate dimensions. But, without Rick’s portal gun, is it really
possible to adventure into other worlds? In today’s video, we’ll be exploring a scientifically
verified and genuine means to experience amazing alternative realities. So, grab your hip flask and button up your
lab coat, let’s learn how to travel to other dimensions… Hello everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid
Guide. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s existential
comedy sci-fi romp, Rick and Morty, explores all manner of philosophical, scientific and
otherworldly topics. But the core theme that runs throughout the
show is Rick’s ability to visit alternate realities. While real-world physicists are still playing
with the theoretical side of multiverse theory – we humans are in the very fortunate position
to be able to explore the experience of alternate dimensions with little more than the hardware
of the human mind. Indeed, each of us owns the most powerful
biological computer in the known universe, a computer capable of creating astounding
reality-simulations – I am, of course, referring to the human brain and the biological virtual
reality of which it is capable – the world of dreams. More specifically, the ability to wake up
within and to control these dreams, a skill which is known as lucid dreaming. In fact, it is highly likely that the writers
of Rick and Morty have taken inspiration from the power of lucid dreaming, having hinted
at in episodes such as, “The Lawnmower Dog”, a spoof of the popular lucid dream inspired
film “Inception” – in this episode Rick and Morty enter and attempt to manipulate the
dreams of others – with bizzare and hilarious results. “He can travel through dreams, he can travel through dreams!” Other episodes such as “Virtual Rick-Ality”
explore the idea of virtual worlds, namely the life-simulation “Roy”, where, in a situation
not unlike the Taoist parable the “Butterfly Dream”, for the briefest of
moments Rick and Morty get to live an entire simulated human life. “U-hu, yeah that’s the difference between you and me Morty, I never go back to the carpet store” “Holy shit, this guy’s taking Roy off the grid, this guy doesn’t have a social security number for Roy” The show is littered with references to alternate
realities, altered states of mind and existential exploration. So, to become an inter-dimensional dream explorer,
one needs to adopt the same scientific mindset of Rick. Firstly, through the gathering of data by
keeping a detailed record of one’s dreams via a dream journal. Secondly, and also like Rick, one has to be open
to the possibility of multiple realities – indeed, in order to wake up inside a dream, one needs
to learn to view waking life as just one possibility on a spectrum of realities. There are multiple techniques to induce a
lucid dream – far more than can be covered in one video – but many of these are included
in videos on this channel, so be sure to subscribe, but above all else a mindset of exploration,
openness and scientific curiosity are key. When you retire to bed at night – do not see
it as the end of the day, see it as the start of an otherworldly adventure – and remain
alert. For those of you who’d like to seriously explore
the multiple realities of lucid dreaming, subscribe to this channel and pick up a copy
of my book “Are You Dreaming?” – these will act as your guide to interdimensional adventures. However you wish to proceed, one thing is
certain. While the fictional world of Rick and Morty
may seem fantastical and highly unlikely – the power of the human mind can bring such experiences
to life. Truth really is stranger than fiction. So, if you’re new to the concept of lucid
dreaming, or curious to start an adventure into the cosmos of the mind – I highly recommend
investing your time and energy into developing this skill. In time, the adventures of Rick and Morty
will seem less like fiction and more like a relatable documentary on your own personal
experience of the vast kaleidoscope of the universe. So, what would you do with your powers of
interdimensional exploration? Leave your ideas in the comments below. This channel is supported by my patrons. If you’d like early access to videos, exclusive content, audio downloads, and much more. Starting at just $1 a month. Sign up today! So, that’s it for today, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to hit the like button and to
subscribe for more content. I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide, and until
next time sweet dreams.

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  1. Faustian Frog says:

    You gotta at least have an iq of 180 to understand Rick and Morty.

  2. Super3punks says:

    Have you tried using the portal gun in a lucid dream Daniel?

  3. G Um says:

    Awesome! Rick and Morty fan and lucid dreaming enthusiast here. I encourage Rick and Morty fans to check out lucid dreaming! I have consciously gone to alien planets and more through my lucid dreams!

  4. Mr Lucid Dream - Daniel Love says:


    Hi everyone, don't forget to share your recent interdimensional adventures in the comments below! I always love hearing your lucid dreaming reports. Also, I'm considering a new feature – answering questions from previous comments at the end of future videos. So if you have a question you'd like answered in the next video – drop it below and it may be chosen for the next video!

  5. Lucy Reamer says:

    This video made me want to watch this show :)….

  6. hhh Hhh says:

    I've never seen the show, but I love your videos

  7. Daniel A says:

    Wow, great video! I think a Harry Potter theme would work well with this type of video format.

  8. StGrand_77 says:

    You need to commentate on BBC documentaries or something

  9. Y&S FOOD! says:

    Good video recording! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to run across such type of contents. We make Travel & Food movies as well, all around the world, so we are continually hoping to find inspirations and creative concepts. Thank You.


    The human brain is really fascinating.

  11. lolo sam says:

    Is it possible in the future in your opinion And thank u

  12. jef jef says:

    i have a question.do i need to open third eye to do lucid dream? Is there any connection with third eye and lucid dream?

  13. RA says:

    I actually love your channel

  14. Jessica says:

    I love ur videos but I wish that they were longer!

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