Ring the Bottle | An Activity that will promote Children’s Motor Skills Development | EdCaptain

Hi we are back with another interesting activity This activity is called ‘ring the bottle’ The objective of this activity are to develop motor skills in kids Now all you need for this activity is some basic things that are available in an office or a home or a school Such as we need a marker Or a pen some basic thread available at home And a bangle And of course, a bottle to ring Now all you do is you attach the bangle to a thread And the thread to a marker or a pen And you give some time to the kids Such as 1 minute and all they have to do is they have to ring the bottle in this way They will keep trying And this could be done in a fun way Multiple kids doing it together Oh no I missed it! And you could use Pepsi or coke bottle also Yes… I got it So that the activity all about Thank you

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