Rudy Giuliani shreds impeachment in exclusive interview with Judge Jeanine

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  1. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 says:

    1. We need to completely pull out of Iran.
    2. Iran’s people (not us) need to overthrow their goverment.
    3. The end.

  2. vi 360 says:

    Please Please let Rudy be Trump’s lawyer for defense in his Impeachment trail. By time Rudy is done, Trump will be evicted from office and jailed for life. It will be so funny watching Rudy confessing and exposing all the Trump corruption.

  3. John Morris says:

    In true Stalinist fashion, the Leftist media and the Marxist machine are now going after Rudy. This old trick is "negative framing," tarring and feathering a man before he has a chance to be heard so he's not heeded when he speaks.

  4. AdamN2020 says:

    This is the Democrats last ditch effort! They know once this fails they have used all their ammo! Then its our time for offense and they know it is coming

  5. Good Ol' Boy says:

    You tell 'em Rudy. Murica! Murica!

  6. Toga Tours says:

    one kiss up interviewing another kiss up is not journalism, its propaganda plain and simple

  7. Samual Adams says:

    There is considerable Constitutional impeachment latitude. The Founding Fathers had the genius to prepare for this moment. The Democrats are taking atrocious advantage of this latitude and Virginia is an example of what will happen to us all if unchecked. Best and brightest, it’s time to step up and show your worth. Constitutional latitude is a trap the Democrats have fallen into to expose them for who and what they really are. The ACP and aspiring Mullahs.

  8. Brett Karst says:

    Rudy!!!! We love Rudy! I’d like to have him as a lawyer!

  9. The All Seeing Eye says:

    Why can I not get Fox News in the UK on sky anymore because it used to be on sky but now I can't find it ?

  10. Debby Villalobos says:

    $85 billion on his hip the Killam Trump Obama’s doing this deep state is doing this all around him in his office he’s got to get rid of them

  11. Irene Cairo says:

    Get the democraps out

  12. Wendy Coe says:

    This impeachment is Un Constitution PERIOD

  13. Alex Kwamina says:

    Rudy and his criminal mind!!

  14. MrJeffcoley1 says:

    As a precedent, it would be better for the Chief Justice to dismiss the articles as Constitutionally invalid in order to deter future frivolous use.

  15. Richard Mason says:

    Is Trump going to stand with the French people

  16. Marilyn Curtis says:

    but republican senators fear if case is dismissed they will not get re-elected if their constituents fail to understand what this is really about.

  17. enorma pengar says:

    The only thing Giuliani shreds on a regular basis is his own credibility!

  18. J B says:

    I don't think Shreds means what that Fox intern thinks it does.

  19. Ingrid Malik-Connor says:

    A man has the right to face his accusers…bring on the witnesses…

  20. Rude Dan says:

    2 psycho babblers'!

  21. Robert Ward says:

    This guy is a moron. Lol, she is constantly telling him "we have to move on" because he starts rambling.

  22. Patti Downing says:

    Rudy was never a great, honest man. The 9 11 deal was just a fake blip ! We were all scared and could not think straight, Rudy has lost his mind and makes no sense—–cannot track what he says

  23. do nothin says:

    Even DemoRat polititions are welfare parasites. They have not done or accomplished anything, just like their voters.

  24. Jack Walter says:

    Two rats in a Fox's nest. A conversation for the ages!

  25. Zant57 says:

    Interesting the way trolls can only make snide remarks about Rudy and and Jeanine. No substance just twisted insults. Building their house on quicksand.

  26. Jocko Adams says:

    I would rather it finally get to the Senate, get tried and voted upon.. and then the media would have to report that Trump was acquitted. Democrats failed at Russian Hoax, then they failed impeaching over a Ukrainian call where nothing bad really happened.

  27. Jocko Adams says:

    Justice Roberts doesn't have the balls to dismiss this impeachment sham. He'd want the fraudulent case heard anyway.

  28. Bruce Bryant says:

    Rudy telling us how the Constitution works….LOL…only on Fox.

  29. Bruce Bryant says:

    Hey Rudy, why not try to spew this nonsense on Rachel Maddow's show….LOL… She'd own you before the first commercial break….

  30. Bruce Bryant says:

    Trump should stick to his rallies. Where the uneducated go to be fooled….

  31. Bruce Bryant says:

    Judge Jeanie has lost over 20% of her sponsors in the past month… It's true.

  32. Wi To says:

    Rudy for next SCOTUS vacancy.

  33. Ezekiel says:

    I have always liked Rudy Giuliani because he is smart and has such a good sense of humor. What a brilliant legal mind.

  34. jason marchione says:

    They should have to pay the money they wasted back! Total misuse of congress

  35. Elisa De La Torre says:

    Get rid of them all

  36. PHRESH Mankilla says:

    Your going to jail bag man

  37. spahhhvelous says:

    AND make the DEMS reimburse the taxpayers for all the wasted money on the Mueller hoax and the impeachment hoax! So sick of having my tax dollars squandered by idiots I can't stand to even look at!

  38. Barny Rubble says:

    The Dims didn't allow any Gop Call witnesses in the House hearings down in the basement!!
    Sew what your reap!!

  39. Pebbles Flintstone says:

    Tired of the show seems these ppl wouldn’t have jobs if not for all this crap

  40. Rick Believes says:

    Giuliani seems to have "Addiction to political power syndrome "

  41. Auntie Ding says:

    Nancy Piglosi will be>>TRUMPED soon>> Killery Clinton Said Yes Gurantee>> LOL😂😭😭

  42. kj Nightbird says:

    I believe Rudy's on target & the Dems will go down in impeachment history as partisan politics at its WORST. Judge Jeanine – Please, no more face-lifts. Time to age more gracefully. Said kindly.

  43. Auntie Ding says:

    Hey OBAMA Look what you done to DemocRATS people They Still Crying Over You.. Obama Said Yes i Brainwashed them big time.. Sad huh Killery Clinton? LOL😭😭😂

  44. DreamBeatsBakery says:

    Americans still calling Khamenei Khomeini

  45. Beeman Running says:

    Why would you want to block it? You are all so innocent let's get the facts out there? Oh yea, it is quite obvious that the GOP knows Trump should be impeached so they are doing all they can to prevent an actual trial. All the BS is spewed on Fox only. No one will appear under oath. There have been no WH press briefings in almost a year. Does anyone really think those are the actions of an innocent person?

  46. francisco says:

    Excessive case of wishful thinking!! If only Rudy baby, but no.

  47. Dac Tucker says:

    TWO TRUMP-SLUTS! Bad LOGIC, BAD Politics, BAD Discretion. BUT…let them speak.

  48. Dac Tucker says:

    HAHAHA! Mitch SETS the Rules. ! HAHAHA!

  49. Dac Tucker says:


  50. In truth we trust says:

    Yeah, "Ghouliani" just told us that he don´t know law…
    Like we needed that….

  51. Wallace Hardin says:

    yeah "they struck out the words" what horseshit, two drunks given a microphone, two loudmouths, ,,,,it does state a crime….if you like Trump trying to bribe a foreign power for his own purposes…like this didn't happen? 4 republican senators are on board –they want witnesses like Bolton

  52. Kevin Holdorff says:

    Haha Iran is mad…

  53. mieczyslaw herba says:

    pay attention, that Pelosi already promised the last week to send
    articles this week – and now she again promises to do it the next
    week. She wants to buy more time. The next week she will say that for
    some reason she is going to send articles the week after. She plays
    in this way with Senate since five – six weeks, the reason is to
    get time. All discussions about new witnesses in Senate were only
    good excuse for delay, too. Time is crucial for dems now. For some
    reason, unknown to us, dems need time. There is „something”,
    which need time to be ready, but it is still not ready. Maybe in one
    or two weeks it will be ready? Dems have to wait, they need time for
    some reason. Dems even play that they are stupid – just to get more
    time, to have excuse for enormous delay. Some of them – not all –
    know why they postpone the trial. Pelosi, Kerry, Obama, Hilary, her
    husband – know. What Pelosi does, is part of wider plan, with many
    participants involved. Maybe dems prepare some kind of a “final
    solution” for Trump? In appropriate time, when some unknown factors
    appear, when all puzzles will be on right place, and when all those
    unknown factors will make Trump's position weak, Pelosi will
    triumphantly send the articles to Senate. Not earlier. The articles
    of impeachment in this specific moment will decide about Trump's
    future, in a very surprising way, surprising to Republicans and
    Trump. It could be sudden military operation against USA, involving
    great powers, or acts of terror, maybe even invasion of other powers
    on important US objects abroad… Trump would be responsible for all
    evil done to USA, because he should take care and he didn't. Fake
    media will attack him after that, and this all could be good reason
    for impeachment not only to dems in Senate, but to all Senators,
    including Republicans. In such a situation it would be not proper to
    defense Trump to anybody, even to Republican Senators.

    could be big shame for them.

    my scenario the reason of delay could be for example illegal
    transport of nuclear weapon from North Korea to Iran by sea. When
    missiles with nuclear heads will be completed, and ready to attack, a
    few rockets send from Iran or other part of the globe could blow up
    Israel, or big city in USA, or in Europe… North Korea has this kind
    of weapon, but has no will to make such a disaster. Iran is enough
    brave and brutal, but has no nuclear power. I think that dems fully
    cooperate with Iran on some important topic now. This topic is so
    important to them, that they postponed the trial in Senate for almost
    two months up to now. This could be ultimate weapon against Trump, as
    I suppose. The delay is so long, that sea transport could be
    reasonable explanation for delay. Nobody knows what it will be, and
    because of that the most important action of Republicans now is to
    put the impeachment trial to Senate as soon as possible, to do it
    when Republicans want it, not when dems will kindly do it. Do not
    accuse Pelosi, that she doesn't know what to do, and that the delay
    is because dems have no idea what to do – this plot was prepared by
    much greater power, by professionals like Soleimani, and they simply
    need time to be ready. The schedule is planned in advance, the
    players wait for right time to act. Time is crucial! Do not
    underestimate dems power!

  54. Garry Troxell says:

    You know….sometimes I troll over to FOX news just to see what the undereducated are doing. Actually…they're all pretty smart over there at FOX NEWS. So smart they've become Trumps brains (cuz he has none) and you're masters. When are you idiots going to wake up and realized you've been played. If Judge Jeanine fell off a cliff that would be great….. I would hope the other Lemmings would follow. Lemmings being you guys. Have a nice day idiots.

  55. Dac Tucker says:

    Ain't no Judge here.

  56. fraalapar says:

    Hey Fox viewers is this dumb enough for you?

  57. Walter Sparks says:

    Is that evil Bob hope?

  58. Luke Medlin says:

    Trump 2020!

  59. Cliff Tompkins says:

    " A House Divided Cannot Stand" (Proverbs), (Abraham Lincoln). As we look in Quid Pro Quo for support, we have a Constitution that supports Jesus Christ, who is God. This is the only way to Salvation and that is why we need God. Our Country is in a "Civil War" and President Trump is taking us into the wrong direction. This passage in the Book of Revelation does say so: Revelation 13:3. Our King will reign a short time and as he creates division, Trump is doing the impossible. Our President starts trouble and brings those filthy spirit's into our homes. History will repeat itself for a brief time. The next and last rise in power will Rule with an One World Order. God in Heaven is quiet as he is preparing for the final Battle, The Battle of Armageddon.

  60. killfang the king of reason says:

    The Dems are committing Treason. Look at the definition of treason as defined in the U.S. Constitution. In it it clearly says that trying to use a abuse of power to take control of the government is a act of Treason. Hay fox news can you point that out once in a while? It's kind of important.

  61. Anthony Gato says:

    Hey truthers, what's your #1 conspiracy?

  62. rainwolf034 says:

    It’s High crime and misdemeanor, That means a High Crime and High Misdemeanor. These are laid out only those things are impeachable.. Because no laws existed at that time, so our Founders decided that the only things the President could be impeached for theses and only these things.. Because in the 1700 impeachment of official things they had seen in United Kingdom law.

  63. Eddy Ponce says:


  64. Bessie Staton says:

    The Senate have the power. And Trump have the Senate under his power of control and Rudy things need to change, new crimes merit new law changes. The Republicans will protect their members right .it wrong. To remain in control.

  65. G G says:

    This guy is so full of crap.

  66. Andy Slater says:

    The 2 biggest clowns behind trump.

  67. Handsome White Devil says:

    Jeanine would get the long strokes.

  68. Andy Slater says:

    Rudy is like watching a pinata party for 5 year olds. An adult has to intervene eventually.

  69. Marcus Aurelius says:

    SOCTUS should review and throw out — before it gets to the Senate
    these are not crimes as stated in the Constitution; these are not impeachable events

  70. Andy Slater says:

    Why is Rudy not indicted like his running budys, lev parnez and the other Russian. Rudy is being paid by russians to lobby and spread Russian propaganda.

  71. Joe Smoe says:

    The Democratic majority House is a hegemon, a little tyranny violating the Constitution, the impeachment must be ruled on by the SCOTUS as to whether it was Constitutional…this impeachment can not stand as a precedent or as the Mayor so brilliant articulates, it will become a national pastime to impeach as a political tool…

  72. Perseuns says:

    This guy talks out of his coulo

  73. Glen Tocholke says:

    Rudy is going to prison for life!

  74. ong kim says:

    ,Waterboarding is good for crazy Trump ,,the truth will be reveal

  75. David Haug says:

    Learn to pronounce
    noun: crime; plural noun: crimes
    an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.
    Extortion is sometimes called the "protection racket" since the racketeers often phrase their demands as payment for "protection"

    Hmm? Giuliani what the fuk are you speaking about. Suggesting that no crime even such as a misdemeanor has been committed. IN effect the United States is in an act of protecting or helping protect. You want more out of the law book you so suggest doesn't define a misdemeanor but in fact in most cases defines a felony. Racketeering take the form in which Trump acted in pursuant to the laws of this country. Maybe in New York this is a common law everyday forgiven criminal act. but then not in most courtrooms less there be a corrupt Judge. Giuliani, who are you fooling. So the United States gives money to help a country defend it's and Trump turns it into a racket to gain some suggested dirty laundry on a political opponent. The racketeering act is only half the crime Giuliani. You are the rest of it.

  76. David Haug says:

    Giuliani, you know nothing about Iran now do you? What is Iran Giuliani? Iran is a supremacy governance state. Now What does that mean? Anyone that would side with some U.S. president would be dead. Might be best to not say anything and let the Iranian people deal with their country. Any support might be construed as the United States wanting to over throw the current leadership. Giuliani, does that help Russia if construed in that manner. Shall you still be guilt of helping a foreign power that is considered an enemy? Fool.

  77. Jackie Planck says:

    Judge Jeanine I love you beauty and brains to. How can I get a woman like you?

  78. Dan Fisher says:

    Giuliani needs to find a way to lock his teeth down better so that speech impediment stops

  79. hans ruby says:

    What a pair! Are they both senile or is it just the idiot Rudy.

  80. hans ruby says:

    Is this a comedy show? They are pathetic

  81. Marc says:


  82. Intrusive Fucs says:

    Rudy and this succubus are Looney toons. Only a complete moron believes this nonsense!! Evangelicals are following a false profit and his evil minions

  83. Guy Fawkes-Day says:

    Where’s judge Napolitano? I don’t trust this whore’s opinion

  84. PJP says:

    the senat should throw the articles tin the trash can as soon as it hits the floor . NO CASE

  85. Daisy Q says:

    How about "Ordering a Hit on His Own Ambassador" ?!? 😳
    Would THAT be bad enough to break up his cult?

  86. terryfriend16 says:

    Young Iranians will overthrow the Theology of Iran… get free…

  87. Tarek BR says:

    I can't believe this guy is a lawyer. This guy is a dumbass.

  88. CDA says:

    The Supreme Court is the answer to this embarrassment for our country. The court should remove the impeachment and order the whole thing struck from the official record. Donald Trump needs to have his name cleared. Then the DOJ should go after the democrats and their socialist friends for corruption, lies, and treason. It should be done now!

  89. Awentus Zioniusa says:

    Dear Super Hero POTUS DjT45;
    From US Congress & Fake News 2Mid East & IRAN'S🕷🕷🇮🇷 Mulahs🕷
    ALL The Enemies of Present & Future of WE PpL USA, NOW Far Need 2Be
    Eliminated! 🇺🇸 🦅

  90. Tzvi Friedman says:

    Never seen anything as dopey as this, the media is a pure echo chamber.

  91. Melissa Davis says:

    So if they manage to Impeach President Trump and it nullifies his presidency…..he can run for President again and we would have him for 8 MORE YEARS !!!!! Win, win, win…..No I am not getting tired of winning !!!

  92. Ïván Elysius says:

    All these delusional inbreeding mentally deficient dinosaurs LOVE fox "news". The "asteroid" is coming, TRAITORS.

  93. Gregory Laskowski says:

    Jeanine bares a hateful soul to which no transgender would even aspire to…Jeanine is way more masculine than her ex convict husband!!! Judge JEANINE IS JUST PLAIN EMBARRASSING!!

  94. Old Fart Johnson says:

    How low can you go?Well,here we have two examples of low if not,super low.What will a person do for money?These two are ready to lie and sell their souls for it and that is the sad truth.They are now people without pride or truth and you should beware of what they say.They do not share your care for your country,they are obviously not patriotic,they are however in it for the money and that should worry you,a lot.

  95. Daniel Magallanez says:

    My grandson said that same joke, without Trump because Trump can't read.

  96. Leon C says:

    Lol. I hope Rudy is a witness during the impeachment trial

  97. Leon C says:

    And you dummies are in the comments, nodding your head

  98. 0 0 says:

    Rudy…you elaborate too much!

  99. Starzan Wieber says:

    I trust Rudy. I trust the president more🇺🇸🇺🇸

  100. John D. Rolader says:

    On still nights, if you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of shovels digging, it's the lunatic left. Their graves are almost 6 ft deep now…

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