S. Korea to convert special private high schools to regular high schools by 2025

special purpose high schools and private
ones will no longer be able to choose their own students part of government
efforts to eradicate unfairness in the education system some opposed to move
though calling it backwards and undemocratic Kim bogan outlines the
drastic changes to come South Korea’s Education Ministry has
unveiled plans to revoke the special status of autonomous private high
schools foreign language high schools in international high schools from 2025
speaking at the Seoul government complex on Thursday
Education Minister Yoon hae announced that such schools after 20 years with
special status will be reclassified as normal high schools autonomous private
high schools foreign language high schools and international high schools
which are come for four percent of all the country’s high schools will become
regular high schools from March 2025 this means the schools will be allowed
to keep their names and specialized curriculum but they will no longer be
able to select their students such schools have been seen as a more
competitive option for getting into the top universities in Seoul these schools
have been selecting outstanding students charging them expensive tuition fees
putting a financial burden on their parents and creating a hierarchy among
schools the ministry plans to make the necessary legal changes by the end of
the year at the same time the government announced plans to send some 1.9 billion
u.s. dollars in the next five years to improve the country’s normal high
schools the announcements prompted immediate condemnation from the affected
schools and parents who claim the plan will damage the nation’s education
system the government’s plan to revoke the status of special private high
schools as a regressive move that takes the education system back to the past in
the name of fairness some parents also held up signs that said the education
system is dead arguing that these measures deprive
people of their rights in a democratic country despite the education ministry’s
plans there are still obstacles ahead including strong opposition and a pile
of controversial adjustments and the plans will also need the backing of the
next administration which will take over in
2020 to Kim Morgan Arirang news

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6 Responses

  1. Terri Robinson says:

    Isn't taking control of private high schools a communist move?? PEOPLE, WATCH WHAT YOUR GOV'T IS DOING. The end of privatization ?? FAIRNESS from the gov't is just a cover for CONTROL.

  2. Fikri Noh says:

    This reminds me to the drama "My Strange Hero".

  3. willminkorea2010 says:

    Terrible idea. The government wants to take control of religious schools and special schools that do a better job educating students in specific subjects. Parents see higher fees as an investment for better educations.

  4. labelfree904 says:

    I think it's a good move, I wish canada would do the same.

  5. Terri Robinson says:

    Horrible. Undemocratic is exactly right.

  6. 김정유 says:

    문재인정부 출범이래 가장 잘한 짓

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