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  1. rafael17264 says:

    there are a lot of ways on which this ideas about freedom and capitalism can be presented,like through short videos,interviews,speeches,books,maybe some protests or taking some actions,but i think there is definitely no better way than through documentaries like this 3,or the ones on johan norberg and hernando de soto on this channel.and also through movies like the 3 parts atlas shrugged.unfortunately,this channel is not very popular,although it deserves millions of views

  2. Startuper belge says:

    this should have millions of vues

  3. Stefan Alexander says:

    Makes me wanna cry because bureaucrats dont care. That's understandable but what's ironic is that they always blame entrepreneurs for being greedy and ripping people off when they're the ones that do it.

  4. S B says:

    The best quoute" If you go to the market and want free fruit, it's rotten, if you want fresh you have to pay for it"

  5. SolarisLunaran says:

    While I am watching this video it has been published for 51 days and only has been viewed 1562 times. That is frustrating given how wonderful this series is.

  6. cosmicallyderived says:

    Interesting to be so caught off guard a bit by the role religion plays in this third episode. It then becomes pretty clear that weight would be carried by this population on this topic because they are the folks that predominantly have children and are philogenerative. It's funny how everyone instinctually wants to teach and raise and shape children because they are obviously the ones to carry the future. Parents are the first teachers and when you get a conflict between parents and teachers regarding world view the philogenerative group will simply out number the barren one and inherit the earth by default. Barren groups must make converts to make up for the lack of fresh numbers. Interesting dynamics for this open society.

  7. Eytan Kollin says:

    Thank you Mr. Coulson. I regret your passing as you had an innovative and focused mind. You did well with your life, for what my opinion is worth. If there is an afterlife I would hope to see you in it. In the unlikely event I become wealthy I would like to endow a scholarship or get a school named after you. Hopefully I'll meet you someday. Hopefully not too soon.

  8. Simsheng Vue says:

    Is it that hard to just say capitalism?

  9. Ashley Penn says:

    "We should be teaching reality"

    But creationism IS reality. I became a Christian in part because of the overwhelming evidence for it. If I didn't believe in science and reason, I would never have come to the conclusions I did that creationism, or at the very least, monotheism, was responsible for the origin of life, the universe, and everything. (Yes, even Christians read Hitchhiker's Guide.) I've been studying this topic for too long to just discard it out of hand. The supporting evidence is undeniable (no matter how many people try to deny it).

  10. Glenn says:

    Nice video. So, why are many afraid of an education market place based on profit/loss for a large part??

  11. J. Fernandes says:

    Amazing series!

  12. Infographic Instant with Bryane Michael says:

    Why do we assume that “traditional” work-for-the-man teachers are not entrepreneurs? We spend a fortune developing our knowledge and techniques to sell to the highest bidder (often funder or grant agency). Dont focus on the employing institutions’ private or public statis. Look at the labour — who is free market and the upper and lower ends of the labour market. Thanks for a thought-provoking and brilliantly executed video!

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