School of English as a Second Language (ESL) – George Brown College

[music] RUSLAN LEBED: I feel free. I can ask, I can understand,
I can find, I can write, I can answer what I want. IAN WIGGLESWORTH: The
School of ESL at George Brown, I think, is really
a safe environment for students to learn and
continue to improve their language and interact with
students from about 100 different nationalities. Our program for English
for Academic Purposes, we really focus on the
skills that students need for college and university. So, all of our tasks are
meant to mimic and to be as similar to a
college or university. SIFAW SADK: Homework is the best
thing here in this school. I’m Level 3 now but I feel
very good with the English. Like, I feel I can do it. IAN WIGGLESWORTH: We
have nine levels at the School of ESL and we have
our own placement test. It allows us to place the
students where they belong that has students who have
a similar proficiency to them. When it comes down to
the classroom learning, students engage in a safe
learning environment where it is tailored to their needs. OCEAN LIO: Before I
entered George Brown, I cannot speak a
complete sentence. In order to be successful in
a postgraduate program, entering a George Brown ESL
language training program is a must. I feel complete confidence
taking the advantage from the presentation skill, which
I learn from George Brown ESL Program to my
Advanced Digital Design Program. HTAY TINT: Right now, I
am taking sociology at the University of Toronto.
Because GBC helped me improve my English and
writing, speaking, when I go in the
outside of the class, I am ready because George
Brown prepare for me. EVA CAROLINA PEREZ VALERY:
They open the door; doesn’t matter
what age you are, it’s not just learning
English, it’s more than that. It’s about friendship,
it’s about know about yourself and improve your life. IAN WIGGLESWORTH: The
workshops are meant to be a more informal approach
to learning language and it really allows the students
to engage with their peers. Peer mentoring is all about
to have an additional person helping them and coaching
them along with their English proficiency. The social events, they
allow the students to interact with native
English speakers to do some incredible
volunteer work in Toronto. OCEAN LIO: Having the
training from George Brown ESL Program, it open a
lots of opportunity for me and now, while I still
learning, I can handle my job. RUSLAN LEBED: George Brown
College is the best college in Toronto. I couldn’t imagine
any other college. [music]

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