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100 Responses

  1. Nick T says:

    We came we saw he died…so much injustice with ignorant people but its certain that everyone has their time

  2. Cash Mayes says:

    1:36 "Because the devil taught them to eat the wrong foods"

  3. believe me says:

    11:50 a leader that allowed his people to have weapons to protect their country. While in the US, you have the government wanting to remove weapons from the people.

  4. DeezNuttz Or'else says:

    the music at 14.09

  5. Samuel Williams says:

    Someone introduced Gaddafi to Cocaine when he went over sea to London I guarantee you, Great 👍 leader but Coke head head ambitions am just saying lol 😂 look at Scarface Escobar 🤔

  6. mohammad yaseen says:

    Illumanti Zionists and the ignorant helpless Americans you will pay the price (with interest) for your hipo-crazy and cruel politics…

  7. Francis Wanyonyi says:

    i hope americans are happy now my heart mourns

  8. Total Road says:

    As for the carpenter has nothing to do with Barth Kadhafi and Harithi and her family and others even if they changed their names

  9. mimi says:

    I'm horrified and confused. Until this video, all I heard about Lybia was from US media… I would like to hear from people in the Middle East to learn what is actually going on.

  10. Laila life says:

    When my brother while heading the African union, made statements of a UNITED STSTES OF AFRICA, and talking of the countries no longer giving away its rich minerals, and wanting to be paid in gold, the order was immediately put in to murder him, and in a flash of the eye, ISIS comes rolling in. Look at what love he had for his people and all Africa, without a doubt, yet the western world would have you think he was a danger to his own and the world. No, he was a danger to this corporate evil people who do nothing but control the world populace who are ignorant to the real truth.

  11. Alone1am says:


  12. Delicious DeBlair says:

    The New World Order gets its way eventually, be it Gaddafi, or Hussein, or anybody else who might resist them.

  13. Delicious DeBlair says:

    If you are a good leader you are vilified, if you are evil you are idolized.

  14. Kevin ONeil says:

    I served on the line of death in the Bay of Benghazi and the line just got smaller and smaller smaller we just gave them all to me and I'm sending you was doing what he was doing he was financing terrorism

  15. Toko Lagihiloa says:

    So who has the Libyan gold now?

  16. Neky Kamarudin says:

    When Obama makes Trump looks so much decent

  17. Mage Chazy Wanda says:

    A real men always human being disliked his

  18. Usama Tahir says:

    A hero that was died
    Love from pakistan

  19. Usama Tahir says:

    He is a legend that born in libya….

  20. Jossam Julius says:

    Fuck it! i used to respect this man called Barrack Obama whom we all believed he has African origin, but after he made this decision with Hillary Clinton to destroy Libya, to destroy Africa, i hate him with all my bones. Fuck him fuck Americans, the most evil people. I guess that was the reason why they elected an African origin person to be their President so that they can find a way to Africa especially Libya since their other leaders failed. Obama managed to fool other African leaders and states mainly South Africa, Kenya and others to help him take Down Gaddafi by convincing them he has Africa's benefits of interests at his heart. Fucking traitor. Obama i hate you, you betrayed all of us Africans, fuck you man!

  21. Gladys akh says:

    How could you kill this man???? I cry for Africa .

  22. steven kenny says:

    A complete animal that should have been paraded through the streets before being lynched.

  23. tina mcguinn says:

    U can't even be a proud American anymore. we must stop letting the banks control our lifes and manipulate our minds and thoughts. the banks are using the media to brainwash us. they have been doing this since the start of television. We are their slaves and most people don't even know they are. The banks are gonna kill us all in the end.

  24. billy giles says:

    Gaddafi built the greatest nation in Africa.
    Libya was a model for other African leader to look up to. Libya had higher wages than BRITAIN. He was a genius, now look at it, bloody destroyed by Zionist imperialism.

  25. billy giles says:

    Giving up Libyas weapons was his biggest mistake

  26. billy giles says:

    Lockerbie was done by the CIA and is tied into there drug smuggling

  27. Nawfal Koussa says:

    Very sad libya hypocrite now eats rats cat snakes and ants bybye chimps

  28. Jeevan Gill says:

    All those journalists that spread those lies should be forced to live in Libya now among ISIS and in the mess that it's now become.

  29. elizabeth zenn says:

    the usa alway had used lies to bring down little countries that the usa feel treating. by it…pearl harbor, libya ,Iraq 911….

  30. elizabeth zenn says:

    the usa and other countries dont want the middle east to have their own gov.sel-sufficient system because if they do they would control the biggest oil-reserve..which Europe ans usa depend so. much on

  31. elizabeth zenn says:

    nato usa war criminals hegemony

  32. Kylo Ren says:

    Lmao. When he was saying “an entire Arab leadership was executed by hanging…the next could be you. Assad was smiling.

  33. Ben Van Rossum says:

    Gladly i see that like me there are many more people who think like me about the hypocrisy off the US and don't fall for the American propoganda.Hamdulla.

  34. Gary Nelson says:

    This man was a visionary who enforced his dream of a solvent Libya AND Africa. His methods of overcoming resistance was similar to Castro's. Funny how both were monsters we wanted dead. NOT funny. I was very upset at the way this despot was killed by ignorant peasants.
    If the USA had rulers like Ghaddafi there would be no border crisis. I don't like the idea of an ersatz dictatorship but this was the FOUNDATION of a new government and foundations need to be FIRM to build upon. We are so falsely concerned about the collateral damage of policy enforcement (gotta luv bleeding hearts) we get f-ed.

  35. Gary Nelson says:

    Can you imagine a US PRESIDENT among the people like this during a time of duress? Don't think so.

  36. Khalid AkA Bk says:

    Libya is suffering because of these monsters killing the king of the world may their suffer until they realize their mistakes

  37. Nawfal Koussa says:

    All world is crying for kadhafi unbelievable HERO this man legend misterious he was and is will be forever my god he the greatest man in my living time

  38. Lex Kulut says:

    Conspiracy by the zionis

  39. Floyd1504 says:

    He should never have gave up his nuclear material. That was his ace card. If he had nukes, he'd still be alive.
    He wasn't a bad guy.

  40. Woody says:

    You fuck with the petrodollar you will be marked for death

  41. Nicole Moore says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rip

  42. La Hja says:

    Obama is one charismatic liar…
    America is a bully, they are currently threatening my country for doing business with the North Koreans. they feel entitled to everyone's resources.

  43. victor portocarrero says:

    Hang…Obama and Hillary…World's traitors…!!

  44. nick ortiz says:

    Fuck politicians

  45. nick ortiz says:

    Politicians are spineless ,motherless scum

  46. lochinvar50 says:

    Ha, ha. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  47. Addiramathefirst says:

    died like allende (chile)

  48. Fast Diy Junkie says:

    When Muammar Gaddafi was alive Libya had everything, now that he's dead Libya have terrorists.

  49. J Golen says:

    I've heard that Farrakhan sucks the d*cks of 10 dogs every day and on the weekends he takes a donkey's d*ck in his anuss at least thirty times a day!

  50. Nathan Davis says:

    Saddam,Gaddafi how come every time America gets involved shit gets worse

  51. Karl Fulton says:


  52. Terra Nova says:


  53. I'll say it since no-one else will Denver says:

    a. sharpton has a special place in hell waiting for him. And that smug radio host will probably be tasked with shining his shoes and sucking his,,,,, we'll say ; his BIG Black toe! Gaddafis assassination and the subsequent destruction of Libya is just MORE of lib-tards plans for the rest of us.

  54. Mindfultranslations says:

    Once the Soviet Union decided to get out of the empire agreement it forged under Stalin with the USA, and unload the expensive and excessive burdening nations that refused to totally yield or was too costly to maintain; the imperialist western states began a renewed vigorous campaign in areas wealthy in resources to insure their continued economic dominance for awhile… but unexpected developments may lead them to regret their zealous ambition and force them as it happened to England to abandon these distant possessions.. as Chandigarh said : 20 million people cannot govern hundreds of millions of said people refuse to be governed, or something to that effect… nor will toppling regimes continue to be useful for gaining public positions of power. Study the past ! So called hawks are going to ruin the future of this country by getting involved in regional internal disputes of no interest nor benefit for America to support any party and allow those populations to resolve their own domestic issues… neither will faking provocations benefit anyone either… only to admit generations later how wrong we were and how much destruction was totally unnecessary!

  55. Teni Alind says:

    Shit obama

  56. Drippy Splashn says:

    Go daffy go daffy

  57. Mohammad Pourheydarian says:

    Allah says killing an innocent is killing the whole humanity. Gaddafi killed the innocent Imam Musa Sadr.

  58. Nedel Tesfay says:

    Why you moslems you sons of the devil, you killed him chanting allah wakubar, why!!!!!?????/

  59. MATLAB says:

    That trash obama sud be dipped into the burning oil. Hillary must be torn to pieces.

  60. Alpha Jalloh says:

    I see asimilar interviewing methods between ghadafi and sadam. Close to the end of this video both journalists was questioning a war strategical question that the west will use in their advantage. Don’t believe western journalists

  61. Anbu K says:

    Any Tripoli people???, need your opinion about Gaddafi.

    Did he killed his own people???

    Did you guys, protest against him?
    Enlighten me.

  62. Anbu K says:

    1:16:53 This broke my heart.😢😢

  63. andrew poirier says:

    Fuck the USA .

  64. andrew poirier says:

    Operation mocking bird

  65. Anjum Mohammed says:

    Gaddafi was NOT bad

  66. Simon Benjamin says:

    Have we forgotten Lockerbie Scotland ?

  67. w!1d3r says:

    The speech in the UN … priceless.. and still is the same. A few countries are running the "security" of the world

  68. Lee Kelly says:

    America…….no soul.

  69. الفارس الفارس says:

    الله يرحمه الشهيد البطل .. ابن البادية ليبي الدماء عربي الانتماء .. م ع م ر ..

  70. Alex Machua says:

    Gaddafi was a true son of Africa RIP….

  71. Mad Mummin The first says:

    I really wanted to watch this, but that noise passing for music in the background is very distracting

  72. Marky Mark says:

    Obama backstabbed Gaddafi !! Once gaddafi gave up nuclear ambitions the United Nations had their servant Obama take him down..

  73. Marky Mark says:

    Yes Louis Farrakhan lies and Grossly exaggerates..the man's evil Racist..

  74. Karma The tigress says:

    I have learned only one thing about America…. it has no friends, it has interests… and the main aim of killing colonel Myanmar Gaddafi was to then steal oil and other valuables from Libya… Rest In Peace sir Gaddafi… God is the the final Judge

  75. Dre Jay says:

    The background music is without a doubt the most annoying, basic and terrible I've ever heard. Such a shame you ruin your documentary with the worst music.

  76. Paul says:

    And Europeans complain about refugees destroying Europe. We can blame ourselves. When we allow our governments act like this. Throwing over other governments. Fuck me for even voting. Oh yes I am ashamed of being from Norway.

  77. Jump Forty Four says:

    the west wants all the worlds oil , and will stop at nothing to get it , f**k the people get the oil .

  78. Hill billy joe says:

    If all middle east country's found peace. The west would hate it. Leave them to run there country n stop sticking your nose in. It's all about the OIL.

  79. Lion Fire says:

    you sure it wasn't a body double.

  80. Hiden Truth says:

    Une très bonne Vidéo à partager entre personnes de bonne volonté. Honte aux médias menteurs mondialistes 🤢Honte à Obama et à la sorcière Clinton.

  81. Sandy Baggy says:

    And what is the point of all of this? Everyone with a brain knows about this, it's no secret that the States crush anyone they deem a threat. And what, what so you expect people to do? Elections are rigged and there's nothing we can do, if you say something you get shot, you do something you get shot, nothing's gona change.

  82. sinekonata says:

    I'm so fucking angry right now. US people are so gross…
    How is the Libyan people now? Who's in power? Did they restore the artificial river? They must live like dogs now….

  83. sinekonata says:

    Why did they lose the war? Would Syria have lost the war if it wasn't for Russia? Why didn't Russia help Gaddafi?

  84. Shakeel Shah says:

    "I think this man should not have been killed. I personally can clearly see that the US made him look like the evil leader but the truth is that they are the ones being EVIL", Rantz

  85. Shakeel Shah says:

    even if someone is guilty of bombing would you make his public starving to death by sanctions. what kind of strategy and moral act is this. this is satanic act.

  86. B Blessed says:

    Sad part is if someone had a magic wand to know the truth they would've denied it and that's ignorance and power which is been a plague throughout history
    Be blessed EVERYONE

  87. V K says:

    Obama, Sarkozy, Blair must be punished for war crimes

  88. Arabiel Avelar says:

    Another fake news paid by the US government

  89. Alex Ramsey says:

    Wonder how Obama and his gang can sleep at night???

  90. Jo Dalinkus says:

    Bloody hell US regime excelling at creation of failed states, war crimes on all sides.

  91. 01 AL kadafi 01 says:

    AL kadafi 🎖️💎

  92. Jean De Painter says:

    america is founded on stolen land by people from the other side of the world , maybe thats why the gouvernment still thinks they can fuck up every other country they choose , besides that america is one of the most beautifill places in the world its just ruled by the wrong people

  93. Owais Khan says:

    He did the ultimate blunder
    Wanted to replace the almighty dollar with gold and other commodities
    West and yankees would lose billions annually not to say loss of economic stranglehold and power

  94. Tesfahiwet Nughusse says:

    The present situation of libya is the evil act of obama & hilliary clinton,because they take advantage of the the people's crown ignorance of that time.

  95. TJ G says:

    If Libya built nuclear bombs they would have been ok and heard by the world

  96. Guy A says:

    False and fake handshaking.
    You can't trust their handshaking.
    They shake your hands and stab you in the back.

  97. Abdisalam Adan says:

    i like libya people becouse they fire there home good lucy fool

  98. Soeni Rono says:

    GADAFFI was a terrorist & he deserved humiliation.

  99. TeslaStellar says:

    A bunch of war criminals in suits lying through their teeth

  100. Ghetto Fitness says:

    In the end he got shot with his own golden gun by a kid at age 69

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