Semantics – The Rise and Fall of Muammar al Gaddafi

In recent years, you have had a rapprochement with Western countries. You have had important Western leaders like Tony Blair coming here. Gathafi wasn’t sitting in any tent twiddling his thumbs over these last ten years. This man has been investing in African development. But now, there are Western leaders who are queuing up to say you should go. Do you feel a sense of betrayal about that? Has Gathafi used the oil-money to build Libya? Yes. Did Gathafi use oil-money and discover water under the Sahara desert and brought that water to the surface? They cut off communications, electricity, water. Did he impose farming in the desert, so that they could feed their own people? Yes. Are there billions of dollars that he is spending building homes, building apartments for his people? Yes. They destroyed our radios. They deprived us of radio of television and of communication means. How much money is being spent to arm the so-called rebels? They are dissatisfied. Well what is their dissatisfaction about? An investigation into Muammar Gathafi’s violent death a year ago has challenged the version of events given by Libya’s new rulers. Something is under this. Semantics – The Rise and Fall of Muammar al Gathafi The State of Libya is a coastal country in North Africa between Tunisia and Egypt. With an area of almost 1.8 million square kilometres (700,000 square miles), Libya is the 17th largest country in the world. Because Libya is mostly arid desert, a large proportion of its 6 million strong populations are concentrated in cities on the Mediterranean coastline. From 1951 to 1969, following its independence from Italian colonial-rule, Libya was ruled by a constitutional and hereditary monarchy under King Idris. Idris administered over what can be seen as a parliament and regime with more loyalty to powerful Western actors than to the Libyan people. The people of Libya were becoming increasingly uneasy about the King’s loyalty to colonial forces and the concentration of wealth into his and his constituency’s hands. Developmental plans such as water acquisition and agricultural projects were slow to be implemented and Libya was, at this time, one of the poorest countries in the world. Muammar al Gadhafi was born on the 7th of June, 1942, to a Bedouin family in the desert city of Sirte. He grew up as part of the Berber Qadhadhfi tribe. His illiterate parents were too poor to pay for his education, so he would sleep in a mosque in another city and walk twenty miles every weekend to his family’s tent. Which at the time, was being supplied by the army. When he grew up he enrolled at the Benghazi University to study geography, but due to political circumstances in his country he dropped out to join the army. Between 1961 and 1966 Muammar studied at the Libyan military academy in Benghazi as well as having some military training in Great Britain. Having grown up in poverty and seen a lot of colonial oppression, Muammar becomes interested in freedom movements, education and development. On the 1st of September, 1969, Muammar led a bloodless coup against Libya’s King, who at the time was in Italy receiving medical treatment. That following year Muammar expelled all Italians from Libya. He wanted to distance Libya from the influence of the former colonial powers of the West and went about redesigning Libya based on the longstanding local tradition of Islam. He vowed that every single Libyan citizen would be housed. Promising that even he and his parents would not move into the new houses he was constructing until every single Libyan was housed. Sadly, his father died before he was able to fulfil this promise. By 1973 Muammar had developed and established a different kind of democratic system for Libya: One in which the masses rule the state on many different levels. Whether genuine in practice or not, he laid down the foundation for a system beyond representative democracy he called the Jamahiriya or ‘State of the Masses’. Which involved a participatory form of democracy. Muammar’s system made necessary the construction of hundreds of congress halls for peoples’ congresses. They were created with respect to the tribal system of order that had been in place for generations. At the time, Libya had only 4 million people which were divided into 2000 Peoples Congresses. With congress halls In which almost the entire country would meet to discuss international, domestic and local affairs. Economic and political power rested in the hands of the masses. And it seemed to work well for them. In the first stages there were the monarchies. Where the monarch owned the land and whatever was on that land. And the people had no choice but to think he was God’s gift to Earth. Then there was a second stage, the republics, where people were allowed to choose the monarch (that is, choose who should rule over them, like a President). Gathafi’s revolution and his oil-well have no doubt raised the standard of living of the Libyan people to one of the highest in the Middle-East. He has started massive agricultural projects even in the heart of the desert to make Libya self-sufficient in food by the end of the decade. Part of what he calls ‘the Green Revolution’. Profits from oil allow him to import foreign technology even expertise from Americans – Some of whom apparently do not agree with Washington’s antagonism towards Gathafi and Libya. We have no problems with the Libyan government whatsoever, the politicians from back home cause us nothing but problems. Whereas representative democracies that we are used to allow us to select people to represent us. Participatory democracies allow for people to vote for the policies themselves directly, as well as who should execute them. Even Muammar admitted himself there was no practical way to achieve this form of socialism, but claimed there were just as many flaws in the capitalist democracies and communism which opposed each other on the world-stage at the time. The people were able to establish and vote on committees to ultimately carry out those decisions made within the peoples’ congresses. He was described by many as a progressive Jamahiriya socialist. In 1975, Muammar published his Green Book, which expressed his personal and political views on a wide range of subjects. In his Green Book he advocated the use of participatory democracy over the representative democracy we are familiar with. As well as ways to improve the lives of citizens by providing housing, healthcare, education and living allowances as human rights that should be delivered by the state. It claimed Western-style democracy and parliaments were inherently corrupt due to their separation from the people and loose representative nature in practice. Apparently, Muammar used this system to eventually leave his formal position and hand over decisive-power to the people and their councils. For this reason, Muammar is said to have not had any official power since 1977. Only holding a symbolic or honourary position, just like the kings or queens of some European states today. The first stage is the Jamahiriya. Where people rule themselves, by themselves – and they can do away with an election system in order to elect someone who can rule over them. This means ‘the state of the masses’. A revolutionary who believes people should rule themselves, not be ruled by government. A man who promised to turn the desert green and is keeping that promise. That same year, Libya officially became the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Muammar officially passed power to the General Peoples Committees and henceforth claimed to be no more than a symbolic figurehead. Having stepped down, and with no official function in Libya, Muammar’s role was boiled down to the ‘overseer of Libya’ whereby he kept the titles: ‘Leader of the Revolution’, ‘Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’, or ‘Brotherly Leader and Guide of the revolution’. Believing every human need should be a human right, Muammar advocated a policy of farming, infrastructure and water reserves. Which he funded with money Libya was receiving from sales of oil. Libya has one of the largest proven oil reserves in Africa and became the third largest supplier to the United States of crude-oil. Because of Muammar’s revolution in Libya, together with the massive oil reserves Libya enjoys, Libya went from being one of the poorest countries in the world to having the almost the highest living standards in the Middle-East and the highest in Africa. Rating higher than many large countries worldwide. Libya’s dependence on foreign imports for food has always been very high. Muammar wanted to spread farming to the desert and make sure water reached the furthest corners of Libya. With this water he brought agriculture and farming to the formerly arid parts of the Libyan Desert, which he called the Green Revolution. To reach the goal of meeting fresh water demands in Libya, Muammar invested $33bn in the building of pipelines that were eventually able to produce 2 million cubic metres of water per day. Today they are estimated to be worth $7tn. Due to the size and cost of the project and with reference to controversies during the eighties regarding Libya, the Great Manmade River was referred to as the ‘Great Madman River’. And I think other journalists should be giving that country and his view a legitimate hearing rather than out of hand… …You know, rejecting it seems to have been the policy here as far as media and our country are concerned. It seems that way to me as an independent producer. That and at the official governmental level it can be suggested or even at a corporate level. And certainly on the part of the people themselves of the United States, it seems to me, would do well to give a consideration other than the propagandistic. At this point, let’s put this into perspective. Muammar al Gathafi was no angel and the system he laid down was not perfect. Accusations of human rights violations and public executions at the decision of Councils were commonplace. Much like any leaders good or bad, he was a fierce opponent of threats to the stability of his homeland both foreign and domestic. Public hangings of enemies of the state were even televised at one point. Military commentators say you already have far more arms and tanks and planes than your army of 40,000 men could possibly ever use. We have armed people. We need weapons for the people, the armed people. Every citizen must have a weapon, not in his house but in storage and indeed in time of defense for his independence. Defense from what, Colonel Gathafi? Against whom you mean? Against whom, yes? Just any enemy who might attack my country, attack my people. My people must be armed and be ready to face any aggression. How do you answer charges that Libya is involved in promoting and supporting and training international terrorists? This accusation without any justification? Also no evidence that we support or promote terrorism. We are against terrorism absolutely. And we should have very severe laws against any terrorist actions. Therefore, we are absolutely against terrorism. But now, we must clarify the meaning of terrorism. What is terrorism? We consider the manufacturing of nuclear weapons as a terrorist action. And establishing foreign military bases in the land of others is also terrorism. And making people suffer from famine. To keep food from them. It is also terrorism. And hijacking the airplanes. And for honest people to be victims of this action is also terrorism. But it is a very small one in comparison to the big action of terrorism which America is doing now. By threatening others and with fleets and with these bases and famine of people. Not to sell or give wheat. And not to give to the poor people, and so on. He was also a flamboyant capitalist and spared no expense in lavish goods from abroad and had no shame in flaunting his wealth. Nevertheless, Muammar was a staunch critic of oppression worldwide, claiming that just causes were quite easy to define. In 1982, the peoples councils of Libya had established Mathaba. Which roughly means a gathering place for people with a common purpose. In this forum, intellectuals and revolutionaries from around the world could meet and discuss ideas and develop revolutionary knowledge. This helped intensify Libya’s support for movements worldwide. Muammar made for tricky relations with his Western clients by supporting groups around the world in different ways who he felt were victims of domination and unfair treatment in their own countries. Tensions between Libya and the West reached a peak during the Ronald Reagan administration, which tried to overthrow Muammar. There is a clear difference between supporting the just cause of nations struggling for their freedom and liberation, between that and terrorism. And it is one of our basic principles to support nations that are struggling for the sake of their freedom. To support those exploited and oppressed, be they in Southern Philippines or Northern Ireland. We support them morally at least. But how do you differentiate between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? In any case, the just causes are clear. They are nations struggling against usurpers. To be rid of foreign control and wanting to risk their freedom and to live free, and with dignity. We are morally responsible to stand by these just causes. As for terrorism, that is another matter which we are completely against. We have no objections as far as we are able to aiding with arms and money nations struggling for the sake of their freedom. The Reagan administration viewed Libya as a belligerent rogue state. Because of its uncompromising stance on Palestinian independence, its support for revolutionary Iran in its 1980-1988 war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. And its backing for liberation movements in the developing world. Ronald Reagan called Muammar the ‘mad dog’ of the Middle East. Depending on the frequently changing foreign attitude toward Libya, numerous assassination attempts and other policies against Muammar and Libya were intermittent. In March 1982, following the accusation of terrorist bombings accredited to Libyan officials, the U.S. declared a ban on the import of Libyan oil and the export to Libya of US oil industry technology. At that time European nations did not follow suit. Libya became the centre a lot of political hostility from the international community. And the U.N. had placed an embargo on Libyan oil exports on which their economy, and therefore food and water supply, were completely dependent. The Al Gathafi International Prize for Human Rights was established in 1988 by virtue of a decision issued by the Libyan Peoples Congresses in indebtedness and gratitude for the Revolutionary Muammer Al Gathafi. And in appreciation for his role in firmly establishing the principle of direct democracy. It was also rewarded for his persistent struggle and distinctive inspiration and continuous instigation for the consolidation of human liberty. And for issuing the Great Green Document. In compliance with international regulations in relation to the war on terror, Libya abandoned its nuclear program in 2004. In 2011, Muammar was a top-runner for the online poll by Amnesty International USA for “Human Rights Hero of 2011”, followed by Michael Jackson in second place. In 1989 Muammar awarded Nelson Mandela with the Muammar Gathafi Prize for Human Rights in recognition of his peaceful fight against the apartheid oppressors in South Africa. In 1997 following his release from 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela ignored the United Nations embargo and dismissal of Libya and flew to greet Muammar. On the 28th of October, 1997, Nelson Mandela awarded Muammar with the Good Hope Golden Medal. The highest mark of respect awarded by South Africa for supporting human rights and the struggle against apartheid. What we call ‘collateral damage’ and what we call killing the innocents – No, it’s whoever we decide is our enemy we put on the ‘terrorist list’ and whoever we decide is our ally we put on the ‘good guys’ list and from time to time that changes. I mean, what happened in South Africa was nearly a miracle and the people we call terrorists turn out to be the least violent people in the history of mankind. I mean, right up there with Mahatma Gandhi and we had them on our terrorist list. Gives you a sense of what nonsense all of this is. It was the 1988 bombing of Pan-AM flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, that triggered Libya’s isolation and UN sanctions. Libya was blamed for the bomb that killed 270 people. It was one of the most infamous terrorist acts of that decade. To end the sanctions, Gathafi will pay one of the biggest compensation packages of all time. A total of $10billion to the victims’ families. To the UN, he also had to admit responsibility for the actions of his officials. But to his domestic audience, Gathafi is defiant. He said the money was not an admission of guilt, but just the price Libya had to pay for entry back into the world community. The Libyans said they’ll buy their way out of these three black lists. We will pay so much. To hell with $2 billion or more. It’s not compensation, it is a price. The Americans said it was Libya who did it. It is known that the president was madman Reagan who has got Alzheimers and has lost his mind. He now crawls on all fours. But in his denial of responsibility for Lockerbie, Gathafi has found an unlikely ally in Scotland. Professor Robert Black has campaigned for years to bring the Lockerbie perpetrators to justice. He was instrumental in setting up the trial under Scottish law in the Hague that in January 2001 convicted a Libyan intelligence-agent. [Yes, it is a betrayal I feel. I…] But now, Professor Black thinks Abdel Baset al Megrahi was wrongly convicted. And it angers me that, although the arrangement itself, the actual practicalities of the trial worked perfectly. It is just that in my view the outcome was a wholly and utterly perverse verdict. Professor Black says the main evidence against Megrahi was not only circumstantial but not credible. It centres around the clothes in the suitcase that contained the bomb. It is alleged Megrahi bought them off a shopkeeper in Malta thus connecting him to the attack. The shopkeeper at no point ever said “that is the man who bought the clothes”. The most that he would say is “that man resembles a lot, the person who bought the clothes in my shop”. Many of the British victims’ families agree with Professor Black that the verdict was unreliable.. [I would like to see Libya allowed to come back into the United Nations]. To uncover the truth, the families are calling for a full public enquiry. It’s central to the success of the prosecution, and and it’s totally fraud from beginning to end. [The international community is sending two clear signals, first…] This time it were not bombs, but international sanctions that were to hit Tripoli. Libya was required to accept responsibility for the bombings and turn in the agents responsible. Libya remember has been a punching bag for ten years, it is easy. Every time there is a domestic problem, you go bomb Libya or you attack Libya or something like that, and that is easy, they are completely defenceless. You know, Gathafi nobody likes anyhow, no one is going to defend them. So if you want to bomb them, bomb them. That is kind of like automatic. Maybe Libya was involved, I mean, maybe not. Nobody still has any particular reason to believe that they were involved in the Disco Bombing in 1986. Maybe they were but there was certainly no evidence around at the time that could convince a rational person. The German investigators did not believe it, you know, they thought it was a complete fraud. This was all suppressed in the US Press but it was published. I had an article about it right then based on an interview with the head of the what amounts to the German FBI who was… Actually an interview carried out a Stars and Stripes reporter with the head of this saying that there was not a particle of evidence Libya had anything to do with it. And this was a couple of weeks after the bombing. This is mostly propaganda and notice you should not be deluded by it. Western diplomats believed that a drastic embargo would be enough to bring Gathafi down. Professor Black wants a retrial. And if that doesn’t happen, he is prepared to quit the profession. If our legal and judicial system is not strong enough to recognise that it has made a mistake and to take the appropriate action to rectify that mistake, then, I’m afraid, it is a system with which I do not wish to be connected. In 1993, Gathafi celebrated his 24th year in power. The revolutionary was now 50. Flanked by the few national leaders that were still willing to be seen with him, he pointed the finger at his old enemies: Britain, America and France, to explain the position Libya now found itself in. They’ve sold their souls to the devil. They think the devil will always rule, but the devil will be defeated and will end up killing himself. But for now, Gathafi was the one in danger. He was a pariah. Leader of a country that was cut off from the rest of the world by an embargo on air-traffic and weapon sales and above-all, by a boycott on its oil. Libya’s only source of revenue. Gathafi has always denied that Libya was responsible for Lockerbie. But he’s desperate to end Libya’s isolation. So desperate, that he’s willing to pay $10bn. Even though we paid money for something that we did not commit, we are paying this to buy a license. Libya needs to be admitted onto the world stage to be recognised as a serious partner that people can do business with. The West wasn’t looking for other trails in the obscure world of terrorist networks and secret services. It had the perfect fall guy in the blustering Colonel Gathafi. Like I said, if they aren’t facing real domestic problems and, you know, the meddling outsiders are beginning to make a fuss, and people start paying attention, deciding – Look, we have to do something about this catastrophe around us. It will be necessary to divert them and there are not many ways. The other major ways are the ones I mentioned: Foreign enemies who are going to overwhelm us or at the magnificence of our leaders who rise up at the last minute and then they get time to save us and that’s standard and they could resort to that. Let our American friends answer this question: Why Iraq? What is the reason? Is Bin Laden an Iraqi? No, he is not. Were those who attacked New York Iraqis? No, they weren’t Iraqi. Were those who attacked the Pentagon Iraqis? No, they were not. Were there WMD in Iraq? No, there were not. Even if Iraq did have WMD, Pakistan and India have nuclear bombs and so do China, Russia, Britain, France and America. Should all these countries be destroyed? Fine. Let’s destroy all the countries that have WMD. Along comes a foreign power, occupies an Arab country and hangs its president and we all sit on the side-lines, laughing. Why didn’t they investigate the hanging of Saddam Hussein? How can a prisoner of war be hanged? A president of an Arab country and a member of the Arab League no less! I’m not talking about the policies of Saddam Hussein or the disagreements we had with him. We all had political disagreements with him and we have such disagreements among ourselves here. We share nothing beyond this hall. Why won’t there be an investigation into the killing of Saddam Hussein? An entire Arab leadership was executed by hanging, yet we all sit on the side-lines, why? Any one of you could be next. It’s true. Look, America fought alongside Saddam Hussein against Khomeini. He was their friend. Cheney was a friend of Saddam Hussein. Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary at the time Iraq was destroyed, was a close friend of Saddam Hussein. Ultimately, they sold him out and hanged him. You are friends of America – let’s say that ‘we’ are, not ‘you’, but one of these days America may hang us. [We deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya.] In September 2009, Muammar al Gathafi visited the United States for the first time. Libya was, at the time, presiding over the UN General Assembly and he was to give a speech at the UN HQ in New York. Only supposed to speak for 20 minutes, he gave a prolonged and controversial speech in which he questioned the power structure of the UN and superpower supremacy. As well as making other controversial claims. We are 192 nations and countries and we are like Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park. We just speak and nobody implements our decisions. We are a mere decoration without any real substance. We are Speakers Corner, no more, no less. We just make speeches and then disappear. This is who you are right now. What solution can there be? The solution is for the General Assembly to adopt a binding resolution under the leadership of Mr. Treki based on the majority will of the Assembly members and taking into account the consideration of no other body. We should focus on the achievement of democracy based on the equality of member-states. There should be equality amongst member-states and the powers and mandates of the Security Council should be transferred to the General Assembly. It is said that the General Assembly should do whatever the Security Council recommends. On the contrary, the Security Council should do whatever the General Assembly decides. This is the United Nations, the assembly that includes 192 countries. It is not the Security Council which includes only 15 of the member-states. How can we be happy about global peace and security if the whole world is controlled by only 5 countries? We should not live in the shadow of this injustice and terror. Superpowers have complicated global interests and they use the veto to protect those interests. In our political life, if they need to use the Security Council against us they turn to the Security Council. If they have no need to use it against us, they ignore the Security Council. If they have an interest to promote an axe to grind they respect and glorify the Charter of the United Nations. If however, they wish to violate the Charter, they would ignore it as if it did not exist at all. We should not accept this, nor should we accept any resolution adopted by the Security Council in its current composition. We are under trusteeship, we were colonized. And now we are independent. We are here today to decide the future of the world in a democratic way. That will maintain the peace and security of all nations large and small. As equals. Otherwise it is terrorism. For terrorism is not just Al Qaeda but it can also take other forms. The issue is a vitally important one. From the beginning when it was established in 1945 the Security Council has failed to provide security. On the contrary, it has provided terror and sanctions. It is only used against us. We should be guided by the majority of the votes of the General Assembly alone. If the General Assembly takes the decision by voting then its wishes should be obeyed and its decisions should be enforced. No one is above the General Assembly. Anyone who says he is above the Assembly should leave the United Nations and be on his own. In this way we will have justice and democracy. And we will no longer have a Security Council consisting of countries which have been chosen because they have nuclear weapons, large economies or advanced technology. That is terrorism. At present, the Security Council is security feudalism. Political feudalism for those with permanent seats, protected by them and used against us. It should not be called the Security Council but the Terror Council. According to news sources, protests broke out in Benghazi on Tuesday the 15th of February, 2011, which apparently led to clashes with security forces that apparently began firing on protestors. It seemed there were no calls however for Muammar to step down from his honorary position. According to many international sources, peaceful pro-democracy protests broke out in Libya and were quickly and violently repressed by Libyan government forces. Leading to hundreds of deaths. They stole weapons and started killing policemen and soldiers. They said that the Libyan government was attacking its own people from the air. And Russian Intelligence satellites have since shown us that this was impossible. We never thought that Al-Qaeda will come to Libya one day. Over the past few days, they took advantage of what had happened in Egypt and Tunisia and they made their presence felt here. We live in a safe country, our camps and centres are open to the public, but, Al-Qaeda members took advantage of this relaxed atmosphere and safety. And a group of youngsters launched attacks against police stations and military barracks. And this has been an incredible media war. A warning on the streets of Tripoli. I want to say to Al Jazeera, wake up, because you are dreaming. No one can kill Muammar Gathafi, all of Libya is with Muammar Gathafi. At the heart of the criticism, reports that Gathafi’s warplanes bombed and killed dozens of protesters in the capital city. The future of Libya appears to be on a knife-edge. Fighter-jets have been bombarding the capital Tripoli reportedly on the orders of leader Muammar Gathafi. Later on, they told us that Tripoli is bombed by the air force and heavy guns or something like that. And it is completely not true. The truth seems to be a city going about its everyday business. These are hardly the pictures of a city on the brink of war. Meanwhile, Libya’s capital Tripoli is bracing for what could be another night of gunfire, explosions and fighting. Eyewitnesses say warplanes had been firing at opposition supporters from the air. When we invited foreign media to come to Tripoli and to Libya and to see and to watch and to send their reports to their channels, we noticed that the administration or management of their channels selected what they want from these reports and eliminate or delay that what does not serve their purposes. Which is why people here are angry. Mohamed has taken a few days off from his work as an engineer to join the throngs of Gathafi supporters in downtown Green Square. They are hiding this. They are hiding this, about what is going now, okay? All the people are here just to be supportive for our leader Muammar Gathafi, okay? And they want to hide this. But, say analysts, it’s not just what’s being hidden, but what’s being said. Do you feel perhaps that your people are not with you? That actually, they might not want you? Eluded strongly, to the criminalization of the Libyan Government and Gathafi. Colonel Gathafi’s rule over Libya may be close to an end. The four-decade old reign of the Libyan leader has been shaken by days of violent protest. Amid further demonstrations across the North African state, the 68-year-old is understood to be seeking exile. Credible Western Intelligence reports are suggesting the Libyan leader is on his way to Venezuela. At a Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels William Hague added fuel to the speculation. You asked me earlier whether Colonel Gathafi is in Venezuela. I have no information that says he is although I’ve seen some information that suggests he is on his way there at the moment. Venezuelan officials have so far denied the claims as has a Libyan minister, but British diplomats have stood by their sources. I am satisfied because I was speaking in front of the youth in the Green Square tonight. I was to sleep together with protestors but the rain came praise to God it bears well. I want to clarify for them that I am in Tripoli not in Venezuela. Do not believe these channels, they are dogs. Bye. They said that 6000 people had been killed by the government, human rights organisations have confirmed that approximately 250 have died, from both sides. Here Al Jazeera, they say I’m not in Tripoli, maybe I’m in Afghanistan, maybe I’m in Iraq. The war is clearly not in Tripoli. And just as clearly, Western media has been a little too quick to write off Gathafi. The American people extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved-ones of all who’ve been killed and injured. The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. So are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of Libya. Like all governments, the Libyan government has a responsibility to refrain from violence. To allow humanitarian assistance to reach those in need and respect the rights of its people. It must be held accountable for its failure to meet those responsibilities and face the cost of continued violations of human rights. This is not simply a concern of the United States. The entire world is watching and we will coordinate our assistance and accountability measures with the international community. To that end, Secretary Clinton and I have asked Bill Berns our Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs to make several stops in Europe and the region to intensify our consultations with allies and partners about the situation in Libya. But how do they show their authority then? Because some who have gone out on the streets to protest say that your people have shot at them. No demonstration at all in the streets. Have you seen any demonstrations? Any protests? Yes, I have yes. Where? I saw some today. I saw some in Zawir. Yesterday I saw demonstrations. Are they supporting us? No they are not supporting you. They are not against us. Some were against you and some were for you. No, no one against us. Against me for what? Because I am not President. They love me, all my people are with me. They love me, all. They would die to protect me, my people, no no. The media said that thousands of people were about to be killed in Benghazi, but they never showed us any evidence. So let me be clear: The change that is taking place across the region, is being driven by the people of the region. This change does not represent the work of the United States or any foreign power it represents the aspirations of people who are seeking a better life. As one Libyan said: We want to be able to live like human beings, we just want to be able to live like human beings. It is the most basic of aspirations that is driving this change. And throughout this change in transition the United States will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice and stand up for the dignity of all people. The next town over has another crucial oil facility, which has changed hands several times over the past few days. After that comes the town of Sirte, which is Gathafi’s stronghold and could be the rebels biggest challenge so far. Muammar continued to maintain for decades that the power in Libya lay with the peoples’ committees. This confused many foreign observers whose reflex reaction is to associate leadership with something that should rest with an individual, whether elected or not. When Western media would interview Muammar, they would usually try to pin responsibility for all decision-making to one central person. Namely him. Do you have day-to-day control of the armed forces, do you give the orders in this country? First of all, there is no army in Libya we have an armed people. The men in uniform who carry guns in this country do you give them orders? The security issue is administered by the Peoples’ Committee. The Armed People is administered by the defence sector. The Peoples’ Committee for National Security oversees the security issue and oversees the armed people. What I’m trying to say is have you been giving them orders in terms of how they deal with the situation in Benghazi or deal with the situation in and around Tripoli? The only order that has been issued in Libya is not to use force, at all. And this is why we have warned them against using arms because they handed out orders not to use arms and force. In recent years, you’ve had a rapprochement with Western countries. You’ve had important Western leaders like Tony Blair coming here. But now, there are Western leaders who are queuing up to say you should go. Do you feel a sense of betrayal about that? Of course it’s betrayal – he said. They have no morals. Besides, if they want me to step down, what do I step down from? I’m not a monarch or a king. But you make speeches at the UN and you identify very much with Libya even if you don’t have a formal title. It’s honorary, it’s nothing to do with exercising power or authority. In Britain who has the power, is the Queen Elizabeth or David Cameron? Mr. Gathafi said we didn’t understand the Libyan system. Well, we have a Head of State who’s the Queen and we have a Prime-Minister who is elected, who is Mr. Cameron. Are you thinking then of having an election here for Prime-minister? Actually you don’t understand the system here in Libya at all. You don’t understand the system. What is termed as a Prime-minister in Libya is decided by the General Peoples’ Congress which is formed by peoples’ congresses and committees. No I understand the system that you have here, but internationally you’re regarded as the leader.. You don’t understand the system here, no, no, no. Don’t say ‘I understand’. You don’t understand. And the World doesn’t understand the system here, the peoples system. The authority of the people, you don’t understand it. The president, actually, did not make his final decision on what to do until Thursday night. Less than 48 hours before the first 200 tomahawk missiles were fired. We don’t understand what he’s doing, still and I don’t think he has the support of this congress. When was the briefing of the Armed Services Committee? There wasn’t one. What is clear: The cost. $550,000,000 in the first ten days alone. And an estimated $40,000,000 per month. But not how it will be paid. ..but along this coast road, there is oil, and it is oil that is going to fund the peace in Libya. We had the prospect of Gathafi’s forces carrying out his orders to show no mercy. That could have resulted in catastrophe in that town. Gathafi’s forces have pulled back because of this timely intervention. President Obama noted that while the United States may have taken the lead initially in Libya European allies and Arab states will soon start bearing most of the burden. I said at the outset that this was going to be a matter of days and not weeks and there’s nothing, based on how we’ve been able to execute over the last several days, that changes that assessment. But Pentagon officials have conceded there is no telling how long Gathafi could cling to power, leading critics in congress, in both parties, to ask: What’s in it for the United States? It is in America’s national interest to participate in that because nobody has a bigger stake in making sure that the basic rules of the road that are observed. That there is some assemblance of order and justice. Particularly in a volatile region that is going through great changes like the Middle-East. ..discuss our plans, if any, regarding arming the rebels they seem to be getting their butts whipped. These men are getting a crash-course on armed rebellion. How much money is being spent to arm the so-called rebels? They’re dissatisfied. Well what is their dissatisfaction about? Do they have jobs? Yes. Do they have food? Yes. Has Gathafi used the oil-money to build Libya? Yes. Did Gathafi use oil-money and discover water under the Sahara Desert and brought that water to the surface and brought water from Benghazi all the way to the border almost of Tunisia? Did he impose farming in the desert, so that they could feed their own people? Yes. Are there billions of dollars that he’s spending building homes, building appartments, for his people? Yes. So something is under this. They don’t really care about the future of our country, whether Benghazi dies or lives. They are attempting to destroy you and then bring foreign colonizing powers. And so when America, England, France three imperialist powers, want to destabilise that country, is it that you’re so concerned? Now listen to this hypocrisy, American people. Is it that you’re so concerned over the blood that is being shed in Libya? We are a very rich nation. We are a wealthy nation. They stopped the flow of oil so that we can start begging. They stopped the artificial Great River so that people die out of thirst. And tomorrow there will be no electricity. Those who would surrender their weapons and will join our side, we are the people of Libya. Those who would surrender their weapons and come in without their arms, we will forgive them and we will have amnesty for those who would put down their weapons. Leave your weapons outside and go indoors to your homes and shut your doors. Coinciding with Obama’s secret order to support rebel groups in Libya, the protests escalated into a rebellion that then spread across the country in order to oust out Muammar. Even though Muammar denied any order to shoot civilians made by him or any of the local forces, it seemed the international focus had been poised to take out Muammar and his family one way or another. In early March, the forces of Libya were able to push East and win back many of the coastal cities before reaching Benghazi. Another United Nations Resolution then authorized other member states to use all necessary measures to prevent attacks on civilians. If you say they do love you, then why are they capturing Benghazi and they say they’re against you… It is Al-Qaeda, it is Al-Qaeda, not my people, Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda, yes, they came from outside. So they’re the people pulling down the posters and putting up the flag of the king? “It’s Al-Qaeda..” he said “..they went into military bases and seized arms and they’re terrorizing the people. The people who had the weapons were youngsters, they’re starting to lay down their weapons now as the drugs Al-Qaeda gave them wear off. I get calls from families, thousands of calls from families in Benghazi asking for help, asking for someone to rescue them. People are asking for help and the calls for assistance has to come from us. They cut off communications, electricity, water. They would like us to lose our honour and dignity. Those criminals who have been released out of prison. Those drug-addicts and murderers, they got them out and they handed them weapons and let them out on the streets to fight with them. Any advancements made against rebels were thwarted by NATO intervention. With strategic bombings that took out communications, defense and even the main water facilities, leaving 90% of Libya without water, leading to a forewarned humanitarian crisis. On March the 17th, 2011, forces loyal to Muammar and the Jamahiriya tried to take Benghazi back from the armed rebels. In response, and based on loose reports in international media from reports from anonymous witnesses and rebels who waved the flag of the old oppressive king, the United Nations used an initial response to freeze the assets of Muammar and his ‘inner-circle’ and prevent them from travelling. What began was somewhat of a media-battle, both in terms of the way things were presented and the information that was not released at the time. On March the 17th, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1973, which imposed a no-fly zone over Libya and authorised the use of all necessary measures to protect civilians. Even at this early and ambiguous stage, and apparently with little known about the rebels on the ground, several wealthy nations around the world not only acknowledged the rebels as legitimate liberators, but provided them with intelligence, weapons and training to assist in the so-called regime change. Qatar in fact later admitted it had deployed hundreds of its own forces on the ground. It was not widely reported however, how violent and oppressive the rebels actually were. Not only were many of them from outside the country, they were restricting media, causing civilian- and security casualties and creating a sense of chaos. At the time, at would have been near impossible to distinguish between the armed population defending themselves and the armed rebels trying to take over. Al-Qaeda is the one who started the killing and confiscation of arms and it is now terrorizing people in Benghazi. These people have no demands. They don’t take part in protests, at all. Be it in Afghanistan, Libya or Algeria, they don’t take part in demonstrations. The armed groups in Benghazi have terrorized Benghazi and people have been phoning Libyan television and radio and explaining the situation there. In Dirna and the cities of Dirna and Bayda there are small groups that are terrorizing the residents over there. As for the rest of Libya, please, go along, have a look for yourself. Go outside Tripoli, go outside Benghazi or Al-Bayda. Go to the Green Mount. Go and have a look at the oasis in the South. Anywhere around Tripoli, in this town or city around Tripoli. I am prepared to go anywhere in Libya and travel there. Survivors arrived at a chaotic emergency room. They are mercenaries from Africa attacking us with rockets and missiles, this man said. As the US transfers leadership to NATO, and the coalition is into its second weeks of attacks, intelligence-experts are trying hard to sort out the facts on the ground. Since the uprising in Libya, questions have persisted about just who the rebels are. On Tuesday NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander gave an ominous warning that Al-Qaeda terrorists could be among them. We don’t have much visibility into those who have risen against Gathafi – each element has its own agenda. What if it was Al-Qaeda decided to press on in there and arm these guys? Well, we would clearly have a problem with that. We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, we’ve seen different things. And, at an international conference on Libya, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton admitted that they’re still getting to know the players on the ground. We do not have any specific information about specific individuals from any organisation who are part of this. But ofcourse, we’re still getting to know those who are leading the Transitional National Council. The thing that struck me the most as we got closer to the front-line was just how incredibly young some of these rebels were. It was pretty surreal to watch these kids, barely out of puberty, fighting and dying for this abstract concept of freedom. Abstract because real freedom was something they had never known. As Gathafi had been in power since before they were born. Al-Qaeda is one thing, and children who have been drugged and have been duped to do things and the Libyan people, is another thing. The youth who now have arms they don’t even know what Al-Qaeda means. However, the leaders of Al-Qaeda who are inside the mosques and who have appointed themselves as emirs – I would like you to go and see them. Some of them used to be Guantanemo inmates. As Western forces pounded Libya’s air defences and patrolled its skies on Sunday, their day-old intervention hit a serious diplomatic setback. Speaking in Cairo, Arab League Chief Amr Moussa condemned what he called the bombardment of civilians and called for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Libya. Sovereignty is not invading or occupying a country or affecting its sovereignty, but working on protecting its civilians. They were just telling me they get their coordinates through Google. Arab Spring. Facebook, Twitter, for their demonstrations and Google if you want to bomb them. Technology at work. So you push the button? Yes, boom. Shoot rocket. Shoot rocket. This one is fully charged, it looks like they’re using it a lot more. Yes, he wants to come to America. That’s the dream. Playing in the Miami Heat and with the Los Angeles Galaxy and Dallas Mavericks. Oh yes. Obama and Clinton, I want weapons.. New. New weapons. You want the newest. The oldest. Gathafi, new, Gathafi. Gathafi has new weapons. Yes! I want help from USA. He is asking Clinton and Obama to send more weapons so they can take Tripoli, so he can live his dream which is to play for the Miami Heat basketball. Yes. Yes, he wants to come to America. That’s the dream. Gathafi wasn’t sitting in any tent twiddling his thumbs over these last ten years. This man has been investing in African development. This man has been moving throughout Africa. This man has friends all over the world. He may not be your friend, but if you take him out and kill him like he’s some rotten fellow, that wants to kill his own people… The US formerly handed over control to NATO today, ending operation Odessey Dawn and beginning Operation Unified Protector but newspapers quoting Vatican sources said that 40 civilians were killed in coalition airstrikes. According to some it’s about protecting civilians… …and a resolve is clear, the people of Libya must be protected. Others say its about oil. The only reason they’re interested about Libya is about the oil. Do you think we’d be in Iraq if the major export there was broccoli? But some are convinced intervention in Libya is all about currency, specifically Gathafi’s plan to introduce the Gold Dinar. A single African currency made from gold. A true sharing of the wealth. It’s one of these things that you have to plan almost in secret because as soon as you say you’re going to change over from the dollar to something else, you are going to be targeted. There were two conferences on this. One in 1996 and another one in the year 2000, called the World Mathaba Conference organized by Gathafi. And everybody was interested, I think most countries in Africa were keen. Gathafi didn’t give up, in the months leading up to the military intervention he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency that would rival the Dollar and Euro. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars. It is an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world. Countries’ wealth would depend on how much gold they have, not how many dollars they trade. And Libya has 144 tons of gold. The UK has double that but 10 times the population. If Gathafi had an intent to try to reprice his oil or whatever else the country was selling on the global markets and accept something else as a currency or maybe launch a gold dinar currency. Any move such as that will certainly not be welcomed by the power-elite today who are responsible for controlling the world’s central banks. So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forth to removing him from power. Well today our dear brother, you know, has to be very careful in this decision that he and his Secretary of State, and Sarkozy and Prime-Minister Cameron and others are planning. They would love to go into Libya and kill brother Gathafi and kill his children as they did with Saddam Hussein and his sons Qusay and Uday. It has happened before, in 2000 Saddam Hussein announced Iraqi oil would be traded in euros not dollars. Sanctions and an invasion followed. Some say because the Americans were desperate to prevent OPEC from transferring oil trading from all its member-countries to the euro. A gold dinar would have had serious consequences for the world financial system but may also have empowered the people of Africa. Something black activists say the US wants to avoid at all costs. The United States should welcome the self-determination of Africans. They certainly have denied self-determination to Africans inside the United States, so we’re not surprised by anything that the United States would do to hinder self-determination of Africans on the continent. The UK’s gold is kept here in a secure vault somewhere in the depths of the Bank of England. As in most developed-countries there is not enough to go around but that’s not the case in Libya and many of the Gulf-states. A gold dinar would have given oil-rich African and Middle-Eastern countries the power to turn around to their energy hungry customers and say: Sorry, the price has gone up and we want gold. Some say the US and its NATO allies literally couldn’t afford to let that happen. I am amazed how the United States and the whole world, who have been in alliance with us against Al-Qaeda, and when we start fighting Al-Qaeda they impose such sanctions against us. So in every nation, brothers and sisters, there is dissatisfaction. And what the CIA does is go into a country and move among the people in a country that are dissatisfied to stimulate a revolt against a leader that they don’t like because they want regime-change. These are combat operations, they were intended to be combat operations from the beginning. I don’t know why this administration has not been honest with the American people that this is about regime-change. About ten days after 9/11 I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the joint-staff who used to work for me. And one of the Generals called me in and said “Sir, you got to come in here and talk to me a sec”. I said “Well you are too busy”. He said “no”.. He said – “We have made the decision to go to war with Iraq”. And this was only about the 20th of September. I said “We’re going to war with Iraq. Why?” He said “I don’t know.” He said “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said – “Did they find any information connecting Saddam to Al-Qaeda?” He said – “No, no, nothing new that way, they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq”. He said: “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments”. And he said – “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem has to look like a nail”. So I came back to see him a few weeks later and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan and I asked – “Are we still going to war with Iraq”? And he said – “Oh it’s than worse than that”. He reached over and picked up a piece of paper, he said “I just got this down from upstairs from the Secretary of Defense office today…” – and he said – “…This is a memo that describes how we’re gonna take out seven countries in five years”. Starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off, Iran. The truth is about the MIddle-East is had there been no oil there, it would be like Africa. Nobody is threatening to intervene in Africa. The problem is the opposite, we keep asking for people to intervene and stop it. And there’s no question that the presence of petroleum throughout the region has sparked great power involvement. Whether that was the specific motivation for the coup or not I can’t tell you. But there’s always been this attitude that somehow we could intervene and use force in the region. So when they had this election and the people in Iran rose up, they had legitimate grievances alright but stimulated from the outside. So President Obama didn’t want to put his foot into that cage lest somebody say America inspired it because it was America’s policy to destablise that government. Well what about Libya? I think a policy success, would be the removal of the Gathafi-regime. Secretary of State, Clinton, says it will take morethan military might to isolate the Gathafi-regime. The bottom line is: No-one can predict for you how long it will take for that to happen. Are you a Libyan citizen? Yes I am Libyan. A Libyan citizen without housing allowance. How is this possible? I swear I am a Libyan citizen. Let’s see here. We have to make sure you are a Libyan citizen. I am a Libyan citizen. Here are my papers. Well, don’t you have living allowance? Yes, I have. Then why are you begging? I am begging for treatment. But treatment is provided at the hospital free of charge. I swear, I wish it wasn’t so.. So you are not Libyan. Yes I am a Libyan. I swear I am a Libyan but these medicines are not available in pharmacies. Are you a Libyan citizen? Show me your ID. Yes I am a Libyan citizen. I don’t have any ID with me now but I have my social security number. Go bring the ID. That means you are not a Libyan. Yes, I am. Where do you come from then? The industrial estate. Do you receive living allowance? Yes, but… Then why are you begging? Listen my son, I suffer from a kidney disease and I’m a very sick person. Then you should go to hospital for free treatment. No. No treatment there, my son. I swear. Have you even been to the hospital? Yes, I have a file there, they said they couldn’t treat me, I swear. Here are the papers. Show me your ID so we can determine if you are a Libyan. I am a Libyan. You shame yourselves and bring disgrace to us in front of the World. Sorry about that. You get a free salary and free treatment. We love you Muammar. Give her papers back to her. Whenever government wants you to think and act in a certain way that would bring justification to an action they are already planning to make, they must make the person that they hate a boogeyman. People are also concerned that you will somehow sabotage or attack the oil-installations. Would you do that? It is they who are trying to do such things. The terrorists are trying this. They go by cars at night, 4×4, and they open fire on oil-fields, against companies, they go to the desert. The international community is concerned about stockpiles of mustard-gas or other kinds of chemical weapons. Would you ever use those? First of all, I mean, this issue we finished with it a long time ago, with Britain and the United States. It’s all behind us. Is it logical that someone would use chemical weapons even against his enemy. Even against those people noone can use these chemical weapons. [Even against foreign attack] [People are also concerned that..] We’re just going to show you these pictures that are being shown on Libyan television. We have no way of knowing when they were filmed. Whether they were today or some other time. But they seem to show Colonel Gathafi kind of poking out the top of that four-wheel-drive. There you can see him there in that landcruiser. And, you wouldn’t exactly say the pavements are thronged with supporters but there are a few well-wishers there. And these pictures are being shown now on Libyan TV showing Colonel Gathafi punching the air and wearing, well, I don’t know what sort of hat you would call it. A khaki hat. A khaki hat. I think that’s a rather polite way of putting it but, yeah. Fist-pumping and not many people there responding to it although his entourage obviously, kind of, waving their guns, poking out of the vehicles. As that one camera records these pictures of Colonel Gathafi waving his way through the streets of Tripoli. Where there is an awful lot of people just getting on with their business it would seem. But we don’t know when this was filmed and so we can’t verify that these are today’s pictures but they are being shown on Libyan television now. …about the fact that you actually know Mr. Gathafi. Indeed, you went to meet him in December didn’t you? Do you remember? In fact, there’s a jolly nice photograph of you and Mr. Gathafi holding hands. In fact, I have to say, I never seen you smiling more or looking happier. I mean, perhaps he’s an old drinking mate. I don’t know. NATO has been in full command of operations to enforce that historic resolution for almost three weeks and we are fulfilling our UN mandate. NATO’s kept up a high operational tempo, allied aircraft have flown well over 2800 missions an average of just over 1000 a week. Almost half of them strikes. We’ve struck a broad range of targets: Tanks and rocket-launchers, armoured vehicles and ammunition sites. We’re keeping up the pressure on the Gathafi-regime forces to stop their brutal enslaught against civilians. It’s a challenging task but we’re making significant progress in weakening Gathafi’s ability to use his military machine against his own people. So Gathafi, mass murderer, hated by his people so much that they would beg NATO to bomb their own country. Hated so much that the capital city fell without resistance. Or NATO, mass-murderer, klling the Libyan masses because they would die for their leader, just like in Tripoli. I know which one we have mountains of evidence for. Will you leave Libya? How can one leaves one’s country? Why should I leave my country? NATO is maintaining a high rate of operations in order to enforce the United Nations resolution on Libya and protect civilians from attack. Who gave coalition forces in Libya the right to eliminate Gathafi? Well that’s the question Vladimir Putin’s been asking on his official visit to Denmark. The Russian Premier also said NATO has effectively joined one of the warring sides in the conflict and more responsible action should be taken instead. Now, we also heard that the experts here in Brussels have confirmed that there is bombing going on by the coalition forces which is not being covered by the media here in the European Union. They didn’t show us how the brave people of Abu Salim, the poorest area in Tripoli and the staunchest area of support for Gathafi, resisted for five days until on August 24th NATO attacked anything that moved and piles of bodies lined the streets. They are destroying our country. Muammar is their father… Why are they cursing him and bombing him? Allah and Libya and Muammar only. Those dogs, those rats, what did we do to them? What did we do to them to make them bomb us, those dogs? They air strike us all day and night, people are all asleep at dawn and they bomb us with their planes. That is cruel. What did we do to them? They say they are protecting civilians, but no, they are bombing them When did they protect them? So, the Russian Prime-Minister has effectively lashed out on the operation there in Libya. Yes, he’s made a speech in Denmark and he was very angry. He says that Gathafi is not the best person in the world, sure, he’s made many mistakes done many bad things. But that does not give the coalition the right to bomb indiscriminantly. His words were that they are bombing Gathafi’s palaces in Tripoli every night. They said they were targeting Gathafi’s military forces. They ignored the 33 children, 32 women and 20 men who I saw buried in the small and traditional port-town of Majin in Zliten in early August. Mr. Putin’s question was – Why are the coalition forces obviously making this effort to go after Colonel Gathafi himself?. Mr. Putin added that oil was a key interest for the Western powers, for the European powers who have gone into Libya. That they want to get rid of Gathafi and install people who are more favourable to the European Union, so that European companies can control the oil-reserves. Hello Lizzy, welcome. Thanks for joining us. Can you confirm at this point the reports that there is heavy gunfire on the ground right now. Yes well. You might be able to hear in the background, I’m not sure if you can, the gunfire and fireworks that are happening and this gunfire and fireworks are celebratory gunfire and fireworks. As a result of the earlier emergence of rebels in the city (or armed gangs as the Libyan government are calling them) that have now been cleared out of the city and they’ve now been captured and arrested and essentially dealt with. So the only gunfire that we’re hearing is celebratory gunnfire. And the only explosions that we’re hearing are NATO airstrikes or NATO soundbombs which are clearly designed to create a sense of panic in the capital city of Tripoli. Now what we’re hearing happened earlier today is that the rebels in Libya, via their own channels and Al-Jazeera of course which has been at the centre of the media conspiracy against Libya. They created some fake footage of themselves inside Zawiya, claiming that they were inside Zawiya and Tripoli. They said on August 21st that Tripoli fell without resistance. But they didn’t tell us that within 12 hours alone, 1300 people were massacred in that city and 900 were injured. Since the rebellion in Libya in 2011, black Libyans and African migrant workers in Libya have been persecuted, tortured and killed by splintered rebel-groups. Womens groups have also been politically oppressed. There has been little or no international intervention for the atrocities that have happened in Libya since 2011. teleSUR Diego Marin is in Libya where there is concern for the increasing clashes. Diego tell us what is happening, we have reports of pro-Gathafi demonstrations, is this true? Hello Marayira. As you said today there are pro-Gathafi demonstrations and intense combat. This is happening because yesterday Muammar al Gathafi sent a message urging the people to fight against the invasion. Tens of thousands of pro-Gathafi supporters filled the streets of al-Ajaylat Thursday. Holding green banners the demonstrators claimed their continued support for the beleaguered leader. We love Muammar Gathafi and say to a lot of people come here, because they want to say that Muammar Gathafi our family. He is our father. And we love him so much. Further West in the rebel-held town of Misrata separatist-fighters receive treatment before vowing to return to battle. I got injured in the front-line, and now I’m having treatment and I will be back to the front-line as soon as possible. I will not leave it. I swear to God we will not leave this regime alone. Gathafi spoke to throngs of supporters in an audio address Thursday, promising to fight quote: “Until my last drop of blood”. During Friday mornings prayers the people took to the streets of the main neighbourhood in Tripoli. Those neighbourhoods that increased resistance to the insurgency such as Abu Salim, Souq al Jum’aa and two more neighbourhoods reported street protests. People took to the streets with the green flag and pictures of Gathafi were quickly repressed by the National Transitional Council forces. In response Gathafi’s loyalists began a major attack in all of those neighbourhoods and consequently several people were captured. We were informed that the arrests are very violent, some were beaten and stabbed. This resulted when there are calls for attention about how detainees are treated by rebel soldiers. They are violating every international law about human rights. They didn’t show how all the gatherings of the people to defend their capital from those who wished to send them back to the times of colonial puppet King Idris were attacked with missiles and Apache gunships. And at that point we’re going to leave my colleagues Chris Morris in Paris and Ben Brown in Tripoli. Because we’re going to listen to this address now from, we understand, Colonel Gathafi. And I would like to tell you, that colonialism will end and the traitors will come to an end. No traitor has survived, no agents have survived. You are armed, you should subjigate them to submission before your eyes. Obviously, colonialism uses technology. They destroyed our radios. They deprived us of radio of television and of communication means. This means colonialism is very weak, had it not been the case it would have allowed us to communicate with our supporters. Colonialism is afraid of our voice. Of our communication. Otherwise why is it trying to stop our voice reaching our people. These are the last few hours of this tragedy. Wow. Ha. [Unconfirmed] Unconfirmed. Yeah. Unconfirmed reports about Gathafi being captured. [Oh really?] Unconfirmed. Yeah. We’ve had a bunch of those before, we’ve had… You know… have had him “captured” a couple of times. It began hours earlier around 8am Thursday in Sirte, Gathafi’s home-town. When rebels started what they hoped would be the last offensive against the last Gathafi holdout. October 19th, at 8 o’clock, between 60 and 70 cars left Sirte. There were reports of white-flags all around Sirte, also white-flags on these vehicles. 8 o’clock, the sun’s up, the white-flag is internationally recognised as a flag of truce or a flag of surrender or a flag to negotiate surrender terms. You’re not supposed to fire any weapons if you’re behind a white-flag and the convoy did not. This was the convoy carrying Gathafi. Then an American drone operated from Las Vegas alerts NATO, it spots a convoy of 80 cars fleeing South from Sirte. French fighter-jets respond with an airstrike taking out two of the vehicles. When it was two miles West of Sirte, after a predator CIA drone had spotted the convoy some French planes came in and started firing at the convoy. Other NATO planes came in in successive waves. Many of the people were incinerated, drivers, passengers, others, were cut in half by machine-gun fire. It’s still unclear if they hit Gathafi’s car but when rebels pour in, they tell the BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse he was hiding in this drainage pipe. He struggles, stumbles and shouts as he fights against the enraged rebels. “Haram alaikum” he says, over and over, an Arabic expression that literallly means “This is a sin for you”. According to ABC’s translators it’s generally used as a plea of vulnerability. Muammar Gathafi, who showed no mercy in his own life, begs for mercy as his is coming to an end. They say they discovered him here just before 12 o’clock this afternoon. They pulled him out of the hole and one fighter told me that Muammar Gathafi said to him: “What did I do to you?” So, you came to power in a coup, have you ever thought that this might happen to you yourself? That someone else might… [So, I mean, that is the land of unconfirmed..] Yes, we came, we saw, he died. Did it have anything to do with your visit? Oh, I’m sure it did. They said that Gathafi was hated by his people, but they never showed us the 1.7 million people in a country of 6 million in Green Square on July the 1st. Or the masses in Tabunia, in Sabha, in Beni Walid, in Sirte and across the country who demonstrated to pledge their allegiance to their leader and to the Jamahiriya. A resident of Sirte, Susan Farjan, said: “We lived in democracy under Muammar Gathafi, he was not a dictator. I lived in freedom, Libyan women had full human rights. It isn’t that we need Muammar Gathafi again, but we want to live just as we did before”. Everyone does good or bad, Muammar too. Is it possible that in forty years he did not do any good? What they brought upon us makes you hate everything about them. What we hate the most is NATO. Do you really think they came because they love Libyans? Overnight the body of the dictator was placed on the ground for all the city of Misrata to see for themselves. It’s expected that he will be buried today in accordance with Muslim tradition but that funeral may be delayed.

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    the music at 14.09

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    Someone introduced Gaddafi to Cocaine when he went over sea to London I guarantee you, Great ? leader but Coke head head ambitions am just saying lol ? look at Scarface Escobar ?

  6. mohammad yaseen says:

    Illumanti Zionists and the ignorant helpless Americans you will pay the price (with interest) for your hipo-crazy and cruel politics…

  7. Francis Wanyonyi says:

    i hope americans are happy now my heart mourns

  8. Total Road says:

    As for the carpenter has nothing to do with Barth Kadhafi and Harithi and her family and others even if they changed their names

  9. mimi says:

    I'm horrified and confused. Until this video, all I heard about Lybia was from US media… I would like to hear from people in the Middle East to learn what is actually going on.

  10. Laila life says:

    When my brother while heading the African union, made statements of a UNITED STSTES OF AFRICA, and talking of the countries no longer giving away its rich minerals, and wanting to be paid in gold, the order was immediately put in to murder him, and in a flash of the eye, ISIS comes rolling in. Look at what love he had for his people and all Africa, without a doubt, yet the western world would have you think he was a danger to his own and the world. No, he was a danger to this corporate evil people who do nothing but control the world populace who are ignorant to the real truth.

  11. Alone1am says:


  12. Delicious DeBlair says:

    The New World Order gets its way eventually, be it Gaddafi, or Hussein, or anybody else who might resist them.

  13. Delicious DeBlair says:

    If you are a good leader you are vilified, if you are evil you are idolized.

  14. Kevin ONeil says:

    I served on the line of death in the Bay of Benghazi and the line just got smaller and smaller smaller we just gave them all to me and I'm sending you was doing what he was doing he was financing terrorism

  15. Toko Lagihiloa says:

    So who has the Libyan gold now?

  16. Neky Kamarudin says:

    When Obama makes Trump looks so much decent

  17. Mage Chazy Wanda says:

    A real men always human being disliked his

  18. Usama Tahir says:

    A hero that was died
    Love from pakistan

  19. Usama Tahir says:

    He is a legend that born in libya….

  20. Jossam Julius says:

    Fuck it! i used to respect this man called Barrack Obama whom we all believed he has African origin, but after he made this decision with Hillary Clinton to destroy Libya, to destroy Africa, i hate him with all my bones. Fuck him fuck Americans, the most evil people. I guess that was the reason why they elected an African origin person to be their President so that they can find a way to Africa especially Libya since their other leaders failed. Obama managed to fool other African leaders and states mainly South Africa, Kenya and others to help him take Down Gaddafi by convincing them he has Africa's benefits of interests at his heart. Fucking traitor. Obama i hate you, you betrayed all of us Africans, fuck you man!

  21. Gladys akh says:

    How could you kill this man???? I cry for Africa .

  22. steven kenny says:

    A complete animal that should have been paraded through the streets before being lynched.

  23. tina mcguinn says:

    U can't even be a proud American anymore. we must stop letting the banks control our lifes and manipulate our minds and thoughts. the banks are using the media to brainwash us. they have been doing this since the start of television. We are their slaves and most people don't even know they are. The banks are gonna kill us all in the end.

  24. billy giles says:

    Gaddafi built the greatest nation in Africa.
    Libya was a model for other African leader to look up to. Libya had higher wages than BRITAIN. He was a genius, now look at it, bloody destroyed by Zionist imperialism.

  25. billy giles says:

    Giving up Libyas weapons was his biggest mistake

  26. billy giles says:

    Lockerbie was done by the CIA and is tied into there drug smuggling

  27. Nawfal Koussa says:

    Very sad libya hypocrite now eats rats cat snakes and ants bybye chimps

  28. Jeevan Gill says:

    All those journalists that spread those lies should be forced to live in Libya now among ISIS and in the mess that it's now become.

  29. elizabeth zenn says:

    the usa alway had used lies to bring down little countries that the usa feel treating. by it…pearl harbor, libya ,Iraq 911….

  30. elizabeth zenn says:

    the usa and other countries dont want the middle east to have their own gov.sel-sufficient system because if they do they would control the biggest oil-reserve..which Europe ans usa depend so. much on

  31. elizabeth zenn says:

    nato usa war criminals hegemony

  32. Kylo Ren says:

    Lmao. When he was saying “an entire Arab leadership was executed by hanging…the next could be you. Assad was smiling.

  33. Ben Van Rossum says:

    Gladly i see that like me there are many more people who think like me about the hypocrisy off the US and don't fall for the American propoganda.Hamdulla.

  34. Gary Nelson says:

    This man was a visionary who enforced his dream of a solvent Libya AND Africa. His methods of overcoming resistance was similar to Castro's. Funny how both were monsters we wanted dead. NOT funny. I was very upset at the way this despot was killed by ignorant peasants.
    If the USA had rulers like Ghaddafi there would be no border crisis. I don't like the idea of an ersatz dictatorship but this was the FOUNDATION of a new government and foundations need to be FIRM to build upon. We are so falsely concerned about the collateral damage of policy enforcement (gotta luv bleeding hearts) we get f-ed.

  35. Gary Nelson says:

    Can you imagine a US PRESIDENT among the people like this during a time of duress? Don't think so.

  36. Khalid AkA Bk says:

    Libya is suffering because of these monsters killing the king of the world may their suffer until they realize their mistakes

  37. Nawfal Koussa says:

    All world is crying for kadhafi unbelievable HERO this man legend misterious he was and is will be forever my god he the greatest man in my living time

  38. Lex Kulut says:

    Conspiracy by the zionis

  39. Floyd1504 says:

    He should never have gave up his nuclear material. That was his ace card. If he had nukes, he'd still be alive.
    He wasn't a bad guy.

  40. Woody says:

    You fuck with the petrodollar you will be marked for death

  41. Nicole Moore says:

    ????????? Rip

  42. La Hja says:

    Obama is one charismatic liar…
    America is a bully, they are currently threatening my country for doing business with the North Koreans. they feel entitled to everyone's resources.

  43. victor portocarrero says:

    Hang…Obama and Hillary…World's traitors…!!

  44. nick ortiz says:

    Fuck politicians

  45. nick ortiz says:

    Politicians are spineless ,motherless scum

  46. lochinvar50 says:

    Ha, ha. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  47. Addiramathefirst says:

    died like allende (chile)

  48. Fast Diy Junkie says:

    When Muammar Gaddafi was alive Libya had everything, now that he's dead Libya have terrorists.

  49. J Golen says:

    I've heard that Farrakhan sucks the d*cks of 10 dogs every day and on the weekends he takes a donkey's d*ck in his anuss at least thirty times a day!

  50. Nathan Davis says:

    Saddam,Gaddafi how come every time America gets involved shit gets worse

  51. Karl Fulton says:


  52. Terra Nova says:


  53. I'll say it since no-one else will Denver says:

    a. sharpton has a special place in hell waiting for him. And that smug radio host will probably be tasked with shining his shoes and sucking his,,,,, we'll say ; his BIG Black toe! Gaddafis assassination and the subsequent destruction of Libya is just MORE of lib-tards plans for the rest of us.

  54. Mindfultranslations says:

    Once the Soviet Union decided to get out of the empire agreement it forged under Stalin with the USA, and unload the expensive and excessive burdening nations that refused to totally yield or was too costly to maintain; the imperialist western states began a renewed vigorous campaign in areas wealthy in resources to insure their continued economic dominance for awhile… but unexpected developments may lead them to regret their zealous ambition and force them as it happened to England to abandon these distant possessions.. as Chandigarh said : 20 million people cannot govern hundreds of millions of said people refuse to be governed, or something to that effect… nor will toppling regimes continue to be useful for gaining public positions of power. Study the past ! So called hawks are going to ruin the future of this country by getting involved in regional internal disputes of no interest nor benefit for America to support any party and allow those populations to resolve their own domestic issues… neither will faking provocations benefit anyone either… only to admit generations later how wrong we were and how much destruction was totally unnecessary!

  55. Teni Alind says:

    Shit obama

  56. Drippy Splashn says:

    Go daffy go daffy

  57. Mohammad Pourheydarian says:

    Allah says killing an innocent is killing the whole humanity. Gaddafi killed the innocent Imam Musa Sadr.

  58. Nedel Tesfay says:

    Why you moslems you sons of the devil, you killed him chanting allah wakubar, why!!!!!?????/

  59. MATLAB says:

    That trash obama sud be dipped into the burning oil. Hillary must be torn to pieces.

  60. Alpha Jalloh says:

    I see asimilar interviewing methods between ghadafi and sadam. Close to the end of this video both journalists was questioning a war strategical question that the west will use in their advantage. Don’t believe western journalists

  61. Anbu K says:

    Any Tripoli people???, need your opinion about Gaddafi.

    Did he killed his own people???

    Did you guys, protest against him?
    Enlighten me.

  62. Anbu K says:

    1:16:53 This broke my heart.??

  63. andrew poirier says:

    Fuck the USA .

  64. andrew poirier says:

    Operation mocking bird

  65. Anjum Mohammed says:

    Gaddafi was NOT bad

  66. Simon Benjamin says:

    Have we forgotten Lockerbie Scotland ?

  67. w!1d3r says:

    The speech in the UN … priceless.. and still is the same. A few countries are running the "security" of the world

  68. Lee Kelly says:

    America…….no soul.

  69. الفارس الفارس says:

    الله يرحمه الشهيد البطل .. ابن البادية ليبي الدماء عربي الانتماء .. م ع م ر ..

  70. Alex Machua says:

    Gaddafi was a true son of Africa RIP….

  71. Mad Mummin The first says:

    I really wanted to watch this, but that noise passing for music in the background is very distracting

  72. Marky Mark says:

    Obama backstabbed Gaddafi !! Once gaddafi gave up nuclear ambitions the United Nations had their servant Obama take him down..

  73. Marky Mark says:

    Yes Louis Farrakhan lies and Grossly exaggerates..the man's evil Racist..

  74. Karma The tigress says:

    I have learned only one thing about America…. it has no friends, it has interests… and the main aim of killing colonel Myanmar Gaddafi was to then steal oil and other valuables from Libya… Rest In Peace sir Gaddafi… God is the the final Judge

  75. Dre Jay says:

    The background music is without a doubt the most annoying, basic and terrible I've ever heard. Such a shame you ruin your documentary with the worst music.

  76. Paul says:

    And Europeans complain about refugees destroying Europe. We can blame ourselves. When we allow our governments act like this. Throwing over other governments. Fuck me for even voting. Oh yes I am ashamed of being from Norway.

  77. Jump Forty Four says:

    the west wants all the worlds oil , and will stop at nothing to get it , f**k the people get the oil .

  78. Hill billy joe says:

    If all middle east country's found peace. The west would hate it. Leave them to run there country n stop sticking your nose in. It's all about the OIL.

  79. Lion Fire says:

    you sure it wasn't a body double.

  80. Hiden Truth says:

    Une très bonne Vidéo à partager entre personnes de bonne volonté. Honte aux médias menteurs mondialistes ?Honte à Obama et à la sorcière Clinton.

  81. Sandy Baggy says:

    And what is the point of all of this? Everyone with a brain knows about this, it's no secret that the States crush anyone they deem a threat. And what, what so you expect people to do? Elections are rigged and there's nothing we can do, if you say something you get shot, you do something you get shot, nothing's gona change.

  82. sinekonata says:

    I'm so fucking angry right now. US people are so gross…
    How is the Libyan people now? Who's in power? Did they restore the artificial river? They must live like dogs now….

  83. sinekonata says:

    Why did they lose the war? Would Syria have lost the war if it wasn't for Russia? Why didn't Russia help Gaddafi?

  84. Shakeel Shah says:

    "I think this man should not have been killed. I personally can clearly see that the US made him look like the evil leader but the truth is that they are the ones being EVIL", Rantz

  85. Shakeel Shah says:

    even if someone is guilty of bombing would you make his public starving to death by sanctions. what kind of strategy and moral act is this. this is satanic act.

  86. B Blessed says:

    Sad part is if someone had a magic wand to know the truth they would've denied it and that's ignorance and power which is been a plague throughout history
    Be blessed EVERYONE

  87. V K says:

    Obama, Sarkozy, Blair must be punished for war crimes

  88. Arabiel Avelar says:

    Another fake news paid by the US government

  89. Alex Ramsey says:

    Wonder how Obama and his gang can sleep at night???

  90. Jo Dalinkus says:

    Bloody hell US regime excelling at creation of failed states, war crimes on all sides.

  91. 01 AL kadafi 01 says:

    AL kadafi ?️?

  92. Jean De Painter says:

    america is founded on stolen land by people from the other side of the world , maybe thats why the gouvernment still thinks they can fuck up every other country they choose , besides that america is one of the most beautifill places in the world its just ruled by the wrong people

  93. Owais Khan says:

    He did the ultimate blunder
    Wanted to replace the almighty dollar with gold and other commodities
    West and yankees would lose billions annually not to say loss of economic stranglehold and power

  94. Tesfahiwet Nughusse says:

    The present situation of libya is the evil act of obama & hilliary clinton,because they take advantage of the the people's crown ignorance of that time.

  95. TJ G says:

    If Libya built nuclear bombs they would have been ok and heard by the world

  96. Guy A says:

    False and fake handshaking.
    You can't trust their handshaking.
    They shake your hands and stab you in the back.

  97. Abdisalam Adan says:

    i like libya people becouse they fire there home good lucy fool

  98. Soeni Rono says:

    GADAFFI was a terrorist & he deserved humiliation.

  99. TeslaStellar says:

    A bunch of war criminals in suits lying through their teeth

  100. Ghetto Fitness says:

    In the end he got shot with his own golden gun by a kid at age 69

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