Setting Up OnPatient – DrChrono EHR OnPatient Patient Portal Demo Series

Go to ‘Account’, ‘OnPatient Setting’ to review the different
settings related to OnPatient, our patient portal. You can upload a profile photo here, as well as a
business logo which will both be visible to your patients. Set the default duration for appointments. If you would like to allow for patients to
pay for their appointments via OnPatient, you can review these different settings. We partner for Stripe for different payments. So you can either talk to your Implementation
Specialist, or contact our Support Team for more information about setting up Stripe. Make sure as you’re adjusting the different
settings to click ‘Update OnPatient Settings’ before moving to the next tab. There are also various Communication settings to review. If you would like to allow for patients to
send and receive HIPAA-compliant direct messages from OnPatient, check off this box. You can also check off this box if you would
like to allow for patients to review their clinical notes and medical summary in OnPatient. If you check off this box, it will automatically
send patient statements to OnPatient. The last setting will automatically display
lab results on If you prefer to review results before sharing
them with your patient, I recommend unchecking this box and then you can directly send lab
results to your patient. You can also send out a mass invite to all
of your patients, telling them about OnPatient and inviting them to connect with you on
by clicking this button. To customize the check-in workflow, go to
‘Clinical’, ‘OnPatient Forms’. On this screen, you can select any of these
sections that you would like to be required, as well as hide any of the sections that you
do not want to include as part of the check-in process for your patients. For example, if you do not take insurance,
you can hide these sections, so your patient does not have to worry about entering any
insurance information. You can also hide any sections that you do
not want to include in your check-in workflow. This screen will automatically save as you
click field to field. You can also re-order these sections by clicking
the ‘Reorder Forms’ button in the top right-hand corner, and then dragging and dropping sections
to the order that you prefer.

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