Should I Get A Clinical Research Certificate?

so I am new to clinical research and
I’ve heard a lot about these certificates do I need a certificate in
clinical trials we’re gonna answer that question right after the intro hey guys
ECR G here back with another episode today we’re gonna be talking about one
of the questions we got from one of our subscribers so if you’re not already
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subscribe right now so one of our subscribers emailed in at Ally clinical
group at a question and I’m gonna read the email she sent in right
here so you guys can get a gist she said I am writing to you with some questions
about how to start my career path in clinical research I have watched a few
of your YouTube videos and I must admit they are really helpful I just graduated
Medical University in Poland as a master of laboratory Diagnostics in health
science I would like to work in Clinical Research somewhere abroad and currently
I am looking for some prost graduate courses where I’d be able to obtain
their certificate my question is if you think this would help me to find first
job and if you know any good universities schools where I would be
able to get their certificate I have seen most of them provided on provided
online through through online studying but maybe you know any universities that
provide the classes on campus the country isn’t really the problem I would
be grateful for any tips so obviously I love these type of questions because I
love the fact that we have an international audience now that’s
awesome so we’re getting questions from all over the world a lot of people are
interested in clinical trials and clinical research that’s awesome
so thank you to this person I’m not going to mention their name for your
question and so let’s go ahead and get right into it yes there are
opportunities out there to get clinical trial certificates but do I
recommend them to someone without any experience the answer is no I feel like
they are very very useful to people with experience
you’ve got the CCR P which is the main one I would recommend it’s very
difficult it takes you have to in order to be able to sit for it it takes at
least two years of experience but often times many many more there are people
with many many years of experience who take that certificate if ocation and
still don’t pass so it’s very difficult and that’s the one I do recommend the
other ones are kind of by outside organizations a little sketchy because
you know they might just be trying to make some money or something but they
are out there and of course it’s not gonna hurt your resume by having a
certificate on it especially if you’re new to clinical research have no
experience it’s not going to hurt but if you’re somebody who doesn’t necessarily
have a lot of money a lot of dollars I don’t recommend you getting it because
that having certifications having that book knowledge is not what they really
care about they care about experience do you have previous experience now why do
sponsors and CEOs care so much about experience the only reason why they care
about it is because that’s what the sponsors want the sponsors dictate the
industry don’t forget CEOs even though they’re
big and make billions of dollars they’re just glorified vendors of the sponsors
they’re just literally a vendor the sponsor hires them to run the clinical
trial so anything the sponsor does or once the CRO is going to do they’re
going to follow suit so I think a lot of people get that confused but the reason
why they want two years experience to become a CRA
or because or if they want experience people to be in those entry-level jobs
or to be in any job when you’re working on a study is because that’s what the
sponsor wants the sponsor seems to think that the more experience you have you
know the better and less money the clinical trial is gonna be and you know
that might be the case sometimes but they’re beginning to think that
competency is more important than the actual number of years of experience but
we’re not gonna go down that rabbit hole and
video but basically the the reason why experience is needed over the the
certifications is because the sponsors want it and the sponsors really dictate
that so one you’re based in Poland I’m not too versed on how clinical trials
works in Poland I mean the opportunities in Poland or the EU or the rest of the
world for that matter other than America and Canada or the North American regions
but I imagine that there’s more opportunity in America
because the clinical trials clinical research is big business and they hire a
lot of people top three markets are going to be Raleigh Durham area Boston
in the Northeast you got New Jersey Pennsylvania and Boston you’ve got a lot
of sponsors there and you’ve got San Diego LA those are top three markets in
America for clinical trials so I would definitely look there if you’re trying
to come to America and you know those are probably you’re gonna be gonna be
your best bets if you’re trying to get in the industry but I know there are
clinical trials run everywhere I’ve worked with people in Mexico before I’ve
worked with people in South America before Brazil Sao Paulo I’ve worked in
people that are based in Great Britain also before in Amsterdam so you’ve got
people all over the world doing entry-level jobs in clinical research
whether they’re a project specialist project coordinator CRA s clinical trial
assistants they do have positions all over the world so you can look for those
type of positions and understand that those opportunities are out there for
you it just it just so happens that most of the bandwidth on the internet is
coming from America you’ve got myself you got Dan shout out
Dan at the clinical trials guru and you’ve got a couple of the other
channels that are coming up now but the main players on YouTube and the Internet
seem to be coming out of America so it makes you think that America has all the
clinical trial experience and all the clinical trial opportunity and they do
it and we do have a lot of opportunity in America but they do have clinical
trials all over the world and in fact these CEOs are in fact trying to expand
their presence all over the world to so you can take that for an opportunity to
kind of get your foot in the door in a CRO so there’s that now when it comes to
universities that offer programs or certifications yes they are starting to
offer more and more certifications I recently had a client who came in for a
resume review who emailed me at Alli clinical group at we worked
through his resume together he was very very happy with the outcome and you know
things seem to work out and he was applying for a program one of the top
universities I’m not going to say which one yet because he’s in the he’s in this
application cycle and I don’t want a flood of people applying for it making
it harder for him when he’s the one who told me about it
so I’m not gonna say which one which university it is but it is a big time
University so check your big universities ones that have hospitals
for programs this program in particular is gonna make you into a study
coordinator and they’re gonna by the time you’re done with that you’re gonna
be like a pretty high level study coordinator and it’s I believe it was
two years if I remember correctly so they do have programs out there where
they teach you they give you experience and it seems very thorough and we
actually did a resume specifically for that and we also did a little essay we
had we had to write for that we did that one together also so if you’re
interested in anything like that we can’t help with your resume and any kind
of application process issues or any questions you may have you can email us
to get more information on that but these programs are popping up around the
country I imagine they’re gonna be abroad at some point also but they are
popping up and you know they do have those opportunities for you that you
will you will get a certificate and I believe in that program also you get a
CCR P you get to sit for that exam so it seems like a pretty intense program and
you know I will let you guys know eventually about it I did do a review
video on it but that’s gonna be coming out way later because I want him to get
opportunity to apply for like I said before I release it but yeah so cert certifications really are
beneficial to you only after you have experience I’m I’m in that mindset of
course it’s not gonna hurt to have it before but it really matters if you have
the experience so so yeah I mean if you’re living abroad and want to come to
the America just to get in the clinical research I would caution you on that
because it still takes a lot of hard work and effort to get a job in clinical
research in America just because there are might be more jobs to apply for does
not mean you’re going to necessarily get them especially if you have to be
sponsored and all that stuff there are so many people in America already that
they don’t have to do that for to get and they can give those jobs I don’t see
necessarily why they would pick someone else if they had to sponsor them unless
you knew like multiple languages or you have some skill set that they really
needed I have seen jobs where you know if you’re abroad it’s more likely than
not that you know multiple languages I have seen jobs where they do require
someone who is fluent in a particular language be it Spanish be it Portuguese
be it French I have seen that so use that to your advantage if you’re
interested in coming to America and getting into clinical research use your
language knowledge to your advantage because they certainly will and I think
that will help you a lot and getting into certain positions faster so that’s
one of the things I mentioned back to her and the when I emailed her back but
yeah I think I think that about answers it so basically guys you know be careful
with these certifications there’s a lot of them out there there’s a lot of
websites out there and I don’t underst correctly but I’ve seen a few of them
online and I don’t think they’re that helpful and to be honest with you I’m
not so sure that I mean the demand is so great for people with experience once
you get a few years experience I’m not so sure that you even need these
certifications once you get experience I know people who I know plenty of CRA s
who do not have C CRP but command multiple six-figure salaries or salaries
or contracts or whatever it is they make multiple six figures a year without
these just a bachelor’s degree so these certifications aren’t necessarily you
know what’s needed what you need is to get experience and you can do that by
getting in at entry-level you can do that by you know trying to be a research
assistant trying to be an intern try to just help out a site in any way you can
be a patient recruitment you know any way you can get your experience but
there are universities that are offering programs associate’s degrees and
clinical research you can you know search just do a quick google search and
see what they have to offer and I think that’ll be helpful for you so comment
down below if you have any questions as always email us elite clinical group at for any questions you might have
we do have a phone number now nine one zero five zero two three seven three to
call or text me there and you will get a response all right guys take care you

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