Singaporeans Try: O-Level Listening Comprehension

Side to side! Face up in the weather. Hi guys! Hi! Hello! Are you a visual, audio or kinesthetic learner? What’s kinesthetic? Wah piang eh! I don’t even know but I will learn that very very quickly. What’s kinesthetic? I’m a fast learner. Visual. I need to keep drawing and drawing then I’ll register it in my head. If I see something, I can copy it. I feel like I’m aural first then visual and then kinesthetic. So, you can go through a lecture just listening? Oh yes, absolutely don’t need to look at people. How good do you think your audiographic memory is? Very bad. You say something once, I will hear it but I will not understand it. I’m really terrible. Oh, he’s terrible because every time we tell him something, he’ll forget. In today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, you will be trying Listening Comprehension! Oh my God, throwback to when I was a primary school student. Wait, this is what level? O-level. Oh my God, are you serious? O-level? “In each recording,” “a young person talks about his or her experience” “of volunteering at an animal refuge” Oh my God, I feel very official. So exciting! “Choose from the list” “what each speaker says about his or her experience.” Oh my God, stress. “There is one extra letter” Okay, I got it already. “Speaker one” “And I’m convinced that animals were worthy causes deserving of my time.” “But spending time with one injured and frightened cat, gaining its trust” “got me asking myself” “whether I’d like a permanent job working with animals.” “Speaker two” “I went to an organised group for my college” “working there has confirmed my beliefs that we all have a duty to volunteer and give something back.” “I’d seen this experience as just a year between further education and my intended career.” “But it’s made me rethink my plans” “and I’m determined to go back.” “Speaker three” I a bit like confused. “I have had an amazing experience and received a warm welcome” “and it was a question of ensuring my nerves didn’t get the better of me and just getting on with it.” “I have several career options.” “but no firm plans about what to do after university.” Me too. “So, I’ve recently decided to return to work there on a more permanent basis after completing my studies.” What the sh*t? Oh my God, I love the music. Wah piang eh! Oh my God. They all have similar stories! It’s very stressful. Oh my God! Wait, I very confused because all of them like have the same direction. It was very weird to rely on my ears. Our listening comprehension was easy. You just like listen and then… Yeah, this one must think at the same time. I’m really in dire need of listening to this another time. I’m the guy in the examination hall that will like during the repeats right, then I’ll be like Shut up! I cannot hear. Oi, that’s very unfair. Cher! My friend here very noisy. The both of you got full marks! Yes! Oh my God! Thank God! Oh my God, we’re all wrong! We’re all different. Both of you got the same score. One out of three. Yes! Dammit! You lah! You go and make so much noise right then after that, I go and cancel my C again. I feel like a lot of them have similar stories and most of the time, nuances were the ones I had to pick up on. Wait, what did we get the same? If they played only once, I would have cried. I think – yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten it. This one, we’ll only play it once. Huh? Don’t stress me out like this leh! No, I’ll let you copy lah, Chris. It’s fine. Shut up! I cannot hear. This one very intense. This one easy. “You will hear a woman giving a talk about an ancient site called Teotihuacan.” “As you listen, you do not need to write in full sentences.” That’s the best instruction. “Teotihuacan can actually be translated as ‘place where the Gods were created’.” “This archaeological site is 50 kilometers north-east of Mexico City.” “Construction of the city commenced around 2000 years ago, and at its height,” “over 100,000 people lived there.” “Sadly,” “about 1400 years ago.” “The city which had survived a number of major wars suffered when a fire caused extensive damage.” “But what’s most amazing” “is a huge palace.” “It’s covered with images of creatures that are half bird and half butterfly.” Oh my God, that was stressful eh! City badly affected by something which led to widespread something. What is the widespread? Disease? Destruction? Going to repeat, right? No. Oh my God, I missed the first one. Jialat sia! This one much easier compared to the previous one. There’s already a structure. Then there’s a list that you can just follow. You just follow the flow, right? Right. Okay, 3, 2, 1! Both of you have the same score. Both of you scored three out of four for this. It’s city badly affected by fire which led to widespread damages. Oh! Walao! I feel cheated sia. Sh*t. The meaning of the name is Teochew people are awesome because I totally never hear that part. One hundred and wah, that one before the big bang. Yeah, that’s why! That’s why it’s one – yeah! Jon, you got two out of four. Q, you got three out of four. Yes! “In this recording, you will hear three people have a conversation.” James? “Use the information in the conversation to answer the questions accordingly.” “Hi everyone, thank you for attending today’s meeting.” “Today, we will be discussing how to find Chris a girlfriend.” Nicholas Yeam? “We all know that Chris is a great guy with nothing but positive traits.” “He’s smart, he cooks, he’s fit and despite his love for telling lame jokes, has a good sense of humour.” “So, the reason he has been single for the past two decades remains a huge mystery.” “Would anyone want to give their input?” “I think he maybe lacks charisma or maybe he’s not as famous as me, you know.” “I have four thousand followers on Instagram and Chris only has half of that, yes.” “And I suggest we make a hashtag for Chris.” “How about something like ‘Make Chris Famous’?” “That’s a pretty good suggestion, Julian.” “Let me write that down so I can pitch it to the boss when I meet him on Monday after his trip to Germany.” “What about you, Sepi?” “I think we should put him on a dating show.” “Supper blind date with nice food. Oh, there’s this amazing Lor Mee store right opposite our office that’s open till midnight.” “The ambiance is pretty good too.” “I know! Chris should take some singing classes from Jonathan.” “He should totally learn Bruno Mars’ new song ‘Finesse’. It’s so catchy and all the girls will definitely fall for him.” Oh my God! I love that. That was so funny. Can I just say that Julian purposely exaggerated his accent? He doesn’t speak like that all the time. I will now activate my Filipino accent. I was not expecting that. I could not process anything for like eight seconds. Then by the time eight seconds passed, I was still on the first question. Okay, gone already. Actually, some of the questions right, don’t even need to listen to the listening compre one. How long has Chris been single? We all know. Ready, 3, 2, 1! Both of you got the same score. The first one is seven. Yes! Oh my God, I put seven then I change! Where’s the Lor Mee store located? Opposite office. Opposite 219 Kallang Bahru Chutex Building Level 4, 336. Okay lah! Okay lah! Listener won’t know it’s Bendemeer market because Sepi said ‘opposite our office’. But our office is…. opposite Bendemeer market what! Okay but I said opposite – Yes! Be more strict please. Yes! Dammit! Okay lah! Okay lah! You got me. Actually, minus more marks because she ka kha ga gha. Fauzi, you got five out of six. Okay. Oh no. Chris, you got six out of six! Oh my God! Yes! Oh my God, Chris! It’s about me. I can’t get it wrong. What song is that? I can’t catch the front part. What is the person singing? Okay, I know what song this is. It’s the McDonald’s song, okay. The person who sang it is Aarika Lee who’s a wife of TheLionCityBoy. 3, 2, 1! Okay, we’ll give both of you half point. 1, 2, 3, go! Around the clock when I meet you, you’re just a click away. Oh my God, that makes so much more sense than mine. Jon, yours. Around the clock and I need you is just a paper plane. I think my answer is around the clock whenever I need you, you’re just a click away. And that is exactly right! Oh, yas! I know this song. I thought there was a glitch eh. I said, 5 to the side, let’s dance about the weather. Side to side, face up in the weather. I was thinking like – Depends on the weather. Yours damn serious like reality check for children. Five to the sky, depends on the weather. So, if the day raining, then they like today no filming, no episode. Hilya! Oh my God, I don’t even know the song. Sorry, I totally missed out on everything. I was dancing. What? Huh? I think something like when you eff up, go like snow when it’s snowing. Oh my God, I put that too but I thought you wouldn’t put it in, that’s why. Nevermind, let me rap it out to you. Yeah, it was kind of obvious. Oh, you don’t say. Min, you get half point. Winna, zero. Oh, it’s like Three Little Pigs, I huff and I puff. Oh, h-u-f-f, she was spelling it in the front. Half How was the test? Surprisingly, more challenging than I thought it would be. Yes! You must listen and think at the same time. So, for people who can only do one thing right, very hard. I thought I would fail it but I didn’t fail it. What has this taught us? That we think too lowly about ourselves. We should have more confidence because we are – In primary school, it was multiple-choice questions I believe. Much simpler. And it was very obvious. Like I also think it’s a game of when you catch the answer already right, how fast can you write it down? And still multi-task and concentrate at the story as it continues. Any advice or tips to O-level students this year? You have to prioritise but don’t neglect the subjects that you excel in. If you need help with any of your subjects right, let your teachers know. Don’t be so paiseh. Don’t stress yourself out until you reach the breaking point you just want to give up. Do your best. Just know that no matter what the result at the end of the day right, is just one chapter of your life. And life still goes on.

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    if anyone needs to laugh pls just 9:32 HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

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    Omg this was my Prelims

  11. Rachel Lim says:

    WAT. WHY LISTENING COMPRE SO DIFFICULT NOW?!?! Wah the next generation getting smarter sia. Last time if you don't get full marks for listening compre means you stupid as hell.

  12. tiffanysdiy says:

    Jiayou to those taking o levels next week

  13. Lolaprus says:

    Where is goddess Mars?

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    Written papers start next monday, all the best to all o-levelers! 💪💪

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    Anybody realized that fauzi got 11/13 but he didnt got the crown, and was given to Q?

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    the Min in MI sia her fam rich XD she next year Alvl right?

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    i thought Q left tsl alr?

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    i did the first one for prelim and i only got one mark from it LOL

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    FML taking O'Levels and my answers were D A C

    dangz, but great that yall talked about O'Levels 😁

    ATB to those taking O'Levels this year 🤘💯

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    let's hope this year won't be as bad
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    Damn, brings me back to me taking O's last year and the heavy rain messing everything up. Even the section about Chris Lmao. Still remember ppl making memes abt anything and everything in all papers. Hope this batch will also make such memes to help me unwind from this shit PW grind

  42. Selina Carpenter says:

    Seeing so many people in the comments taking their O's, I wish you all the best!!!! Jia you!!!! We have faith in you!!💖 (Im already worrying about my O's, which will be next year, even tho I just finished my end of years exams)

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    Thanks for the switching off tv animation, i was about to change the video when that part came up too 😂 #cringeleveltoohigh

  44. PracticeLovingYourself says:

    I love how they say that life just goes on and it’s just one chapter of your life.

    That’s not what our Teachers say

  45. ᄒᄒᄒᄌᄋᄌ says:

    oMG THIS WAS THE HORRIBLE LC I TOOK LAST YEAR CB OMG it didn't help tht it was raining heavily too zzz

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    1 2 3 4 Hi-5!
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    Haha yesterday's O Level LC was EASY AF! Went online to check answers(less reliable but at least it can be useful to a large extent, not fully useful but still useful) and realised I got 27/30. Luckily no thunderstorm and other bullshit unlike last year. I think the bell curve is gonna be crazily high this year. We are in for some crazy shit.

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    U mean Teotihuacant😂
    -For the 2017 O Levellers out there who got their asses trolled by the LC. RIP.

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    sheep track become shit rag,shit shack,ship wreck,sheet track,cheese rack,cheap track,steep track,sea track,race track

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    Ways of planet


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